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Sharon Kelly's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1987 Slammer Girls 1 Review
1976 Love Games 0 Reviews
1975 Supervixens 1 Review
1975 Shampoo 1 Review
1975 Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS 2 Reviews
1975 Hustle 1 Review
1975 Delinquent School Girls 1 Review
1975 Boob Tube, The 1 Review
1974 Young Secretaries 0 Reviews
1974 Foxy Brown 1 Review
1974 Alice Goodbody 1 Review
1973 Scream in the Streets, A 1 Review
1973 Sassy Sue 3 Reviews
1970 Dirty Mind of Young Sally, The 1 Review

nudity reviews for Sharon Kelly member submitted

Slammer Girls (1987)
Antman was written on October 7, 1999

Two topless scenes

The first scene has her pressing her bare breasts against a glass partition in the prison visiting room. The second scene is a short time later when she takes off her top with a male inflatable doll.

Love Games (1976)
Supervixens (1975)
Cyclone was written on August 21, 2002

In a car

Sharon's very quick exposure occurs near the forty minute mark. We briefly see her massaging under her left breast for a few seconds, and we get a very quick glimpse of her nipple. Hardly worth mentioning.

Shampoo (1975)
rocco-rules was written on September 11, 2006

Body-painted babe at rich hippy party

At just over an hour into the film, there's a psychedelic party in a mansion, where you can see Sharon walking around in the nude in blue, full body paint. Only her boobs are visible for about 3 seconds at medium distance in poor lighting.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975)
BushLeague was written on May 17, 2003

Initial examination

She is a little chubby, but still looks voluptuous. When Ilsa examines her, she is a little shy and shows her nice, almost round buns. The "Doktor" convinces her to lose her rags from the front and her glorious 37D torpedoes and thick, honey blonde bush, that is 4"" on a side is shown. She then exits the room for a final bumpity-bump ass shot.

BushLeague was written on May 17, 2003

Hanging by heels

After being whipped for a rule violation, she is shown hanging by a rope, completely nude with her honey blonde bush and reverse hanging tits.

Hustle (1975)
Immy was written on January 7, 2006

Topless and full backal

The first time we see Sharon is in the morgue, an apparent suicide victim. Cop Burt Reynolds asks Ben Johnson, playing her father, to ID her body. A quick shot of her boobs as they pull open the freezer drawer then a brief overhead shot when Ben punches Burt (0:12). Ben finds out Sharon was into some unsavory stuff and he visits a strip bar where he pictures her onstage dancing wearing pasties and a g-string (1:03). Then Burt shows him a stag film she's in. She pulls off her panties and brings a guy into bed with her (1:42, fully nude from behind and left boob, then right boob when Catherine Bach joins her). Catherine's in a leather bra and panties but they cut away just as she's undoing her bra.

Delinquent School Girls (1975)
Immy was written on May 25, 2010

Right breast (0:06)

As we get to know the women in the titular school we see Sharon practicing a few karate moves in her dorm causing her uniform to open, exposing her right boob.

Boob Tube, The (1975)
vizier was written on September 28, 2015

not her best work

Sharon shows breasts and butt several times in the opening skit of this is campy and not very sexy....she has done much better(full frontal)work elsewhere

Young Secretaries (1974)
Foxy Brown (1974)
12-string was written on January 6, 2007

Not quite a bit

About 45 mins into the picture, when Grier arrives at the judge's party, we see Sharon Kelly in the background, sitting on an older guy's lap with her tits out. Much closer shot follows, as her date gets a line or two of dialogue, and this includes a nice upper half look at Kelly, her red hair, and big creamy naturals. Though already a star of grade-Z nudies, she's just an extra in this pic (and isn't credited) but still looks good.

Alice Goodbody (1974)
Immy was written on May 5, 2005

Topless and nude often

This is a tour de force for Sharon (aka porn star Colleen Brennan) in that she's topless or nude in roughly a dozen scenes. The down side is that she's virtually the only female who gets decent exposure and, due to the film's running gag, she's frequently encased in bandages, casts and slings. But despite this her awesome assets are a sight to behold in various comic scenarios; nude undressing and showering with a compulsive germophobe (0:16-0:18, with nice close-ups), some messy fun as a guy eats all kinds of food off her bod (0:27-0:28, kinda gross if you're not into it), and in bed with a couple of different guys (0:37-0:38 & 0:47-0:51). Her D-cups are spectacular, showing no hint of sag and her auburn muff sees the light now and then.

Scream in the Streets, A (1973)
rocco-rules was written on August 3, 2005

Borderline hardcore love scene

At 54:00 Sharon starts making love on a bed with her boyfriend. Within a minute she's stark naked and showing every square inch of her all-natural form. There's numerous, lingering shots of her spread red-beaver, her luscious, creamy white butt and her magnificently, large pink-nippled breasts. The lucky guy gets to sample the whole package, including fingering her snatch, licking her nipples and semi-explicitly licking her crotch as she straddles his face (his tongue can be seen reaching up to and past her ginger pubes)!!! A nice touch is when Sharon "feeds" her large, pendulous breast to his eager mouth. As she rolls over in bed, if you use the pause button you can even catch a glimpse of her brown-eye. Whole scene lasts 5 minutes and is shot at medium to closeup the whole time - mostly closeup !. Harry Novak is God.

Sassy Sue (1973)
BushLeague was written on April 5, 2003

Organically grown carrot crop

Natural redhead (carpet matches curtains) that looks a little soft, but no wrinkles. Has short red hair and some slightly squishy, hanging 38d's and grows a thick crop of strawberry pubic hair on the south forty. Has two rolls in the hay (grass) and a lesbo bath scene. First time, braless tits hang out of shirt, then reveals her milky white skin from head to toe with pubes and side ass during simu-sex. Then has sex in a barn (where else?) and shows breasts, slight celluite on the buns and a brief spread, red pussy lip shot. Models her bare butt for a toilet by pulling down her pants 3/4s of the way. Then gives her sister a bath and reveals tits only, while she washes the other girls snatch between the legs.

thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


A little Gyno action from star who went into Adult Video after a few softcore flicks (aka Colleen Brennan). I am surprised she did not do more compared to the other actresses.

00:39:00 Sharon shows it all while running from Patrick Wright, who manages to catch up to her. Naturally, some randiness ensues...

00:49:00 Sharon displays her ample breasts while giving Tallie Cochrane a Lez-tastic bath in an outdoor tub...

00:55:00 Sharon and Tallie do some double-teaming in the barn, and although Sharon doesn't do much rod-riding, she certainly puts her massive mammaries to good use...

01:20:00 Sharon sheds her threads and attempts to sit her flaming bush down on some lucky feller's face while Tallie takes care of his tallywhacker...

MrSoftie was written on October 11, 2004

Red-headed farm girl soft core

This is a nice wholesome look at Sharon Kelly from her early 70's soft core days before her hard core work in the late 70's and early 80's as Colleen Brennan. Her first scene at 39 minutes is a full frontal frolic in the forest with a slack-jawed liquired-up yokel. With her red hair in pigtails, Sharon's ample milky-white breasts and red patch are on prominant display as she engages in typical soft 70's simulated sex. At 49 minutes in, Sharon and Tallie Cochrane engage in a very erotic lesbian bath scene in which a nude Miss Kelly provides a soapy rub-down of a spread-eagle Miss Cochrane, including some hand on labia masterbation. Sharon then has a 2 girl on guy scene at about 55 minutes in which she full-frontal flashes her red snatch. Lots of simulated oral and cowboy riding action. Sharon's ample breasts and soft curvy body are on full display in each of her scenes in this movie. For Sharon Kelly fans, I'd also recommend "The Dirty Mind of Young Sally" and some VERY steamy soft core erotica in "Teenage Bride."

Dirty Mind of Young Sally, The (1970)
filmo70 was written on April 30, 2006

more than enough

Sharon's large breasts and flamming red bush are on display in several scenes. Complete details would take too long, she has 3 sex scenes (with fairly ugly guys) and one other nude self touching. This may be the best showing in her early softcore period.

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