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2005 3 Needles 0 Reviews
2001 Blood Moon 3 Reviews

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3 Needles (2005)
Blood Moon (2001)
KaliLover was written on March 26, 2003

Bully Humiliation

Shawn plays the bully of the film who picks on the poor wolf-girl. But he has his comeuppence when she follows his scent to his house and catches him wearing only a towel posing in front of a mirror. He lets his towel drop to expose what can only be called a micropenis. You would have to use a Zoom feature to even get a good look. Its nothing but a head nestled in his pubic hair. Hopefully this was a prostetic. The scene is very disturbing, yet humiliating for Shawn, which is good for humiliaiton fetishists. Later on in the movie we get another gruesome look at his miniscule wang. The wolfgirl has killed him and left his pants around his ankles, which his friends find his corpse and muse wheter his weenie was bitten off. But discover that was the whole thing to begin with. Just goes to show, bullies should be careful in movies, they might get exposed for what they really are.

Mattg was written on June 26, 2002

Weirdest male nudity you'll ever see

This made-for-TV movie, which was called "Wolf Girl" when it aired in the U.S., but was released with this title on DVD in Canada, is a rather strange little flick. I've been a fan of Shawn's since spotting him as the cute boy eyeing Anna Paquin in X-Men. In the scene in question, Shawn runs down the steps in his house alone, covered in only a blue towel. He's got a decent upper body, and his face is so cute. But the nudity - I'm warning - is not the kind you'd want to see. His towel drops and Shawn stares at himself in a nearby mirror. Using what are obviously special effects, we see his absolutely miniscule penis. It's so small that you can't possibly get off on it. Disturbed is more like it. The point of this film - everyone can be a "freak" in the most surprising places - made sense here. But still, did we have to see the little penis shot. Kudos to Shawn for his bravery for agreeing to play this character is so utterly humiliated by the camera effect in this film. The only good thing about this scene, in terms of nudity and Mr. Ashmore, is perhaps he'll feel compelled to one day do a REAL frontal nude scene and prove that, you know, this movie was just an illusion. He really is hung like a horse (I hope.)

thedoc was written on June 27, 2002


this scene is sick and so is this movie not worth your time to watch..........

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