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year title
2003 Sex, Secrets, and Lies 1 Review
2003 Passion Before Midnight 1 Review

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year title
2005 Sex Games Vegas 1 Review

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Sex Games Vegas (2005)
McKinnon was written on August 13, 2011

Drunk sex; ep: Newlywed Game

Shayla has two sex scenes with Eddie Jay, which mostly just show her topless. She shows a lot more (a brief glimpse of her bare pussy) early in the episode when she jumps out of bed, horrified, barely remembering to cover herself with the sheet.

Sex, Secrets, and Lies (2003)
BushLeague was written on May 9, 2003

Long goodbye

Its her anniversary and her husband has to go to a meeting(boo hoo!). She is mostly shown topless and pouting with her 34c hanging gourds with bra tan lines prominently displayed while she fingers a necklace. He finally leaves and she lays on her left side covering her tanned tata's and giving us a shot of her very coiffed, dark pubes and curvy, but slightly large hips and thighs.

Passion Before Midnight (2003)
Chicago was written on May 1, 2003

5 scenes

During the opening scene at :00:40-:05:09, Shayla is seen naked on top of a guy having sex...large silicon breasts with erect nips squeezed by the guy, ass and pubes as she grinds him while the camera pans down her body. After a brief respite, she continues at different speeds...great thrusting and full nudity. After sex, she sits on the bed talking to him, giving more long clear looks at her breasts. At :06-:06:57 after being awakened by a thief while in bed, Shayla struggles against him, points a gun at him and he leaves...breasts and ass as she does. At :27:08-:27:27, the movie flashes back to sex the night before [first scene]...breasts and pubes on top of the guy and breasts while reclining in bed. At :42:18-:46:20, Shayla leads the guy to the bed where he undresses her while on her back on the bed (breasts). He then simu-orals her--he's really in there--while squeezing her breasts before doing her from on top then reverse-seated...full nudity from Shayla including nice pelvic rotating and moans. After she cums, she slides off him to a spooning position. When a noise causes her date to dress and investigate, she covers herself; when he returns there are a few more shots of her breasts over top of the covers. At 1:24:50-1:27:20 after being rescued, Shayla has a parting sex scene...breasts, ass and pubes as she's on top of the guy then from behind on their sides. Nice job.

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