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year title
1994 Leprechaun 2 4 Reviews
1993 Liar's Club, The 2 Reviews

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Leprechaun 2 (1994)
leatherman was written on January 21, 2001

Great topless scene!!!!!

This is one of the best topless scenes ever just because you get such a good view of such a great set of tits. I would have given it 4 stars, but there was no pussy.

scanman was written on June 9, 2001

Sorry, clearly a body double!

The breasts you see are very clear and well lit, but it's obviously a body double. You never see her face together with her breasts in one shot...
Too bad though!

Armando was written on June 4, 1999

You see her breasts for a great deal of time.

I don't remember exactly if the breasts were big, but I remember enjoying them. It had really good lighting and was lenghty. The only downside was that the nudity wasn't used during asex scene.

pimp2005 was written on March 15, 2002

not shevonne's real breast

i think it is knida not kool. they never show the breast and the face at the same time.

Liar's Club, The (1993)
Ghostwords was written on August 12, 2010

Raped at graduation party

At he begins kissing her at a party, Brian Krause tries slipping his hand up her skirt; she resists, but then he suddenly rips her panties off. The shot is extremely brief, and badly lit, so you get the faintest impression of the shape of her crotch, but nothing of real consequence. He also paws at her exposed breasts, which is a longer sequence but, just like the panty shot, could easily be a body double. (This probably deserves two-and-a-half points, and would have three if the lighting has been decent.)

cecil was written on October 13, 2001

rape scene

As Brian Krause kisses her, the camera pans down from their faces. He unbuttons her blouse and briefly exposes her left breast. The lighting is dim and it requires a pause button. There may be another frame or two exposure as he kisses down her chest. The mood is ruined as it turns into rape. During this we have two clear, well lit, but quick views of breasts, but with no face to confirm they are hers.

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