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2005 Paréntesis 1 Review
2003 Sexo con amor 3 Reviews

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Paréntesis (2005)
taurus was written on July 12, 2007

Stripping and missionary sex

At 1:16 she strips nude, but is seen mostly from the side. Nice boob shot, but no clear view of her butt. The dude boinks her while fully clothed and her head is towards the camera, with boobs visible.

Sexo con amor (2003)
rbelkin was written on January 20, 2007

The Most Nudity But Not Quite Enough & Full of Flabby Old Guys ...

Not to say Sigrid Alegria isn't an un-attractive woman but she looks much more like a younger French actress Nathalie Baye (though with a much better body) - Sigrid is probably in her early 30's and not unattractive but she looks much better with her clothes off though. Her scene in which she drops down onto the bed and you get a long look at her topless - might be not quite as enjoyable to some since her aureole seems kind of dry, bumpy & cracking (curse you upconverter HD :-) ... and the "mini carousel" scene - while she is naked, we are forced to also see the old guy riding with her - though we don't see anything below his stomach, he is shirtless, so unless 50 year old guys with the body of a banker is your thing, it's distracting and really we only get glimpses of her nipples and while we can see her pub region, she has her legs tightly pressed together... and her sex scene only offers brief glimpses at her breasts as the guy is pounding away - also marred by his gimormous ass and even more distracting, a giant mole on his ass. It is nice when she turns over but it's very brief.

AceOfClubs was written on March 18, 2005

Breasts, bush, & butt

It's the sweetest thing in the world. When you throw on a DVD and you get a look at the lead actress and she is out of this world cute!! Add to that the fact that you know she's gonna get completely naked during the course of the movie but you don't know when or how often. It's better than viewing the actual scene, better than the memory of it afterwards,'s the sweet moment of anticipation.
Sigrid Alegria is a very beautiful actress, kind of like a latina Molly Ringwald, and she shows her body in two scenes. First she is sitting nude on some kind of carousel that keeps going round and round, you can see her full frontal and buns in a reflection on a mirror in the background. Then, more than halfway through, she is in bed nude with her guy and you get a nice look at her ass lying on her side then full frontal as she rolls over to face the camera. There's also a scene of her sitting on a toilet wearing a large t-shirt with her panties pulled down around the knees, she pees in a cup for a prgnancy test. Three stars for her terrific natural body and ultra cute face.

rbelkin was written on February 2, 2007

Also - More Reasons to Watch

There's also a couple other scenes worth mentioning - while not really naked - it does add to the pleasure of the movie and her role. At a restaurant, under the table, the guy starts fingering her thighs and her panties (which unfortunately stay on) but only in European movie is it not only sexy but we get a couple close ups between her legs under the table - so if you love the upskirt thing, it's bien.

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