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1978 Sacerdote, El 1 Review

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Sacerdote, El (1978)
abbafan2 was written on August 3, 2005

nude in suicide attempt

Simon is seen frontally nude as he tries to commit suicide. He plays a priest who is having questions of faith. The 3 stars are for the numerous scenes of him as a teen with his buddies. I could not find the name of the boy on the IMDB, although other older (over 40) actors are listed. One scene shows the teen being turned over in bed by his father. The father pulls the boys briefs down, (showing his beautiful bubble butt) and starts to beat his ass with a belt. The teen is also seen nude with his buddies while they have sex with a swan(!?!) and swim in the nude. Again we get long views of those buns of his. The other boys show their buns and there are brief frontal shots of the cute boys. Simon himself is very handsome, but the grim nature of the scene takes all pleasure away from it.

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