Sin City Diaries' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wasko, Sandy 1 Review
Vegas, Tommie 0 Reviews
the Snake Babe, Maria 1 Review
Talan, Elena 2 Reviews
Sturdevant, Kristen 1 Review
Soto, Karen 1 Review
Smith, Amber 2 Reviews
Shy, Riley 1 Review
Scott, Hillary 1 Review
Roberts, Ashley 1 Review
Pett, Vera 0 Reviews
Palmer, Michelle 0 Reviews
Nguyen, Christine 0 Reviews
McClintic, Taylor 1 Review
Lynne, Beverly 1 Review
Lindsay, Amy 0 Reviews
LeGault, Mary 1 Review
Jordan, Erika 1 Review
Hawkins, Shannon 1 Review
Harper, Hanna 2 Reviews
Evans, Skylar 0 Reviews
Chase, Vivian 1 Review
Blake, Sarah 0 Reviews
Benz, Nikki 1 Review
Banner, Brooke 1 Review

Sin City Diaries' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Scott, Jayden 1 Review
Raven, Damian T. 1 Review
Perry, Brian 1 Review
O'Shea, James 0 Reviews
Mykel, Chris 1 Review
Lopez, Justin 3 Reviews
Logan, Sarge 1 Review
Kong, Brian 1 Review
Holmes, Kenyon 1 Review
Halpern, Joel 0 Reviews
Gunn, Paul 1 Review
Dera, Charles 1 Review
Delcour, Emmanuel 1 Review
Daniel, Jacob 1 Review
Castle, Johnny 1 Review

nudity reviews for Sin City Diaries member submitted

Sandy Wasko
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

f/f and threesome; ep: Chorus Dreams

Sandy, as a showgirl, walks up to a dressing room table full naked, which you see mostly in the mirror reflection. She then kisses and finally simulates fellatio on Shannon Hawkins. Later she, Shannon, and Damian T. Raven have a threesome. This is mostly breasts but there are a few glimpses of more and it's a steamy scene, very believable, and she and Shannon have some good f/f moments.

Tommie Vegas
Maria the Snake Babe
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Snake and breasts; ep: In Capable Hands

Maria is a pretty, slender brunette who does an act with a snake - the snake wraps around Emmanuel Delcour's neck as Maria gives a lap dance. She doesn't do too much as he tells her he's going to be a married man. You can see her small breasts, with the cherry red nipples surrounded by silvery glitter.

Elena Talan
McKinnon was written on July 19, 2011

Sex and shower; ep: Con Man

Elena was a series regular, but kept her clothes on in most of the episodes. This one is an exception. She's an attractive Russian actress with a slim body and long dark hair. You see her natural breasts briefly as Kenyon Holmes has her against a wall and then on the bed, tying her hands over her head with a belt, on top of her, then in doggy style. The actors do a good job of making this into pleasure as well as domination and nerves. The scene ends badly for Elena, and after she leaves his hotel room, she's crying in the shower - more breast shots.

McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

Spilled shorts; ep: Tour of

Elena has sex with Justin Anthony Lopez after spilling her drink on his shorts and going with him when he's going to change. You can see most of her naked body as she's just wearing a garter belt. He's behind her, with a lot of shots of her breasts in motion, although her lower half is blocked. The morning after, she's naked, on the bed, moving around, giving a close view of her lower lips.

Kristen Sturdevant
McKinnon was written on May 23, 2011

Various; episode: Midnight Show

Kristen, a brunette with what looks like C cup implants, has two sex scenes in this episode. The first is a scene that lasts about 3-4 minutes and has Matt Wilde taking her in various positions on his office desk. Her green dress is pulled down at the top but generally covers her lower half. This is all a bit mechanical but the hottest scene is early on when he frames her breasts with his tie or some type of piece of cloth.

Later she has a threeway with Matt and Hannah Harper. This is also mechanical and ends abruptly - Hannah kisses her right breast but then moves over to Matt and Hannah is left out. There are full rear and frontal shots of Kristen as she gets up and angrily leaves the room.

Karen Soto
McKinnon was written on May 15, 2011

Various; episode: Michiko Gets a Makeover

Karen is a very pretty actress who plays Michiko. The only drawback is what are her (I assume) implants, which don't quite fit the shy and innocent image her character is supposed to have. She has several nude scenes and sex scenes throughout the episode. First she slowly strips out of her prim outfit to look at herself in the bathroom mirror; as we hear a voiceover of Karen taunting the image of a man she wants, we see her breasts and then see her sit on the counter near the sink. She masturbates, although that view is obscured by her thigh. Later in the episode, Brian Kong has her facing him, against a wall, and he strips her. We get a good, quick, close look at her snatch, hairy but trimmed. In the final sex scene, near the end of the episode, they're in bed and there are more views, in various positions, of her breasts, as well as another look at most of her pussy as Kong goes down on her. This is a hot scene, moreso than a lot of recent soft core.

Amber Smith
McKinnon was written on May 23, 2011

Several; episode: Portrait

Amber was the main character on this, appearing in every episode. In this one she has more to do than usual. We see a flashback of her at a photo shoot, with an open robe, showing her breasts and her dark blonde landing strip, before she and Justin Lopez have sex. There are a few other glimpses of her in darker lighting in a bedroom scene.

McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

Shower; ep: Angelica Takes a Vacation

Amber has two shower scenes in this; a sex scene with Brian Perry (mostly breasts shown), and a much more extensive solo shower scene, where we see all of her, suds running down her pussy, her feigning masturbation, etc.

Riley Shy
McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

Pool porn; ep: Tour of Duty

Adult film actress Riley is a slim redhead. She plays a stripper in this episode. Although her strip routine is non-nude, she makes up for it with a very intimate poolside scene with Charles Dera. She is at one point splayed out on the edge of the pool, full frontal, with Dera fingering her and having her taste herself. While it's not quite that explicit, it's a lot closer than normal in the softcore shows.

Hillary Scott
McKinnon was written on July 19, 2011

Various; ep: Con Man

Hillary is an adult film actress, and she certainly has the stereotypical porn star look (long blonde hair, kind of plastic), but she's an able performer and her scenes feel very real. She first has a 3-4 minute scene with Daniel Jacob which is very inventive, because, aside from the usual positions, you see him running expensive necklaces across and between her breasts, and she runs them between her legs. At one point she stands up on the bed and feigns masturbation for him. You see her breasts again after Jacob leaves. Then she has a sex scene with Kenyon Holmes, or the start of one, where she's sitting up on the bed, with a full frontal view.

Ashley Roberts
McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

Backseat; ep: Angelica Needs a Vacation

Ashley plays a chef who, when her car breaks down, has a backseat encounter with Michelle Palmer. This scene goes on for 3-4 minutes and due to the confined quarters is more limited to kissing and touching. There are several close shots of Ashley's shapely rear, and what look to be not that great implants.

Vera Pett
Michelle Palmer
Christine Nguyen
Taylor McClintic
McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

On the couch; ep: Tour of Duty

Taylor is a very fit young lady with small breasts and a very tight, firm ass. She has a sex scene on a couch with Chris Mykel, including a closeup of her rear end when she pulls off her bikini bottoms. It's a decent enough scene but you may want more.

Beverly Lynne
McKinnon was written on May 23, 2011

Bed and balconly; ep: Portrait

Beverly has two sex scenes with Paul Gunn, one on a terrace/balcony, and then another in a hotel bedroom. The most interesting shot is probably a fairly close look at her pubis when she pulls her skirt down near the camera, but you've seen it all before, and in better lighting!

Amy Lindsay
Mary LeGault
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Various; ep: What Didn't Happen Last Night

This episode has at least 4 different naked females (one naked male) but I don't know who played who. Mary, who went on to major roles on other Cinemax late night dramas like Forbidden Science and Life on Top, shows her natural and small, firm breasts several times - first when she does a strip routine to pay for a dinner bill, then in a hot tub sex scene (which also has a quick glimpse of her dark landing strip) and finally a scene on a deck chair, mostly her riding the guy. The strip scene is probably the best, as she has a lot of energy, but still seems believable as an amateur. The hot tub scene is playful and well paced.

Erika Jordan
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Phone sex; ep: Chorus Dreams

Erika is mostly comic relief in this episode, as the ditzy friend. She is on the phone with Shannon Hawkins as she and Frankie Cullen start to have sex. There are some good look at her softball sized implants and her bare snatch as he lifts her onto the bed. Then she sits on his face as she tries to continue talking on the phone. Finally after a few minutes the call ends and she ends up hanging over the edge of the bed, on her back. It's a fun and hot scene. A little later she's naked again as she realizes how late it is and leaves the hotel room - this is mostly some darkly lit views of her breasts and rear end. She's got nice curves.

Shannon Hawkins
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Various; ep: Chorus Dreams

Shannon has a unique look for this genre (African American, natural body), and believably plays the role of an everyday woman who loses herself in Vegas. After a stint as a showgirl she has a lesbian encounter with Sandy Wasko, taking off her costume, with some close views of her C cups and her closely trimmed pubic area. Then Sandy feigns eating her out and there are more shots of her breasts and her face as she experiences pleasure. After this she goes out with Damian T. Raven and has sex near a fountain or something - mostly a few breast shots, as they're both generally clothed. Finally, she, Damian, and Sandy have a threesome, which manages to seem less choreographed and more like people who are into each other. This is mostly breasts.

Hanna Harper
McKinnon was written on May 23, 2011

Various; episode: Midnight Show

Hannah, tall, British redhead, has two sex scenes. She appears naked (shaved bare) when the main character opens her dressing room door, and she seduces him, with her pressed against her dressing up table. Later she has a threeway with Matt Wilde and Kristen Sturdevant, showing her breasts while she's kissing Kristen, then a bit of her backside and breasts when she climbs on top of Matt.

McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Couch and massage; ep: In Capable Hands

Hanna is blonde this time, and engaged to marry Emmanuel Delcour. Early on, he lowers her top, then she feigns fellatio on him, and he then pins her against the couch, lowering her panties, with a fairly unique shot (for softcore) of her vulva and part of her ass, in a close shot. The rest of this is her breasts, as he's pounding into her and they're face to face. A few minutes later she goes to get a massage (ass shot as she's on the table) and Delcour takes over for her masseuse.He massages her buttocks, between her legs, and then turns her over and puts massage oil on her chest. He starts fingering her again, although her leg blocks the view. She feigns fellatio again, then he lays her flat on her back across the table to start giving her one. This moves into him taking her from behind, and finally her riding him. For some reason full frontals are avoided. This is all good but the hottest part is the massage.

Skylar Evans
Vivian Chase
McKinnon was written on July 10, 2013

Breasts, sex; episode: Good Enough to Eat

Vivian has a slender build, with long, light brown hair. She reminds me of some of the supermodels who were so prominent in the '90s. She only has one sex scene but it's surprisingly hot. Jayden Scott puts some chocolate sauce on parts of her chest, and promptly licks it away, also taking time to pay attention to her button nips. Soon we see her riding him, with multiple closeups of her pointy B cups and erect nips, which he can't keep his mouth off of. This scene has some genuine passion, unlike most of the by-the-numbers simulated grindathons on these shows. Later in the episode Christine Nguyen (who had walked in on them, unknown to them) has a vision of the two of them taunting her, and you can see another quick shot of Chase's breasts.

Sarah Blake
Nikki Benz
McKinnon was written on May 15, 2011

Dressing room; episode: Michiko Gets a Makeover

Hardcore porn actress Nikki makes a rare softcore appearance here. About midway through the episode, Michiko watches Nikki and Johnny Castle get busy in a boutique dressing room. In various positions, you see a number of looks at her large implants, toned body, backside, and a good, quick closeup of her shaved pussy.

Brooke Banner
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Bed and shower; ep: In Capable Hands

Brooke goes to a bedroom with Sarge Logan and takes off her dress - her breasts are seen and then when her legs are in the air so Logan can remove her panties, you get a look at her pussy lips, a closer look than you would usually see in softcore. You don't get a lot of full frontal otherwise in the scene, as she's on her back, then shown taking it doggy style. There are one or two quick moments when Logan pulls her up to kiss her and there's a front spread. A few minutes later, Banner and Emmanuel Delcour are on a TV screen because her character has released a sex tape of him. Initially this is pixelated but then as the scene goes on you can see a few looks at her breasts, from a distance.

Jayden Scott
McKinnon was written on July 10, 2013

Side; Episode: Good Enough to Eat

Jayden looks like the leading man in this episode (which makes sense, as he's the ex-boyfriend of Christine Nguyen and I guess her character has a type) - lean but shapely body, short shaggy dark hair, slight facial scruff. In the opening scene he is cheating on her with Vivian Chase. You don't see much, but when Christine catches them and crumples to the floor (they don't know she's there), you can see a nicely plump set of cheeks in motion from a side view.

Damian T. Raven
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Parital rear; ep: Chorus Dreams

Damian is a very handsome African American actor, but in spite of having two sex scenes and quite a good body, he skimps on any real nudity. You just get some side/partial rear glimpses in a threeway scene.

Brian Perry
McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

Shower; ep: Angelica Takes a Vacation

Brian is a rugged type, more beefy than gymbound. You can see his meaty ass in several closeup shots during a shower scene with Amber Smith.

James O'Shea
Chris Mykel
McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

On the couch; ep: Tour of Duty

Chris has one sex scene with Taylor McClintic, on a couch. There's a closeup of his very firm, tan cheeks as his briefs are pulled down, then another glimpse when he's on top of Taylor.

Justin Lopez
McKinnon was written on May 23, 2011

Photo shoot, bed; episode; Portrait

Credited as Justin Anthony Lopez, his best scene is the first, a flashback scene to a photo shoot. He's taking pictures and the model turns the tables on him and gets him to stop. Some nice, well-lit looks at his nice ass.

McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011


The review described below isn't Justin Anthony Lopez. It seems to be another actor. I'm not sure of their name at the moment. Justin played another, regular role on the show.

McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

Spilled shorts; ep: Tour of

Justin, a tall, dark, handsome type, is Amber Smith's assistant and has a long-running flirtation with Elena Talan that explodes in the last few episodes. He keeps his clothes on for most of the episodes, and even in the last episode's sex scene you see only side nudity, but this episode has a little more. After a tipsy Talen spills her drink on Lopez's board shorts, they go to his room so he can change. Before they have sex, there are several darkly lit shots of his very muscled ass. The rest is pretty much upper body only.

Sarge Logan
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Frontal; ep: In Capable Hands

Sarge plays an exotic dancer. He has sex with Brooke Banner - she lowers his g-string for a quick look at his penis and balls and closely trimmed short hairs. They then have sex. While the frontal is very rare, and certainly something to remember, the sex scene mostly shows him from the side (and not a long view) or from far away from the camera while Banner is in focus. That means few shots of his great ass, which you can only see quickly when he's being led into the bedroom.

Brian Kong
McKinnon was written on May 15, 2011

Various; episode: Michiko Gets a Makeover

Brian is the male lead in the episode, and shows his trim, lean body and cute rear end several times in sex scenes.

Kenyon Holmes
McKinnon was written on July 19, 2011

Various; ep: Con Man

Given some attempt at edge by a blonde close-cropped hairstyle and an accent that sounds like Colonel Ninocthka on GLOW, Kenyon plays the very dangerous lead in this episode. He has two sex scenes, first with Melinda Czibula and then Elena Talan. The first has a teasing scene where he gets out of his seat (after Melinda stops giving him head) and walks behind her, but it's too quick to notice. This happens again when he's doing Talan doggy style and he pulls back briefly before pulling her back with him. The scene with Melinda has a nice view of his ass - that type of ass which is prime beef, the right blend of muscle and genetics.

Joel Halpern
Paul Gunn
McKinnon was written on May 23, 2011

Balcony and bed; ep: Portrait

Paul has a strong body, a very exotic look, and long dark hair. He has two sex scenes in the episode, both with Beverly Lynne. One on a balcony and later, another in bed. The first has the best looks at his extremely muscular, shapely buttocks.

Charles Dera
McKinnon was written on August 18, 2011

Pool porn; ep: Tour of Duty

Playgirl pinup and hardcore porn actor Dera makes a rare softcore porn appearance here. He has a clean cut look but shows a generous amount of frontal nudity during a poolside sex scene with Riley Shy. While they don't show very much of his muscular backside, there are some very thorough closeups of his thick, long, flaccid penis, and close-cropped dark pubes.

Emmanuel Delcour
McKinnon was written on June 18, 2011

Frontal, two sex scenes; ep: In Capable Hands

Emmanuel is credited as Jean valjean but he has no reason to feel miserable. He plays the lead character in this, and although the Fabio hairstyle is a bit distracting at first, his body more than makes up for it. Initially he has sex with Hanna Harper on a couch - she lowers his jeans, giving a very rare (for softcore) frontal view. There are some decent looks at his toned and tanned backside as he undresses her and then begins to simulate sex with her. A few minutes later there's a scene where he takes over for her masseuse, and this is probably one of the hottest scenes you will find in softcore. Not only because of the chemistry between the actors, but also because the camera stays on Delcour as he matter-of-factly strips down, giving a well-lit and close to camera view of his very large flaccid penis, tight ballsac, and pubic hair (which isn't totally shaved fortunately). As he's massaging her, there's a closeup of his penis which is also tough to find in most other projects like this. The rest of the scene is fairly pedestrian, but still worth watching.

Jacob Daniel
McKinnon was written on July 19, 2011

Beefy buns on bed; ep: Con Man

Daniel is more rugged than most of the men on this show. He has a 3-4 minute sex scene with Hillary Scott which features several good looks at his meaty backside.

Johnny Castle
McKinnon was written on May 15, 2011

Dressing room; episode: Michiko Gets a Makeover

Hardcore porn actor Johnny makes a brief softcore appearance. He and Nikki Benz have fun in a dressing room of a boutique. There is a fantastic close up of his very muscular ass.

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