Sirpa Salo ; Shirpa Lane ; Syrpa Lane
Turku, Finland

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year title
1980 Bestia nello spazio, La 1 Review
1978 Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals 1 Review
1975 Bête, La 5 Reviews
1974 Jeune fille assassinée, La 1 Review
1974 Charlotte 1 Review

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Bestia nello spazio, La (1980)
slavedriver was written on July 31, 2003

Like "La Bella e la Bestia", yet another LA BETE homage, but this time much more direct. Almost a sequel, of sorts....

Starring the "other" chick from LA BETE, the one who fucks the beast. In this futuristic but less explicit version, her spaceship lands on a planet for some reason (I don't understand Italian), and the ruler of the planet chases her through some woods (sounds familiar) after he removes his robe and reveals that below the waist he has very hairy, beast-like legs, and a massive hard cock (again sounds familiar). He ravishes her, but there is no money shot, no jizz, and she's not really into it as much as in La Bete. The skin-o-meter doesn't go quite as high here, but she does get nude a couple times. No gyno views this time either. Oh, but this film does--again this will ring a bell--show briefly humping horses. What is with that?!?!?! There are numerous other nude females in this, but I can't catch their names.

Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978)
BushLeague was written on February 1, 2003

Drool, slobber

She is looking very toned and fit. Nice, slightly hanging, but firm 34c's and a tear drop rear that hangs like tits. Black bush with blond hair (You would think Germany could find one fraulein with a color coordinated snatch!) Gets clean with a nude shower that shows mini-torpedoes, black pussy fur, and glistening rump from knees up. Frontal snatch and both chest bags when she exits shower. Fast full frontal putting on body towel. Brief frontal look at tits and bush during a Voodoo ceremony when her skirt is hiked over her head then her panties dropped. Long look at pointy nipples and bulbous knockers while dreaming in bed, then quick ass, tits and bush getting out of bed. Nekkid again getting out of towel and into tubby with hubby (more bush, buns, breasts). Mostly breasts in tub and reverse strip after words (more full frontal). A masturbation scenes lanquishes on her firm legs and lower 1/8 of butt cheeks. Leaning against a palm tree, additional full length sidal nudity that shows buns. Brief tits getting into sand then she makes love to another "beast" (native man) with more sidal smoothness and legs (humping motions shown, but not penetration). Tits and bush when afterwards she puts on wind blown wraparound. She takes up where she left off with the native guy in the bedroom (darkened full length rear view while she is almost on top of him), then pubes and tits afterwards. She then switch hits and starts to snack on "Papaya" pie for many full length nude lesbo scenes, walks and runs on the beach, etc. All in good light and showing all three B's a various time, usually altogether. The version of this movie I had was mostly in German with no sub titles.

Bête, La (1975)
Serna was written on February 11, 2001

babe in the woods

Sirpa Lane plays the 18th Century marquise who goes into the wood and finds herself chased and ravished by a hairy beast! Believe me, it’s true.
The scene is broken as the story shifts back to Lisbeth Hummel in bed but Sirpa has her dress, petticoat and then powdered wig ripped off. The beast masturbates with the wig! While she is trying to escape up her tree she is trapped hanging from a branch and the beast strokes her arse and licks her pubic hair. After falling she finds herself put over a fallen tree by the beast who rubs himself against her naked buttocks. She starts to enjoy it, especially when the beast actually ejaculates over her buttocks and lower back. Later he does the same on her breasts. Lots of nudity by this very sexy actress in one of the weirdest cult Euro arthouse movies you will ever see.

thefaceman32 was written on October 18, 2003

Even I have standards - The beast is just sick

Beastiality? Yuck... at least this cute actress went on to do some adult movies that were much better than this crap

01:04:00 Sirpa's boustier is having a difficult time containing her cans, seeing as she's fleeing from "The Beast..." And let me tell you; it doesn't even come close to covering up her butt and bush!

01:19:00 Sirpa displays yet more bush, butt and a ton of titty while "The Beast" hooter-fucks her and spills Beast Spackle all over her chest... Ew!

01:32:00 Having recently killed "The Beast" by evidently banging him to death, the still completely naked Sirpa buries him under some leaves and splits...

BushLeague was written on December 30, 2002

Wolf bait

She looks more like a supermodel than an old style lady--long sinewy thighs, nice heart shaped, slightly jiggly butt, and a pair of silicone augmented hooters that won't quit. First she is pursued by the beast and we get long views in medium shots of her running away. She has a corset on top and is bare below the waist, except for some calf high boots. Her nipples occasionally peak out and we get darkened flashes of pubes. While hanging from a tree to "escape" her attacker, we get another full length view of her naked rump, with hairy pussy lips peaking through occasionally. After she falls off the tree, she turns over to give a spread eagle pussy lip shot--well lit, but only a couple of seconds before she covers it with her hand, and then her wig. She "escapes" the bearded cunt lapping session and more rear views of legs and ass. The beast catches her again and starts to simu-sex her doggy style and you see left ass cheek as he sticks his woody into her love hole--side and rear. He fake ejaculates on her back. She then gets into the spirit of things and takes off her corset and starts to massage her round milk shakes with perfectly centered, very bumpy aureolae. She then lets the beast tittie fuck her and squirt a quart of white demon seed all over her front. There are occasional brief side butt shots as well. Some of this is intercut with a girl who is fantasizing the whole thing. There are also long intervening shots of a snail on a shoe!?.

BushLeague was written on December 30, 2002

Burying the beast

If that is not enough, after the love making, she covers the horny bastard with leaves. And again gives many full length views of her lanky legs, stone firm butt, crotch fur and chest cream puffs

slavedriver was written on May 5, 2003

She fucks the Beast to death

Is this porn or not? Hard to tell, but the scene she has with the "Beast" is hot enough. You have to realize that the Beast isn't a scary monster out to kill anyone, it just wants to FUCK! The suit has a huge, telescoping dildo on it that shoots a creamy substance at the drop of a hat, and it beats off on whatever it can (believe it!).
This girl gets soundly fucked doggy-style (the snail I think is supposed to represent the passage of time of their fucking), the afterwards she takes over and grabs its cock, tittie fucks it, lets it jizz on her face.....I can't believe I'm writing this....Contrary to the previous review her tits are completely natural. Silicone didn't show up on the screen for many years. She's got a hot body, and just like Lisbeth you can unmistakably see her pussy lips, just not as close up. This film just has to be seen to be believed. It's too cool!!!

Jeune fille assassinée, La (1974)
BushLeague was written on July 26, 2004

Three hair raising scenes

1)Completely naked on a sail boat. Good looks at her naturally hanging 34b chest plums, super big hairy bush (with snail's eye view of cunt lips) and large firm fanny. 2) She undresses out of some white pants to full frontal nudity and some slightly darkened what was shown on the boat. 3) She undresses out of some jeans in front of a window and shows her delicious round behind. Later she fingers her hairy cunt through her jeans.

Charlotte (1974)
BushLeague was written on August 14, 2003

Three sheets to the wind

Our first mate is completely starkers and assumes various poses on a sailboat. The scenes are backlit and the important stuff is in shadows (rock hard egg shaped butt cheeks, slightly drooping, but firm chest grapefruits (34b), and a worm's eye view of combed, but unshaven sparse pubic hairs with thick pussy lips).

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