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Margot Kidder
superhero was written on March 8, 2003

2 scenes

First scene while walking away she takes off her top showing her bare back & as she turns to the side you very briefly can see part of her left breast. Long distant shot hardley notable.

Other scene she opens her top while sitting on a couch. Part if right breast including nipple seems to be covered by a dark shadow. Most of her left breast is shown but it is difficult to make out her nipple (edge of her top may have it partially covered). Scene lasts about a few seconds.

Ghostwords was written on September 27, 2013

Twin's twins

Ms Kidder plays Danielle, one of a pair of Canadian conjoined twins. This 1973 horror movie is also known as Blood Sisters.

1. Danielle is shown stripping to her bra on a Candid Camera style tv show.
2. There is a very brief glimpse of her left breast in profile as she changes after getting home (shot from some distance away).
3. Danielle opens her robe, briefly exposing both breasts to her lover. He pushes the robe back to expose her right hip (there's a weird prosthetic scar visible).

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