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Sizzle Beach, U.S.A.'s Sexy Actresses

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Wright, Sylvia 2 Reviews
Taft, Victoria 1 Review
Stewart, Jennifer 1 Review
Royce, Roselyn 1 Review
Congie, Terry 1 Review
Brander, Leslie 1 Review

Sizzle Beach, U.S.A.'s Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Costner, Kevin 1 Review

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Sylvia Wright
upsilon was written on September 20, 2004

mirror, mirror, on the wall

toward the end of the movie, around the time of the talent contest at VONS. She is in front of the mirror while talking to an agent. Not exceptionally endowed (B-cups), but mercy!! those big areolas!! She also shows them when she is having sex with that agent. Those areolas boost my rating from 2 stars to 4. Mmm!

BushLeague was written on July 27, 2004

Mirror, mirror

She is standing in front of a mirror. She has very bleach blonde hair, some naturally sagging 34b's and a gigantic fluffy hairy bush.

Victoria Taft
cecil was written on November 24, 2004

2 sex scenes

At 6 minutes she has a sex scene with Robert Acey and we briefly see her breasts. Afterwards we see her kneeling on the bed and a clear full frontal. Then she walks into the next room topless, with clear breast exposure. At about 58 minutes we see her getting out of bed after sex with Richard Brander (the director of this picture!) and we briefly see her bare rear and full frontal.

Jennifer Stewart
cecil was written on November 24, 2004

talking on the phone

We never learn her character's name. We see her talking on the phone to "Steve" - always in the nude! At 11 minutes she removes her clothes, showing us her breasts. Then she lies face down on the bed to talk on the phone, showing us her bare rear. Then at 60 minutes we see her walking around her apartment, showing full frontal for over 5 seconds.

Roselyn Royce
cecil was written on November 24, 2004

exercising, dressing, & sex scene

At 15 minutes we see her exercising on a bike, topless, and then she crawls in bed. A few minutes later it's morning and she sits up in bed topless with good close shots of her breasts. She gets out of bed and heads to the closet with good bare rear exposure before putting on shorts, then more breasts as she turns around to put on a top. At 52 minutes she gets out of bed after sex with Larry Degraw (on a boat), brief close up of breasts if you use a pause, then clear view of breasts as she walks up to the deck.

Terry Congie
cecil was written on November 24, 2004

shower & 2 sex scenes

At 10 minutes we see what is supposed to be her in a shower, through a frosted glass. We see bare rear and side of breasts. At 30 minutes she has a sex scene with Robert Acey. She removes her gown while standing, giving us a brief but clear view of her breasts. More breasts as she lies on her back and he kisses her stomach. Then she's sitting up while he kisses around her breasts. At about 72 minutes she has a sex scene with Justin Michael Scott. Several clear but brief views of her breasts lying on her back in bed.

Leslie Brander
upsilon was written on August 16, 2004


Leslie plays an aspiring actress named Dit McCoy (very original first name) in this movie. She has a scene where she takes off her top in acting class (showing her bra). Mmm. This is hinting toward this scene.
Leslie is on a date with the owner of the ranch. It starts with them taking off their clothes in front of the fireplace. First there is a side view, then later she is on her back. Mercy! She has some terrific D cups and fantastic nipples (natural). The nipples are like bullets. Definitely worth hitting the pause button.

I think this is the only film she ever appeared in. Too bad.

Kevin Costner
cecil was written on November 24, 2004


I don't know who entered his name here, but don't rent/buy the 90 minute VHS version for Kevin, since he has NO nudity. During his sex scene with Leslie Brander at about 45 minutes, all we see is a bare shoulder!

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