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2013 21 & Over 1 Review

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Made his screen debut in Hamlet 2 (2008).

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21 & Over (2013)
AmazingQ was written on May 11, 2015

Total babe

Skylar and his costar are stripped, tortured, and forced to make out by a demented sorority. He spends a good portion of the movie wearing only a sock to cover his manhood.

First off, let me say Skylar is a total dreamboat. Beautiful dark eyes, black hair, and a fit little body. You get his close ups of his fit, but still fairly plump ass. At one point he gets paddled, and grabs his cute buns in pain! He doesn't have a lot of body hair, and his pubes seem fairly tame. There's a naked fight scene but it's shot too far out to get a good luck of anything. Highly recommended scene for the excessive nudity and embarrassment factor!

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