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year title
1977 Gauntlet, The 6 Reviews
1977 Death Game 1 Review
1976 Outlaw Josey Wales, The 1 Review
1974 Second Coming of Suzanne, The 1 Review
1970 Cover Me Babe 1 Review

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Gauntlet, The (1977)
Ghostwords was written on September 9, 2012


Ms Locke (playing a Las Vegas prostitute on the run from the Mob) jumps aboard a boxcar with the cop who's protecting her (future husband Clint Eastwood, also her future ex-husband). He's beaten up by a bunch of bikers, and she distracts them by opening her shirt. All we see at that point is her right breast, but both are on view as they throw her to the floor. There are several more full displays, plus a couple of flashes, as they try to remove her trousers. At which point he regains his gun and her 'virtue' is preserved.

Shortly afterwards, they're in a motel. He makes a telephone call, whilst Ms Locke prepares for a bath. She's topless, but with her back to us (at most, we see a little of the side of her right breast).

BushLeague was written on December 11, 2002

Car chase

(Probably stunt doubled). While driving, Clint pushes Sondra out the door to get her off him. As he swerves, she holds on for dear life and her round butt cheeks peek out from her prison dress.
(very brief)

Luvmonk was written on June 17, 2001

Great Scene Mixing Violence and Sex

Sandra Locke rips open her shirt to lure bikers off of Clint Eastwood, as they were beating him up. Here breasts are small, but she has a very fit and fine body. They are a little rough with her. To top it off, the female biker begins kissing her!!! A few minutes later, they find a motel room and she sheds the blouse again to give us one more glimpse.

Squinsen was written on May 30, 2003

Great little breasts

This woman has a great little boddy. We see her boobs several times when she is being attacked on a train. They are small and pert with long, erect looking nipples. She has a great figure all over

tazzie was written on September 11, 1999

rape scene on train

I gave this three stars because Sondra's wonderfulbreasts are on show, though the fact that it's arape scene might turn some people off.

joe avery mason was written on February 15, 1999

rape scene

you get to see bare breast several time while she is being raped on the train

Death Game (1977)
borisf_98 was written on March 13, 2001


I could have been her best nude part ever, but producers had something else in mind. Bright red lighting, picture-on-picture and so on turned me off. Total screwup.

Outlaw Josey Wales, The (1976)
slavedriver was written on July 7, 1999

Brief buns, breast

In the scene, she is about to get gangbanged by a bunch of cowboys. They throw her to the ground, ripping her dress open to briefly expose a boob and a decent look at her smooth ass. Pause button material here.

Second Coming of Suzanne, The (1974)
ATL was written on December 20, 1999

Love scene

About 30 minutes into the movie, you get a good view of Sondra's perky breasts when she makes love with her boyfriend.

Cover Me Babe (1970)
Cyclone was written on January 20, 2000

Topless, but a poor view

Very early into this movie we can see that Sondra is topless, but she is behind a fairly dirty window, and so it isn't much of a view.

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