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2000 With a Friend Like Harry 4 Reviews
1998 Ennui, L' 10 Reviews

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With a Friend Like Harry (2000)
Ryan was written on March 29, 2001

Cute bottom

This cute full figured (think Kate Winslet) girl lies nude on her stomach in bed as her boyfriend, Harry, takes a phone call. Her attractive butt is on screen for a good while but she reveals no more than that.

dav345 was written on October 29, 2001

this scene sucks

I am SICK of these NON-nude scenes being listed as nude scenes in here. She is laying on the bed naked, but you see her from a side view camera angle which does not expose any nudity whatsoever. You can't see her butt - she may as well have clothes on. The only naked butts you see in this film are a hairy guy's butt in the same scene and the butts of two 5 year old girls in the tub later on. Don't watch this for the nudity (unless, of course, you dig guy butts and little girl butts).

tabasco was written on February 1, 2007

Buxom young French actress lying nude on bed.

Anyone who calls this young lady fat must be some kind of rock star who only likes anorexic girls and gets laid every day or someone who doesn't like girls at all. She is buxom, curvy, and fine as hell. She has huge melons but you don't see them here. She lies nude on the bed and you see a 1/2 star view of her ass & body but it is nice because this girl has such nice curves. I really want to see her naked. She is very hot and not fat. But don't watch this one for the nudity.

lattara was written on May 27, 2001

If only she'd rolled over...

Plump and pretty Sophie displays her round bottom for several minutes lying naked on her front on a bed. The sides of her breasts are also revealed but her arms cover her nipples. Shame.

Ennui, L' (1998)
Sexdemonno1 was written on August 19, 2006

bilfic, slavedriver, sirspread = utter twats

You 3 guys are clearly idiots if you think Sophie is fat.

So you'd turn her down would you? I doubt it. Shes too good for any of you morons anyway.

SOPHIE IS NOT FAT and is a nice normal girl. With A LOT of great sex scenes in this movie.

Here's hoping she does some more in the future!

Ghostwords was written on December 29, 2005

Naked Muse

In common with many here, I do no consider Ms Guillemin to be fat, just heavier than the absurd modern target weight for women of her age: in other words, natural. Her nudity is also very naturalistic and casual, and would have won her a third star were it not for her character's unerotic, matter-of-fact approach to lovemaking.

Elv08 was written on March 20, 2002

a real treat

Sophie G was 21 but looks more like the 17 year old she plays in this film. She is gorgeous, has a full figure and you'll get to know her body really well. Many sex scenes: many positions. Like a sexier Tango in Paris. Her character's also something of a lolita, so enjoy the fantasy.

bilfic was written on October 23, 1999

Extensive nude and lovemaking scenes of zaftig young French actress

Sophie Guillemin appears nude throughout much of L'ennui, and she appears in extended lovemaking scenes. This is a breakthrough performance in at least one way--Sophie has the type of body that does not usually appear nude on screen. In a word, she is fat, a fact that is somewhat refreshing in this era of Hollywood's projection of artificially sculpted bodies. Sophie's body is not too fat to be erotic, and I found her to be quite erotic, given her truly massive breasts and beautifully rounded ass. Sophie's bush can be seen many times as well. She unfortunately shaves her pubic hair on the sides, making for a much smaller patch than she would naturally present. Put away the razor, Sophie, and let it all blossom in its black beauty!

sirspread was written on May 19, 2003

lots of nudity

4 stars for this one as there is lots of nudity throughout the film (most in the 1st half)
the quality isnt that great however as sophie has a large flabby backside,big d-cup breasts which are not that appealing (at least there not sillicone)and a heavily shaved snatch......she hasnt got much in the looks department either.this will only appeal to those of you who like big girls with big bouncy boobs

ScreamoKid was written on April 19, 2007

hot, and not fat

Sophie is hardly fat, she just looks like a real, normal girl, not some starving woman from a third world country like too many are used too. She shows it all here and it's all very good.

Egoz was written on November 7, 2005

cecilia has sex with the professor

Sophie Guillemin likes to have sex or getting sex,
or exposing her tempting ass, and enjoys every minute of "her play" in front of the camera.
She is not shy either, even when sitting on the
I think that everyone would like a young woman
like that.
She is not playing Cecilia, she plays Sophie Guillemin.
Her only disadvantage for me, is not in the movie:
The real Sophie Guillemin smokes cigarretes (not in the movie, but in the real life).

Sexdemonno1 was written on March 8, 2005

Sophie Gives It Some!

I have to disagree with the reviewer who said she was fat. Sophie Guillemin is not fat at all and has a perfect body with big DD's and a nice round arse.

She has many sex scenes with a rather boring looking man who would clearly never get a woman like that in real life. Her best sex scene is her on top and the guy sitting up and looking into her eyes while she moans.

And she moans very very well. A classic of erotic cinema right up there with Betty Blue for quality sex on film.

scanman was written on September 3, 2001

Great girl, great nudity.. lot's of it!

Sophie isn't your typical beauty. She's a little overweight, but she looks very good. In this movie 95% of the nudity is between the 20 and 55 minutes mark. Sophie is nude just about all of the time and has sex everytime she can. The last nudescene is towards the end of the movie... another great scene. If you're, like me, not into those girls where you can see every bone in their body, you don't wanna miss this film!!!

slavedriver was written on April 19, 2003

Yeah, she's nude, but....

Due to the quality of the nude scenes, I have to give it 4 stars, but it doesn't mean I have to like it!! "Full-figured" is putting it mildly. For a French chick she has some extra poundage, enough to keep her off the cover Elle for sure. Really huge natural tits, though. But I'll be goddamned if she isn't a lousy actress. Even though it's in French I can tell she's bad: she delivers her lines in a deadpan, uninteresting way which makes her utterly annoying. The handful of tame-for-being-French sex scenes aren't enhanced by her performance in any way whatsoever. I wouldn't call her sexy...hell, I wouldn't call her at all.

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