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Spiderbabe's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wells, Julian 1 Review
Taylor, Shelby 1 Review
Summers, Kelli 3 Reviews
Mundae, Misty 2 Reviews
Lott, Bethany 1 Review
Charles, Juliette 1 Review
Caine, Darian 0 Reviews

Spiderbabe's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Paly, Darren 1 Review

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Julian Wells
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

lesbian scene

at 36:00 in miss Wells has a scene with her"eye candy"typical softcore scene with lots of kissing and fondling with breasts and butt from both actresses.Julian shows bush and a hint of lips also

Shelby Taylor
vizier was written on March 5, 2016

wrestling with Misty

at 26:00 in Spiderbabe(Misty) wrestles Queen Bee(Shelby) it turns in to a lez-a-thon.lots of tongue kissing and fondling with both actresses showin breasts and but and some nice bush shots from Shelby

Kelli Summers
Alex263 was written on April 16, 2006

M/F scene with newspaper reporter

Kelli Summers is coming to a softcore theatre close to you...I see she hasn't been reviewed yet, but take this movie for example as to why this girl is smoking hot. She does a very hot scene with this guy all over her huge breasts, sucking, licking, all the above, and then he does her up against a wall with his butt flexing with every stroke. The music is actually quite erotic too.

Alex263 was written on April 18, 2006

m/f sex scene

Although this movie is mostly lesbian action, there is a hot m/f scene between Ms. Summers and a guy later in the flick. For those of ou who don't know Ms. Summers, she is a buxom blonde baba with large large breasts. You'll love her! The guy who has sexual intercourse with her starts off with some intimate kissing with Kelli and then slowly takes her clothes off. When he takes her top/bra off he goes right in for those tasting bobbies and eats them for a while (as he should). Then he does Kelli standing up with his backside to the camera (for you male fans). I'd take either of them home to momma...email me if you're a Kelli Summers fan, would love to chat more about her...

swellsystem was written on April 19, 2006


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Misty Mundae
Coptional was written on April 26, 2005

entire movie

Say what you like about her skills as an actress, if you enjoy looking at Misty as much as I do, you'll love this entire film. It's refreshing to see an actress go au naturel in her natural, non-surgically-enhanced state. Misty is a small-breast lover's dream come true.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on November 25, 2004


I actually loved this movie this chick is hot and it is a total bust on spiderman if anybody has a chance to watch it do it.She is naked throughout the whole movie plus alot of other good scenes

Bethany Lott
rocco-rules was written on January 6, 2006

Lusty intern boffs the boss

Bethany plays an intern who seduces her male boss. It's a pretty lame love scene, found in one of the "naughty" extra scenes, but Bethany manages to show her lovely natural b-cups and near-perfect bum for nearly 7 out of the 10 minutes the scene lasts. She also show her landing-strip bush for a few seconds a couple of times. The scene includes some phony-fellatio, lame-licking and droopy-doggie. Bethany is one to watch for in future films.

Juliette Charles
DeMan was written on February 26, 2005

a.k.a. Chelsy Hampshire

She's credited as "Chelsy Hampshire" in this movie, but this is definitely the same actress who was credited as "Juliette Charles" in "The Lord of the G-Strings." In "Spiderbabe," she plays the comically bitchy newspaper editor JJJ, a female version of the Spider-Man character J. Jonah Jameson. Towards the end of the movie, she has a lesbian scene with Misty Mundae; first, her breasts are displayed nicely in a pink push-up bra, then she strips down to just stockings & garter-belt, though there is only one momentary glimpse of her landing strip as she turns around, and no butt shot that I could see.

Darian Caine
Darren Paly
Alex263 was written on September 28, 2006

w/ Bethany Lott

Just as a way of introduction, Darren hasn't appeared in any movies other than Spiderbabe that I am aware of and I looked around, so this is all you get from him. Luckily you get a very nice scene with him and Bethany Lott in the "naughty extras" scenes on the unrated DVD of this movie. Darren is credited in this movie as Stud Muffin and I would agree that he is. he has a great body and shows it off in this scene with Lott. There is quite a bit of slow kissing between these two which s very erotic, seeing their tongues dancing together. Pretty soon thereafter darren's clothes are off except for tighty whitey underwear. And we get to look at his buldge in that underwear for quite a while while him and Lott go at it. Did I meantion that he had a big package? Okay, okay, let's move on. Next he bends Lott over a table and does your classic softcore doggie style love making scene. this movie is a little starved for male-female action and Darren is the only one who engages in it. But, he does not disappoint. Enjoy.

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