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Unger, Deborah 3 Reviews

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Jane, Thomas 3 Reviews

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Deborah Unger
tickledick was written on February 6, 2006

Bush (no face)

Skin says he saw some buns, at 5 minutes, but he's got the latest military technology. There's no face in that sequence, either. About 15 or 20 mins later, we see a close view of her bush as he slides her pants off. She is on her back, on a table, in semi-darkness. Her face is not in shot. We also see her full length with one frame of side-view bush, but its too dark to identify her.

tickledick was written on October 11, 2006


I watched the movie on TV, in the UK. I stand by my description, above. I just viewed a clip of the scene from the Rageroo site: the bush has been removed.

Mikey69 was written on August 11, 2006

Running on Beach

One does get a glimpse of her ass while she is running along the beach early in the movie. Celebrity Movie Archive has got the pictures to prove it. Didn't see any bush in the love scene described above, but I didn't look that hard. The scene is dark.

Thomas Jane
donby was written on July 23, 2006

Sunbathing & skinny-dipping, front & rear.

Near the beginning of the film we see Jane & his new wife frolicing on the beach. With careful use of the pause & slo-mo buttons, you can see a nice frontal shot here. Jane is a good-looking guy but, surprisingly, does not have slim hips. Later, we see a rear shot in an apartment, but heavy shadows obscure everything else.

/The film is an ultra-serious examination of apartheid, not exactly an evening's light entertainment.

GDH was written on May 28, 2005


Jane appears unclothed three times in this film: the first - and best - time has him nude sun-bathing, then getting up and running around on the beach with Deborah Kara Unger; we see his backside and pubic hair. A little later on we get very shadowy side nudity as Jane sits on a bed; and later still some more (shadowy) views of his backside as he dances naked at night (I think his penis may have bounced into shot once or twice here, but I couldn't say for certain).

Guiseppe was written on July 15, 2007

Thomas in the flesh(hard to see most of the time)

See when I heard that Thomas Jane was barrying all in this apartheid themed film, I was like damn this is gunna be a hot movie. But instead its just a series of overly light shots of him running around naked on a beach where everything goes so fast its hard to get a taste of his gorgeous body. Well, thats where the slow button comes in handy. Thomas frolicks on the beach, exploiting his gorgeous bubble butt. Every so often we get a quick glimpse of his member which is only a millisecond everytime. It's a pity. I'm only giving this review ** stars because i wish there were more lingering shots on his behind and frontal instead of quick paced streaking. Ergghhh this director is frustrating! DON'T YOU KNOW WHEN UR DEALING WITH THOMAS JANE UR SUPPOSED TO HAVE BETTER NUDE SHOTS!! Thomas is soo hot but this film let's down on our assumptions.

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