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Gail Harris
GailFan was written on May 30, 2001

Nude audition

Gail gives her name as "Susan Miller" in this, another one of those nude-audition-for-cheap-movies compliation tapes. Gail reads for something called "After Midnight". She starts out wearing her powder-blue satin robe (from "Starlets Exposed! Vol 2") and delivers some bad dialogue. Then she strips down to lingerie, before stripping fully nude. Gail then romps naked around a sofa, with lots of full frontal nudity. Long scene, about 4 and a half minutes. Gail seems to be holding back abit, though, despite the explicit and lengthy nudity. She's done hotter work, so I'm only giving her 3 stars (sorry babe!).

Candie Evans
GailFan was written on May 29, 2001

Nude audition

This is supposed to be pornstar Candie's first on-screen appearance. She auditions for a movie called "Hidden Valley". She strips down from a fairly conservative outfit & lingerie to fully nude, and cavorts around a sofa. Candie looks awfully shy, and is blushing most of the time, but acts very kittenish. Long scene, 5 minutes.

Paulaharlowlover was written on August 5, 2005

Paula Harlow Totally Nude, showering

This porn star with the hot tits ironically shows up in the same movie though in a different scene as Candy Evans, another porn star she performs cunnilingus on in the movie Tunnel of Love.

With her hot vagina and boobs, and hot butt, she soaps up twice, first alone, then with two other girls. Lots of total nudity.

Leslee Bremmer
GailFan was written on May 29, 2001

Full-nude hot tub audition

Leslee auditions for a movie called "Dream Summer". After a brief intro in which she says she has no problem with nude scenes, its down to the hot tub for the audition.
Leslee starts out with a towel wrapped around her. When the director asks if she's got her bathing suit on, she replies "I sure don't" and drops the towel to reveal her fully nude body.
Then Leslee jumps into the jacuzzi an writhes around naked in the hot water. Nice long scene, full frontal (when she's not hidden by the water) about 5 minutes. Great stuff!

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