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year title
1992 Jamón, jamón 2 Reviews
1987 Attenzione, L' 1 Review
1985 Mamma Ebe 1 Review
1983 Key, The 3 Reviews
1980 Desideria: La vita interiore 1 Review
1970 Conformist, The 1 Review

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Jamón, jamón (1992)
oldbabe was written on November 21, 2001

Hot Mama

Stefania plays older babe who hired Javier Badem to seduce Penelope Cruz in order to spoil his son's wedding plans to Penelope. She ended up sleeping with Javier. First sex scene was sexy but she was wearing lingerie. Second scene (almot four-fifth of the movie), she was getting dressed up after sex interrupted by her son. She seems to be naked from the bottom (or wearing knickers) but the scene is from a distance. No clear exposure of anything but she is nevertheless sluurrrpee.

dvdcollector was written on November 21, 2002

Not as attractive as she thinks she is

This actress does not really have a nude scene -- only several near nudes. She also is not all that attractive, though she tries to be sultry in this film.

Attenzione, L' (1987)
Serna was written on November 24, 2004

Full frontal of woman with lovely big arse

Stefania plays her old and her younger self in this flashback movie. She was actually about 38 when this was made in 1984, the year after The Key.
In the first scene she is her younger self (she basically puts on a wig of straight black hair and different make-up). This scene is after she meets the Ben Cross character for the first time.
We cut to a bedroom. Ben Cross lying down, clothed. Stef sits on top of him in a blue silk babydoll, her big breasts spilling out. She unclips his belt and as she does you can see her bush. She shifts her hips and settles on him. Glimpse of her buttocks as she does so. He strokes her back and they kiss. She begins to move and gasp as he “goes in”. Cut the then to something lengthy present day scenes.
Then cut back to great shot of Stef’s big round arse on top. Then Cross tips her over on to her back and thrusts away, her hands going over his buttocks. (there are more cuts back to this scene later)
Cut to Stef soaping her thighs and breasts in the shower. Quite a close up of her bush. Then she is in the bath.

Mamma Ebe (1985)
AceOfClubs was written on November 24, 2008

Naked & Wet

Stefania is totally nude with her hands up holding a bar and her back to us as she's being hosed down. Her full rear is beautifully displayed in a medium shot as well as a large side of left boob which jiggles slightly as she struggles. Her cries of protest are sexy. Then she is forced to turn around and continued to be sprayed with water. First a close up shot of her sopping wet hairy bush, then a shot of her big natural breasts and finally back to the full frontal medium shot. It's funny, as I was watching this scene I noticed Stefania and I had the exact same expression on our faces....although hers was out of distress...while mine was a result of orgasmic ecstasy. Well lit and lasts about 50 seconds. If you're a huge Stefania Sandrelli fan....the scene is worth four stars.

Key, The (1983)
BushLeague was written on May 5, 2002

The full monty!

As has been said before, there are so many nude scenes, to describe them all would take too much time. But this is a rare example where a "mainstream" actress has showed pussy lips (See Susan Blakely in "Capone" for a more extensive list). She bends over, lays on her side, and spreads her knees to show a black fur covered thick lipped portal of pleasure. In addition to showing the entire rest of her body (as mentioned before, not a great beauty--good face, slightly out of shape body)--but definitely worth a look! Although her performance pales with regards to Kristine DeBell in "Alice in Wonderland", this performance makes Sharon Stone's look really wimpy by comparison. This site needs a completely different category for woman like Stefania.

Ricardo was written on February 12, 1999

The most erotic ever seen

A must see. Stefania Sandrelli is not a great beaty, but have huge tits and butt.This movie is almost a porno, Stefania is naked more than a half of the movie, showing everything with all details, good light and long scenes, it is probably the most erotic movie I've ever seen.

Serna was written on October 11, 2000

The whole film

This Italian erotic film is pretty much soft core throughout. Sandrelli is great for fans of big boobs and ass, and is nude every few scenes or so. There are some great close ups of her backside and plenty of full frontal. There's a lovely scene of her sitting on a guy facing away from him, moving her ass slowly.

Desideria: La vita interiore (1980)
bugaxtreme was written on August 20, 2014

Desideria: La vita interiore

Stefania Sandrelli goes naked only one time in this movie where she is naked on the bed. Only her butt and back is visible. She has a doggy style sex in this scene.

Conformist, The (1970)
atom was written on July 5, 2004

three brief views of breats and butt

As a perky but shallow and rather silly bourgeoise, Sandrelli offers three brief views of skin here. In the opening sequence, we see Sandrelli asleep, face down, with her bony-looking rump exposed until her fiance Jean-Louis Trintignant pulls the sheet over it. Then in the middle of the film, Trintignant and Sandrelli make out on a train. Trintignant pulls Sandrelli's slip down over her breasts; the exposure isn't great, but this is the most erotic of the three scenes because Trintignant spends some time kneading and caressing the breasts before he exposes them. Finally, Sandrelli prances in front of a mirror with a dress held up in front of her while her behind remains in view. This scene involves a lesbian flirtation with Dominique Sanda.

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