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year title
1994 Molly & Gina 1 Review
1991 Last Call 1 Review
1986 Monster In The Closet 1 Review
1973 Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold 1 Review
1972 Slaughter 5 Reviews
1970 Ballad of Cable Hogue, The 3 Reviews

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Molly & Gina (1994)
duckem was written on March 1, 2001

not nude but good for her age

Stella is running around the house in a
tight wet teddy with her breasts bouncing all over the place.

Last Call (1991)
BuddhaBoy was written on September 15, 1999

Sex on a pool tabel

You first see Stella in a not very attractive one-piece bathing suit. Later, she has a sex scene on top of a pool table. The male actor strips her down to bustier, panties, and nylons. There's alot of moaning and groaning, and the scene is fairly sexy, although the only nudity is a last second appearance of Stella's left nipple, which you have to use freeze frame to see. Still, it gets three stars because it's Stella Stevens!

Monster In The Closet (1986)
BuddhaBoy was written on September 15, 1999

Shower Scene

Though the camera stays annoyingly above nipple level most of the time, this is a long scene (two minutes!) and there are quite a few times when Stella's breasts rise into frame. The scene is a spoof of 'Psycho' and is actually pretty funny. This is the only scene Stella has in the movie.

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1973)
DeMan was written on January 7, 2002

Ass through sheer curtain

There is a scene in which Stella Stevens can be seen through a semi-see-through partition as she changes dresses with her back to the camera. Her bare ass is vaguely visible through the curtain. Since her back is to us the whole time, this could be a body double. However, since Stella certainly wasn't shy about doing nudity herself at that time, I think it's probably her.

Slaughter (1972)
xxzz was written on July 25, 2006

Love scene

Stella's sex scene with football great Jim Brown would be a 4-star affair if the filming wasn't so damn dark. Better lighting and a wider scope woould show more of Brown's sampling of the luscious Playboy Playmate (1960) Stella Stevens. As reviewed by Buddaboy, we do see Brown (through the darkness) grope her tit and rub his thumb over her nipple. In a trade magazine interview, Stella said that Jim Brown had the largest and strongest hands of any man she had ever been with. As large as Stella's breasts are (as stated by SeeItAll), Brown was able to cup her entire breast in his hand as he kneaded her tit during their love scene.

Byron was written on February 24, 1999

Shower scene

I remember Stella shows a good full frontal of her breasts in the shower stall. A very nice pair.

soulman was written on October 22, 2001

Stalla Takes A Shower

Stella takes a shower giving us a great view of her great breasts. There's also a sex scene with Jim Brown where you some more tit. I've always had boyhood "hots" for Stella (back in "THE" day). This is no doubt Stella's best nude scene.

SeenItAll was written on June 21, 2002

Stella walks out of the shower and pauses for a brief moment to towel off her bare breasts and derriere

As others have noted in their reviews, this is Stella's best nude scene. But my most vivid memory of the scene involves something that no one else has mentioned. When Stella walks out of the shower, I could not help but compare her breasts to two huge, hanging church bells that are struggling mightily to hold their own weight. One might be tempted to use the term "sagging," except that Stella's breasts are so fantastically large and real and arousing that one would never dream of using such a derogatory word. Her breasts fall almost to her belly button because of their sheer magnificence, and this makes the pull of gravity a non-issue. (Of course, one can only imagine what they look like today, three decades later. I suspect I wouldn't defend them as vigorously if she showed them off in another movie.)

BuddhaBoy was written on August 25, 1999

Shower scene / Making love with Jim Brown

There's a fairly long scene of Stella showering, then leaving the shower stall, then walking down a hallway. If you're a Stella Stevens fan, this is without question her best nude scene. There's also a nude love scene with Jim Brown in dim light that includes a close-up of him rubbing his thumb across her erect nipple. It's shot in montage, romantic style, not really erotic, but worth seeing.This scene by itself would get three stars.

Ballad of Cable Hogue, The (1970)
AceOfClubs was written on February 4, 2005

Nice butt

Stella is shown changing clothes in one scene and there's a nice shot of her rear end. Later she is bathing in an outdoor tub in broad daylight showing the tops of her boobs and sticking her barefeet out of the tub while singing a song with a fully clothed Jason Robards who is helping out washing her. Suddenly they hear horses and they notice a stagecoach approaching, Stella panics cause she's nude and asks Robards for a robe, he hands her a small towel and she complains it's too little so he goes in to get her another. It is very cute how worried and panicked she looks as the coach gets closer, she finally covers her front with the samll towel and her naked wet rear is fully exposed as she tries comically to get out of the tub and run inside. Her running is sped up in a Benny Hillesque sequence complete with zany music as she stumbles and fumbles nude to get inside. Very very sexy scene, Stella looks hot.

bilfic was written on February 28, 2001

Lovely ass and natural breasts

I give this only two stars because of the brevity of the nude scenes. There are two or three scenes where Stella can be seen nude from behind, and her ass is lovely. There is another scene where her breasts can be seen bobbing in the water when she is bathing in a wooden tub. She has unusually large nipples, which I don't find especially attractive, although others might. There is something appealing about Stella, though, and I would like to see more of her. All that was missing from this film is a good bush shot. Maybe elsewhere?

BuddhaBoy was written on August 25, 1999

Outdoor bath in wooden tub

Stella takes a bath outside in a wooden tub. You see her breasts bob and float above the water. There's a speeded up scene of her jumping out of the tub, but even in stop action you don't see much. Three stars because Stella never looked lovelier than in this movie, and because only real breasts move like that in the water, and it's such a pleasant change from all the fake breasts out there that it deserves an extra star.

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