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1999 Tequila Body Shots 2 Reviews

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Tequila Body Shots (1999)
cecil was written on October 9, 2001

sex scene

She gets Joey Lawrence drunk in order to seduce him. She then lowers her top and we see her breasts for about 5 seconds as she embraces him and licks the lime juice off his neck during a tequila body shot. The rest of this short scene is filmed showing only the tops of their shoulders and up.

Immediately after we see her breasts clearly as Hector (Rene L. Moreno) has sex with her from behind her. This view lasts about 2 seconds.

Beware: I have seen a VCD version (Sendi Mutiara Entertainment) that cuts out the nudity.

tickledick was written on October 30, 2005


Small breasts, great face (think Penelope Cruz).

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