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2009 Hung 1 Review
2005 Dante's Cove 2 Reviews

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Hung (2009)
flamefire was written on November 14, 2011

Quick Flash S3 E7

As he's dramatically interrupted in the beginning stages of sex he's wearing only boxers and his legs are open wide. We get a brief flash of flesh covered something, but nothing is clear. Even with slow-mo my guess is it won't reveal much; better to watch his purposeful nudity in other episodes.

Dante's Cove (2005)
Guiseppe was written on July 25, 2007

A Fleeting Bubble Butt!

No one would think that there would ever be a show exploiting the gay lives of warlocks and innocent bystanders in a soap opera series that is meant to be both romance and horror. Well...that's Dante's Cove for you. In the first episode of the first season, we are given a godlike, extended scene of the very nude Stephen Amell. He plays a surfer who is unexpecdetly attacked by the female witch in the show. But...the catch is he's nude the whole time. First, he walks from around the corner to give a fleeting image of his obvious, but unbelievably gorgeous, bubble butt. He stands there, covering his dick and wiping him self off, unabashed of his public nudity. he then hears noises and turns around, treating us to another generous side view. He turns back around with more backside before being attacked. Stephen falls to the ground lifeless but this is wear we get our best ass shot. It is a full scope, full fledged, 5 second shot of his limp body on the ground with his round ass jutting upwards towards the camera. Such a beautiful shot and such a beautiful bubble butt! WOOF WOOF!

Mattg was written on August 31, 2006

Gratuitous bubble butt shot

This guy is incredibly beautiful. He plays the 'straight' guy at the hotel in the first season of this campy, gay horror mini-series. His only nudity is a completely gratuitous butt shot, but it's the kind of shot I've been waiting to see in a horror show for some time. First we see as Tracy Scoggins' character has been transformed into an ugly old hag in the basement by Ambrosius. Following an extreme close-up on the ugly hag's face as she screams, we cut right to Amell's luscious nude bubble butt standing in his room with a towel. Thinking he heard the scream, he turns, giving us a great side view of his cheeks, but the towel covers his dick. He then figures he was hearing things so he turns away, giving us another luscious look at his bubble butt. The shot is blatantly sexist and gratuitous I just love it.

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