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1998 Femalien II 3 Reviews

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Femalien II (1998)
bmg was written on January 3, 2000


Unbearably georgeous, long-haired, blond actor flaunts his whole package several times during sex scene while others watch (voyeur factor!). Several close-ups of his penis as the camera either follows the woman as she slides up his body, pulling down his shorts, or just some gratuitous pans. In this type of T&A flick, it's a very unusual but wonderfully welcome surprise to see the beautiful hunk bare all!

StevieW was written on June 21, 2002

Rare male nudity!

You very rarely get to see male nudity [other than ass of course]in movies like this,so seeing this is nice-this actor is built and has a thick penis[even when flaccid]that you get to see quite a bit in 1 scene. A little ball action too,but not much.

buttlover21 was written on December 31, 1999


Steven Albrecht has a very nice body. We see him start out in underwear that is tightly clinched to his body and you can see a nice buldge. Then they are pulled down showing is penis. Good size when even soft. He also sits in numerous positions that expose his balls. Very nice. He also shows is nice smooth round ass. He doesn't have much pubic hair though.

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