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Christina Hart
12-string was written on March 26, 2001

probably depends on the version you see

Hart has an early if not a debut role here, as pretty young stew who makes a date with a not-so-nice guy, has sex with him, ends up going out an upper-story window. The version I saw, a somewhat abridged R-rated print that played drive-ins during the middle 1970s, showed her breasts, maybe butt, no beaver. As I recall, she was in a see-thru nightie when she took the big dive. The next version I saw, in the later 80s, was essentially the same as before except that a porn video company had added about 5 minutes of XXX inserts to the print. Even though you see closeups of hardcore, they were added about 15 years after the movie was made, and pic carries a disclaimer up front that the hardcore was not performed by the original cast (as if you couldn't tell from watching it). Nudity here is not that lavish but I was always a fan of the actress.

Monica Gayle
12-string was written on March 30, 2001

just a bit

Seen briefly, early on, in the 72-minute "R" version, doing exercises while full-frontal nude at an apartment shared by several stewardesses. She didn't reappear in this cut but may have had other footage in the original 1970 (soft) X-rated print. Very good-looking girl; if you know her you'll spot her easily.

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