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Stripes' Sexy Actresses

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Young, Sean 2 Reviews
Soles, P.J. 1 Review
Leighton, Roberta 5 Reviews

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Sean Young
FarscapeCJ was written on July 16, 2005

Topless in Tub on NEW 2005 DVD

The new DVD has a great topless scene with her in the tub with Harold Ramis. This is s a great scene that was added to this classic movie almost 25 years after it's original release. I would recommend a viewing to see those breast.

minstrel was written on May 1, 2012

Barely visible breast

At least in the version I have seen, there is no real nudity from Sean in this movie. She is naked in the bathtub, but you only see the top of her breasts from the side. No nipple.

P.J. Soles
FoleyRainKing was written on June 9, 2005

Topless Uncovered 20+ Years Later

In the new Stripes Extended Cut DVD, P.J. appears topless for about two minutes in a deleted scene called The Chateau. She slips off her night gown playfully seducing Bill Murray and leaves it down, with her small boobs in plain, well lit sight. A great find nearly 25 years after the original film was released!

Roberta Leighton
damonhill was written on May 28, 2004

not good

in the first 11 min of stripes roberta playing bill murrays girlfriend walks into the room with her shirt open displaying each of her tiny breasts that well suit her petite figure.
No one has mentioned the shower scene.

damonhill was written on May 28, 2004

more more more

at about 40 min in an even better nude scene. Someone is watching the women cadets shower through benockulars. There are a locker room full of them although the camera really only focuses on about 4. The first one has an amazing buttocks and nice boobs. There is bush!!!!

MisterGreen was written on September 25, 2000

Bill Murray's entrance into his New York Apt.

About 8 minutes into the movie Bill Murray comes home after having a "really bad day". Roberta is playing his live in girl friend. She comes out of the bathroom with her blouse unbuttoned. We see two lovely breasts. The best set I have ever seen! The only drawbacks are as the scene is too short and Robert leaves the movie after this scene.

Chamonix was written on January 8, 2004


They are a nice pair it's true, but you dont really see both at once, and it's so brief it's just demoralising to me. She is ok, or was in the '80s, but it is little more than an unexpected bonus in a Murray comedy than anything notable. Still, at only a few minutes in, you dont have to watch for long at least..

Ghostwords was written on February 8, 2016

Briefly topless

When Bill Murray gets home, his girlfriend Anita (Ms Leighton) steps out of their bathroom and we get a brief view of her smallish breasts as she gets dressed. Pretty gratuitous, to be honest, but welcome.

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