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year title
1970 Cindy and Donna 1 Review
1969 Dracula, The Dirty Old Man 1 Review

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Cindy and Donna (1970)
tickledick was written on August 30, 2005

T & A, pubic

Fab pointy tits, dancing in a bar, naked except for a thong and a small piece of jiggling loin cloth. We get the full 360. A thrill-cam shot from underneath suffers from poor lighting, but the camera roams closely all over her chest. This is a long scene. In a scene where she smooches with Cindy's dad, her breasts are mostly hidden by body contact and views of her butt are limited by the side angle. Later, again with Cindy's dad, we get a much better helping of T & A as she gets off the bed and brushes her hair. When she gets back on the bed, it is the only time we see some bush, more by accident than design, and we don't see much of it. T & A again, during more hair brushing. Her final scene is topless in panties, talking on the phone.

Dracula, The Dirty Old Man (1969)
BushLeague was written on January 10, 2002

Again kidnapped and bound

She is a thin blonde with slightly large firm symmetrical knockers, round ass, an longish legs. She is kidnapped from a gas station, and we see her panties up a yellow micro-mini dress. She is taken back to Dracula's cave and stripped. She is tied up next to Joan Pickett, in the same manner and Dracula licks her all over, and then bites her tits. She spends the rest of the movie nude in this manner.

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