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2008 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2 Reviews
2006 The Unit 1 Review
2002 Firefly 3 Reviews

Summer Glau's Biography

Trained as a ballerina, which led to a guest appearance in the tv series Angel and via that to the short-lived Firefly (as well as the spin-off movie Serenity). Of her Firefly character, she said: "My favorite thing about River is that she gets to be barefoot so much of the time. I don't like shoes very much."

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008)
Ghostwords was written on June 17, 2011

Ep.1: Naked timeslip

At 0:23, killer 'droid Cameron is shown from behind, naked from the waist up, as she picks bullets out of her body. She then replaces her bra, again viewed from the back; no side nudity is visible. At 0:40, she and her two human companions materialise in 2007 (their future), naked. We see Ms Glau's bare back in silhouette, then they run for cover. She walks through a building site, her back visible from the waist up (you can see the very top of her butt, and - for a moment, as she walks around a traffic barrier - most of her right buttock) and beats three guys up for their clothing. The fight is carefully shot from a distance, so you don't get to see anything fun, but it was still a less than pleasant experience, as she discussed when interviewed shortly after the show went to series: "We were in Alberquerque and I'd never been so cold in my life. I had three different night shoots where I had to be naked. [..] Three different nights where it was snowing and it was night shoots, so it was all night long. So I wasn't very happy about that, but actually, I saw parts of it and it looked pretty cool. [..] I know, I'm always naked and always fighting people! [Laughs]"

masterblaster was written on July 12, 2011

Sex scene with the robot and Connor

The boy is laying on his bed and the robot walks in wearing panties and a bra and they start talking. Basically the robot wants to know how it feels to have sex. the boy agrees and she climbs on top, fits herself to him and proceeds.to ride him all the time commenting in a dry matter-of-fact manner about how it feels. Apparently he ejaculates, she then says all finished, gets off and leaves. very robot like but she is definitely nice.
There was another scene where she walks through a door and down a hallway just wearing panties and a small bra.

The Unit (2006)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Bikini and Partial Skin Flash

While I don't know why anyone wants to see her nude when she's beautiful as she is right now and has stated in interviews that she'll never get naked in this lifetime
(which explains why the deleted scene for the "Firefly" episode was a body double).

Anyway, she has extramaritial sex with a drunk Max Martini in the car. It's not sexy as the whole scene's tone is meant to be uncomfortable and foreshadow the consequences that will arrive (the show is great BTW).

In a later episode, she's in a mini-ature blown up pool on the front lawn in a nice pink bikini (this scene can be found online). It's worth a look but not her greatest.

Firefly (2002)
Azarule was written on February 4, 2008

Naked Girl in a Box

About the best you'll ever see on broadcast TV. Summer is in center frame, completely naked, from the side to avoid violating FCC rules. She gets out and clambers around a bit, flashing thigh and side-boob-under-the-arm action, until they cover her up (idiots!). The scene isn't meant to be sexy, but shows as much skin as you can get away with on TV. Three stars for that, but no scene is getting four stars unless I see actual naughty bits.

mcjw2011 was written on December 29, 2004

Nude from the side

This rather attractive girl (who looks like a brunette version of Leelee Sobieski) appears nude from the side in the two-part pilot "Serenity" when the crew open the box and discover her there. She then wakes up and crawls out of the box (the camera positioning and editing keeps the viewer from seeing anything). Rather disappointing exposure from her, as fellow cast members Nathan Fillion and Jonathan Woodward were quite willing to drop their pants in later episodes. Here's hoping she'll do a decent scene in the future...

jacky777 was written on September 30, 2013

Nude Introduction

starts off as side nudity (as much skin as we see of spike in buffy) and then there is a far away full-frontal shot, although it's pretty far away and we can't really see anything, and then more side nudity

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