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Sunny Mabrey's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2004 Species III 5 Reviews

nudity reviews for Sunny Mabrey member submitted

Species III (2004)
FilmFanatic was written on February 17, 2006

Sunny Being A Tease

Sunny Mabrey walks around an old dude's house completely nude. When the geezer comes in he is in all at her fantastic figure that would make any guy horny. She then begins kissing him to get him in the mood and then changes her mind and leaves.

beowulf644 was written on March 30, 2008

Naked with an old man

Sunny is walking around a house completely naked and we see good views of her big fake looking titties and a pretty good view of her nice round bare ass. However, the ass shots are never quite in full view so you only see about 90% of it at a time but still good. The old man comes in and stares at her nude body as she comes on to him. She changes her mind and walks off giving him a good view of her sexy ass crack and he stares at it as it bounces up and down. He tries to grab her in the other room and we get more shots of those tits before she kills him. This old man got to see this gorgeous babe butt naked for quite awhile and I bet he really enjoyed spending time with a young hot babe like Sunny comletely naked while he got to stare and touch her titties.

dav345 was written on January 22, 2005

butt and breasts

You get many, many looks at her breasts as she first tries to (then decides not to) seduce an older man. You also see her butt in dim light (but you can still see the crack) as she stands by a window. It is a really perfect butt, and she turns her head to the side to prove it's not a body double. You also see more of her butt as she approaches the old guy to seduce him. The director of the movie had a great appreciation for the female ass, something that is sadly lacking amongst B movie directors these days. You see the fine heinies of 2 beatiful women in this movie. This is a wonderful choice for butt lovers.

Balrog was written on October 9, 2004


great replacement for Natasha Hendstridge, Sunny Mabrey does not disappoint, her first scene is a long one where she is standing naked in front of a guy showing her amazing ass and her more than perfect round tits.
Second scene is a brief sex scene with a brief boob shot
third scene she's at the lab and we take a last look at her breasts.
She is really hot, hope to see her more.

Whatisit was written on November 16, 2004

Breasts and Buttocks

Sunny Mabrey has a couple of nude scenes in "Species 3", but one in particular is of note. In the first nude scene of consequence, we see her chisled bare butt as she stands in front of a window. In the same scene, we get numerous other shots of her bare buns as well as several shots of her beautiful bare breasts. My main complaint with these scenes is that there are some "conveniently" placed chairs which seem to obscure part of her butt in a couple of shots. Otherwise, first rate.

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