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year title
1992 Twin Sisters 1 Review
1991 Deadly Surveillance 3 Reviews
1987 Shades of Love: Lilac Dream 3 Reviews
1986 Separate Vacations 2 Reviews

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Twin Sisters (1992)
Immy was written on November 15, 2005

Breasts and butt (0:07)

Susan is going at it in bed with a guy in a pretty dark room. She's on her back but when she switches to cowgirl position her butt gets some brief exposure. So do her boobs as the unseen guy runs his hands up her chest, flicking her nips on the way. Lit with a blue light.

Deadly Surveillance (1991)
MikeF was written on August 14, 2000

Topless twice

Susan has a couple of good topless scenes. First, she has sex with her cop boyfriend but nothing is shown until after when they are in the shower together. Then we can see her natural breasts while he questions her about her previous gangster bf. Later, she is in bra and panties while being questioned by another cop. She unhooks her bra and shows him her tits to get his reaction.

Curmudgeon was written on February 1, 2003

Real breasts, shown twice

After sex with her boyfriend they shower together. The bottom of the frame is just below her breasts, so there's no lower nudity. Both breasts are shown from the front and left side. No tan lines.

The later scene has Almgren in black bra and panties, walking around while talking to a guy. She unhooks the front-clasp bra and walks over to the guy to assess his reaction. Natural breasts, moderately toned abs, and thighs visible from the front, and breasts and abs from the right side.

Should be 2.5 stars because both scenes together are less than a minute, and there's no lower nudity.

sirspread was written on September 30, 2003

shower and room

2 scenes...the first is a 30 second exposure of her average sized breasts while sharing a shower and the 2nd scene which is the better shows her in skimpy black knickers and a black bra which she peels off exposing her ok breasts for about 20 seconds (varying angles)in front of one of the cops spying on her

Shades of Love: Lilac Dream (1987)
Cyclone was written on November 21, 2002

3 brief peeks

First, just about 4 minutes into the movie, she briefly shows the slighest hint of butt when she's getting out of bed. Then, 41 minutes in, you can see a nipple of hers while she's in a bubble bath, although you have to look very closely to find it. Her best scene, 61 minutes in, gives us a look at one of her small boobs from the side for a couple of seconds, but this scene is also fairly weak. Only worth checking out if you adore Susan.

duckem was written on September 3, 2000

barely topless

Her fisrst scene is when she is taking a bubble bath and you can barely see her nipple sticking out. The second is when she gets out of bed nude but you don't see anything. The grand finale is when she is making love in the shower and the side of her breast and nipple can be seen.

Curmudgeon was written on February 1, 2003

Three quick flashes

1. Getting out of bed, Almgren displays most of her left flank. Her left arm covers her breasts, and the bedclothes cover her hip and below until she starts to stand up and we get a glimpse of her left haunch.

2. In the shower, Almgren is embracing her boyfriend. There's a very quick flash of the outside of her left breast, but it's barely worth noting because the steamy shower fuzzes things and she's pressing against the guy's chest.

3. The longest scene has Almgren in a bubble bath. She sits up a bit but soap suds cover her breasts. When she reclines again the water sloshes and we get a quick view of her left nipple.

Separate Vacations (1986)
duckem was written on September 1, 2000


She is about to make love and she's wearing
nothing but a red thong. The room is very well sunlit so you can see her breasts. Just about when the guy is about to take off her bikini bottom he loses his nerve when her nerdy husband comes to join for a threesome.

Cyclone was written on July 5, 2002

One scene

First, we can see her breasts and some of her butt when she's stretching and walking, but it's a distant shot. Shortly thereafter, we get a few looks at her small boobs when she's on her back, and a decent topless view while she's standing moments later. She's not curvy enough, but it's an okay scene.

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