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year title
1980 Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood, The 1 Review
1979 Seven 1 Review
1979 H.O.T.S. 4 Reviews
1974 Deadly Love 0 Reviews

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Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood, The (1980)
Antman was written on December 5, 1999

Two scenes

(42 min) Nice and bouncy breasts when undoes the top of her blue lingerie top during a brief scene of her singing Happy Birthday. (43 min) Topless wearing a red garter belt, black panties and stockings while playing pool with K.C. Winkler.

Seven (1979)
Immy was written on April 25, 2006

January 1977 Playboy Playmate topless

Andy Sidaris' hard-to-find second feature is worth it just for Susan's scenes alone. She wakes up in bed with Guich Koock and walks to the kitchen topless to make some coffee (0:59, a good solid minute of her sensational C-cups) then for some reason Guich helps her put her top on. One more quick look at her hooters as she slips off her bikini top by the car at the beach (1:15). Vintage 70s Playmate on tap. Nice!

H.O.T.S. (1979)
Chicago was written on December 1, 2001

3 scenes

Antman's descriptions are right on. At :00.5-:01, Susan's breasts are seen as she comes out of the shower and wraps a towel around her and then changes into some clothes. At :34.25-:35.25 is her dimly lit naked pool encounter with Lindsay's boyfriend. At 1:33-1:35.75 she's seen topless a number of times during the strip football game.

soulman was written on July 16, 2002

Hot Bod.

Kiger has the best body of all of women in this film. She has a tit shot leaving the shower at the begining of the movie and a during hottub scene later on. Not the best view of her nice-sized tits. Worth **1/2 a best.

StevieW was written on April 13, 2005

Awesome tits

Like the gorgeous and affable Pamela Jean Bryant, Susan Lynn Kiger was also a Playboy playmate, she has 3 nice topless scenes- she walks from the shower to her locker [great big bouncy tits], then seduces Pi's leader Melody's boyfriend in a hot tub, then appears topless with the other H.O.T.S. girls in the strip football game. Like the rest, very nice!!

Antman was written on November 6, 1999

Topless three times

This former Playboy playmate and adult film actress plays Honey; the leader of the H.O.T.S. girls. Very early in the movie, she is topless changing clothes in the girl's locker room. At a little past 30 minutes into the film, she shows her bare breasts when she is in the swimming pool with a guy. At the end of the movie, she is topless several times during the strip football game: best seen in the huddle with the seven other H.O.T.S. girls. Check out the nice variety of breasts in the H.O.T.S. huddle!

Deadly Love (1974)

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