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Love at First Bite (1979)
exeye was written on July 15, 2005

Brief Flash

In this movie (one of the first horror movie spoofs), Susan Saint James is visiting with her psychiatrist. As she's walking to the door at 46:31, in a loose-fitting, mostly unbuttoned blouse, she turns back to say something to him, and there is one frame where I am sure that her right breast, including areola and nipple are visible. There may be a frame after that also, but both my LCD AND my best DVD player are on the blink, so I'm not sure. There MAY be another slip (in the same blouse at 47:12 when, as she's walking out the door, he gooses her, and she spins back, but maybe not. I've suspected that there was something in this scene, but it took the DVD to see it. If someone with a better T.V., and a DVD player with more than 4x zoom could confirm, I would appreciate it. Two stars only because it's Susan Saint James (who was considered quite a babe in her time), and the fact that this may be the only nudity by her so far found.

NewDeity was written on March 18, 2008

One frame of nipple at best

I'll agree with exeye's description of the scene @ 46:31 (see above). However, the one frame of probable nipple is poorly lit and without enough resolution to be positively identified (or interesting).

The second possibility @ 47:12 described above is more likely a shadow than a nipple.

In conclusion if you are expecting to see Susan Saint James' breast you will be disappointed.

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