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2002 Footballers' Wives 2 Reviews

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Footballers' Wives (2002)
McBoris was written on September 22, 2004

Burnt Boobs

In one of the most hilarious moments in British TV history, Chardonnay, played by Susie Amy, sees her breast implants catch on fire. While nothing is shown then, later on she is standing topless in from of the mirror and we see the effect the fire has had on her breasts. Both breasts in few, but not one to pause or watch over and over again.

fly_me_the_french_way was written on March 2, 2006

Topless in a newspaper photo

Early on in I believe the first episode of season 1, the stunning auburn haired Chardonnay is seen topless in a newspaper modeling ad that one of the male characters looks through. Amazing breasts!

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