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year title
1994 Specialist, The 5 Reviews
1993 Demolition Man 1 Review
1992 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot 3 Reviews
1990 Rocky V 1 Review
1989 Tango & Cash 6 Reviews
1982 First Blood 3 Reviews
1970 Italian Stallion, The 4 Reviews

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Specialist, The (1994)
Bubble_Butt was written on July 23, 1999


**** stars without a doubt for Stallone! This whole movie is extremly hot and Sylvester's body is in top condition. The shower scene is incredible and is a good enough reason to rent it! We get many views of his muscular body during the 4 minute scene.(WOW) But, I agree with the post above, I do think his penis was edited out or tucked away someplace because we should have been able to see it during the rub down!

Jomyboy was written on August 10, 2000

Bath Scene

This is some hot scene !!!! If this movie is worth anything to wtach itz for the scene in the bath .. watch sly do it all on sharon ... the scene is very intimate and sexy ... sharon shows a lot and sly doesnt back off too :-)

JayP was written on August 28, 2002


Butt. He looks a little old here, and a bit too muscled up.

Joanna was written on November 18, 1998

Hot... Very Hot!!!

Sly and Stone are in the shower, going at it! You see her tits and his FINE ass! For a 50-something man his as is still very, very, very HOT!

skyhigh300 was written on June 3, 1999

Sly and Stone in the shower-HOT

This is an incredibly hot scene where Sly and Stone have sex in the shower. First, they undress and mess around on the bed: a few non-nude shots of Sly on the bed, but if you're interesting in his body, this part's just fine :). Then, they get in the shower, and there are lots of hot shots of his butt as they have sex. There is also a part after that where it stops for a moment, they talk for a second, then she starts to wash him and it starts again. I think they edited out his penis, because I'm pretty sure you would have seen in it this second part. Anyway, I would definitely rent this movie if you think Sly is a hot hunk, because there are plenty of hot shots of his butt. TIP: rent it on DVD (if you have a player) so you can put it on slow frames. If you do watch it on DVD, it's Chapter 22. If you're watching it on VHS, I believe it's about one hour and ten minutes into the movie.

Demolition Man (1993)
TRACY was written on October 20, 1998



Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992)
babon was written on December 25, 1999

Sly's ass

Top of his ass while he is brushing and mom walks in

[email protected] was written on May 27, 1998

his mother is visiting and she starts to vaccum and he jumps out of bed

wow oh wow ,,what a tush!

???? was written on November 18, 1998


At no point is he nude during the coarse of this movie. Who ever said there was, was dreaming!

Rocky V (1990)
??? was written on November 18, 1998


In this film, the fake Sylvester was a stand in and it was his butt, not SLY's. Very disappointing

Tango & Cash (1989)
DAVIDNMARLA was written on March 10, 2005

the shower scene

i actually would give it 5 stars. man sly has an awesome ass. love it. they should be a law against something that awesome.

Neptune3 was written on September 23, 2007

Naked rear on the way to the showers with Russell

After being framed and sent to the pen, Stallone and Russell walk, stripped, to the showers, offering a decent glimpse of their asses. The eyes can barely take both men in in such a fast clip, so rewind or pause is recommended. Stallone's is the more firm and defined of the two, but it's all good. The scene following is absurd as they are left alone to shower in a big, clean room with several shower heads going at once and for a long time. Also, Stallone is allowed to keep his gold necklce on! Right! There is joking about penis size in the scene as well.

Bubble_Butt was written on July 16, 1999

with Kurt Russell on the way to the prison shower

This movie was made in 89, so Sly is lookin pretty good. His ass is round, tight and perfectly shaped. Worth checking out!

dvdcollector was written on October 28, 2001

Walking into the shower room with Kurt Russell

Nice round muscular buttocks -- some of the nicest I have seen on a man his age. The scene lingers long enough to satisfy admirers of Stallone's buff body. A classic scene that would rate four stars if Stallone were just a bit younger.

Bubblez was written on October 9, 2000

Sexy Star shows us his great butt

Sly and Kurt get in the prison Shower, showing us their butts. MAN, HE REALLY HAS A GREAT BUTT!
Watch out for this scene!
Two really sexy (now old) Hollywoodstars showing their bods.

Boyviewer was written on June 6, 2006

heading to the showers with Kurt Russell.

How do you make your bare butt look even better? Put it next to a worse one! Watching Stallone and Russell walk to the showers was interesting. While Russell's everyday round, white, full globes might be interesting any other time, having them next to Sylvester's perfect, tanned, muscular behind just didn't work for him.

First Blood (1982)
alexi was written on April 12, 2006

Hard Ass

Well when they force Sylvester Stallone into the shower at the police station and they start to spurt water on him with a big rubber tube, you may see a little part of Stallones hard ass. But after a few seconds there’s over and you can’t see any more of Stallones great body. Seeing that he has made a porno movie in his earlier career I think he could have invite us to see some more of him nude.

Mark_Mcgrath32 was written on December 6, 2002

Stallone's first mainstream rear-shot; Unimpressive

It's not a really great nude scene to begin with, you can't see much because his character is being hosed off and the shot is framed so that only the top portion of his bottom can be seen, but what you can see isn't all that great. With it being 1982, he isn't as built up as he is later on in films like "The Specialist." So his butt looks a little on the flat side. Still, it's pretty tan and if you like Stallone....

babon was written on January 29, 2000


Butt, being sprayed by officers in prison

Italian Stallion, The (1970)
Owepar was written on January 3, 2006

Lots of rear, some frontal...

If you're interested in the cock shots, they are few and far between. You see a lot of his ass, many of his sack dangling between his legs, and a few pretty clear shots of him flaccid. Pretty thick, but hardly worth sitting through this train-wreck of a film for a few glimpses. Allegedly, this was filmed as a hardcore porn movie but the actual "porn" was excised when it was released (and it wasn't released until Sly got famous). A photo of him hard that's been circulating for years appears to be from this film, but it must've been cut out of the prints that are currently available. Only worth the time of hardcore Stallone lovers.

murray was written on September 21, 1998

several nude scenes

The curiousity of Stallone's pre-star days, along with the vast quantity of nudity, are the only reasons I give this 3 stars. He's pretty unrefined in this one to say it nicely. You see his penis a few times in brief segments, a close-up of his balls as he rolls onto his co-star, and you see his buns humping a few times. One other thing -- there's an awful lot of rolling in this movie. Instead of making love the actors are rolling on each other alot.

69-Me was written on September 10, 2000

pre-famous stallone goes nudie.

TIME: 3/5
ASS: 4/5
I don't imply the penis review in accordance to the movie but you gotta check out this pic of him at a site called "Celebrity Review" (it's listed as a link a "CNdb") and check it out.
I'm not sure if it's real but if not it's a DAMN good fake and worth a perve anyhow.
Once at the site take the link:
Site Reviews - Male.
Nude Male Celebrities - Sample Page.
Oh, this movie, "The Italian Stallion" is sometimes also named "Party At Kitty & Stud's".

snoopy was written on November 26, 2002

Whole movie

Stallone is full frontal naked throughout almost all of this movie, but you won't care. I own this, and I've only ever watched it twice. Once was enough. I'd rather watch Rogers and Astaire 1000 times than ever see this again. It's not even as interesting as a car wreck.

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