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1986 Sex Appeal 2 Reviews
1983 Return to Alpha Blue 1 Review

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Sex Appeal (1986)
Pieman was written on July 9, 2013

Breasts and cheeks in a dom outfit

In a lengthy scene, Taija and another woman handcuff Tony in his apartment, then start to trash the place when he gets scared--and then they climb on top and ride when he changes his mind. She takes off her coat to reveal some sort of corset and thong outfit (with stockings) underneath. I enjoyed the back view, but her top seemed to squeeze her breasts in a strange fashion that I found distracting.

Antman was written on October 10, 1999

Topless dancing

When Samantha Fox pulls Taija's coat off we see her breasts spilling over some sort of push-up lingerie. The outfit stays on with her tits hanging out throughout the scene. Nice dancing and jiggling between her and Samantha.

Return to Alpha Blue (1983)
vizier was written on February 5, 2017


This was one of several movies"introducing" Taija Rae.as it is an adult film she does hardcore sex scenes,enough said.

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