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2004 Ghost Lake 2 Reviews

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Ghost Lake (2004)
cheeseburger was written on February 10, 2009

Topless in two scenes

She has nice natural medium szed breasts. They first make an appearance near the start of this abysmal "horror" movie, when she has sex in a car. It is slightly ruined by intersperced scenes of her parents being killed by a gas leak. The second scene is near the end. She has sex with another guy but you don't see much, then afterwards she is shown topless lying in bed, getting up and getting dressed.

Torgo was written on December 3, 2005

Breasts in two scenes

Tatum has long blonde hair. In the first scene she is shown having sex with a guy in a car. She pulls down her dress to expose her slightly sagging Medium sized breast with large pink areolas. She is then shown topless lying on her back in
the backseat of the car. This scene is interspersed with shots of her dancing with the guy beforehand and also of her parents collapsing and dying at home during the same time she is getting it on. Bummer. It really puts a damper on the scene. She is remembering all these things during their funeral.

During the other scene, she is shown topless on her back after having sex with another guy. There is a close-up shot of her right breast while she is talking to him. You see one final shot of her breasts from the side as she puts on a sweater.

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