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Téa Leoni's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2004 Spanglish 2 Reviews
2000 Family Man, The 6 Reviews
1996 Flirting with Disaster 1 Review

nudity reviews for Téa Leoni member submitted

Spanglish (2004)
ff was written on May 23, 2005

deleted nude scene?

There are 2 frames of her right breast as Adam Sandler puts a robe on her but in the trailer there was a scene with Tea showering nude seen through a foggy glass door. I wonder if there was more of that scene since her right breast slip is obviously accidental?

exeye was written on May 23, 2005

Shower scene.

I had my doubts, knowing Tea Leoni's adamant avoidance of nudity, but these two frames are, indeed there. Nice catch.

I find it interesting that she wasn't wearing some type of covering under that robe during that scene. I have seen her do so in other films. Freudian, or just forgetful? Many actresses, as they get older, seem to become more willing to "bare it before you lose it." Maybe Tea will give us some REAL nudity before she gets much older.

Family Man, The (2000)
Bruinsfan was written on July 31, 2001

Body Double

There are no shots of her face when she is in the shower. There is no nudity at all either but since you never see her when it is showing the body most likely it wasn't her. Its a woman singing in the shower. Once she comes close to the glass that sort of shows a butt its not very clear but you never see a face so its not her. Pretty much with celeb nudity no face its not the person.

LeroyBrown was written on March 8, 2002

Body Double

I just wanted to add an opinion, the body double in the shower has a far better body than Tea Leoni. The Breasts appear to be bigger, the buttocks rounder, and the thighs are shapelier. Miss Leoni is a lovely actress no matter what slavedriver said, but she's a toothpick.

adailymovie2 was written on August 5, 2001


Okay, I want to clarify things. About 39:30 into the movie (according to the DVD time readout), Cage opens the bathroom door and sees his "wife" played by Tea Leoni singing and swaying in the shower. However, the shower stall is transluscent and covered with so much steam, soap, and soap scum that the most you can make out is her figure. You can't make out any details at all so zero in the nudity department. There is also mention of a possible body double because that is a shame. Except for the lack of nudity, it's a pretty sexy dance number and would be great if we knew for sure it was Leoni.

DCW3 was written on August 6, 2001

Definitely a body double

For the record--Tea said on "The Tonight Show" that she used a body double for this scene.

Rookie_MIB was written on January 9, 2005

Shower scene - definate body double.

According to the movie credits, Nancy Wetzel is credited as 'Body Double: Ms Leoni', so it's guaranteed that it is indeed a body double. For a look at Wetzel (non-nude) check out Daredevil or the upcoming Elektra.

TheWayOutIsThrough was written on July 31, 2001

In The Shower. . .

In one scene Tea Leoni is in the shower singing. The shower door is not transparent, but you can still see through it pretty good. You see her whole naked body, and breasts alright.

Flirting with Disaster (1996)
rbelkin was written on October 30, 2006

Not Really Nude But Sexy Teddy Scene

Yea, more not-real nudity but since we have no real definite sightings yet (except for some sexy photos), this will do. At oe point, she's getting ready for bed in sexy black panties and a small sexy bra - next thing she knows, she's making out with Ben Stiller - they kick over a table so they stop, she bends over to pick up her bathroom items - revealing most of her breasts & cleavage but no nipple.

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