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Andrew Lincoln
Botviewer was written on April 7, 2005

The hero ends the first series of Teachers with a nightmare sequence in which he appears before a panel of interviewers undressed

Andrew Lincoln has had a few choice sequences in This Life but this is the best and closest we have ever been allowed for viewing him. He has not just forgotten to dress but is sniggered at by the interviewers as he stands up, exposing his bare bottom to the camera and presumably his full frontal to them. Lincoln's firm white buttocks are dimpled in the way that young athletic cheeks often are. He runs from the room with his hand clasped over his genital area, but some tendrils of his dark-brown bush escape to the view. He not only runs through corridors with only the hand to protect his cock and balls but at one point lies down so that another most welcome angle on his handsome rear is allowed.

MarcioGore was written on March 27, 2012

Butt and balls

On Season 1 episode 1,he get up of bed and the cam is on his ass,we can see his balls swinging between his legs,it's a GREAT scene.On episodes 2,7 and 8, he woke up and he's without undies,so he tries his girlfriends's undies in front of the mirror,its a sexy and funny scene.After he has a nightmare that he's naked in a meeting,so he got up and he's naked,we can see his cute ass again,so he runs through a corridor completely naked,we can see his ass and beautiful body and a peek of his penis but th scene is a little dark.This guy is hot,I imagine he naked since I saw him on "the walkinkg dead"! He was young and so handsome!!!

GDH was written on September 16, 2003

Obscured backside

In an episode during the third series of this British comedy-drama, we see most of Lincoln's bum as he jumps out of bed before falling over trying to pull his trousers on. It's a very quick view, but works okay with the freeze-frame! He then spends the rest of the scene standing around with his trousers riding awfully low on his hips. He's looking in quite good shape!

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