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year title
1991 Last Boy Scout, The 1 Review
1987 Beverly Hills Cop II 2 Reviews
1984 Hardbodies 2 Reviews
1984 Fatal Games 1 Review

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Last Boy Scout, The (1991)
TripleThreat was written on February 19, 2002

Basically cant even tell

You basically have no idea she is even there unless you watch the credits at the end. She is the other stripper that you see for maybe half a second in the background. She plays a stripper in Bevery Hills cop too. All in all shes really not worth mentioning for this film but she is naked in the background for a quick second so I figure you gotta mention it

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
David was written on October 20, 1998

Topless Dancer in Bar

It's a very small non-speaking part but Teal Roberts is wearing nothing but a G-String. Beautiful views of her breasts.

schlitz40 was written on October 12, 2001

Strip Club Scene

Nice shots of Teal's breasts while she is dancing around in a g-string at a strip club. Later on, although there isn't nudity, there is a good shot of girls playing volleyball and lounging around at a playboy-esque mansion party. That scene is nice as well, although there is no nudity.

Hardbodies (1984)
Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

A truly beautiful young actress who sadly disappeared from films...

A wonderful actress with a beautiful body, it's almost criminal that she didn't (apparently) make it bigger than she did. There are several very nice topless scenes, most of which are also nice love scenes. The film is a classic T&A flick, and is almost worth watching without the fast-forward button at the ready.

Cyclone was written on December 3, 2002

Several scenes

We first see Teal's boobs immediately after the opening credits, when she's in bed. About a minute after she gets up, we briefly see her topless before she puts a sweater on. Then, 48 minutes in, she's in front of a mirror with Cindy Silver, and she stands there topless for about 20 seconds. 57 minutes in, we briefly see her breasts during a sex scene. We get a couple of nice views of her boobs from the side while she's on top. Then, about 83 minutes in, we get a short view of her breasts when she removes her bikini top while she's on a bed. This scene is right before the final credits. She probably has the cutest face of anyone in the movie, but while I thought she had a nice body, I didn't think it was great, and she didn't measure up to some of the other women in the movie.

Fatal Games (1984)
snowdawg was written on December 22, 2002

Overall scenes with Teal

Teal plays one of many young athletes training on a college campus. Her character is a swimmer by the name of Lynn Fox. She has a topless scene early in the film when her boyfriend pulls her shirt up during a little foreplay session. Next she is topless in the shower with that same boyfriend. There are nice shots of Teal in her swimsuit as she works hard to get her times down. There is a multiple female shower scene in this movie but oddly Teal is seen just wrapping her towel around herself as the scene begins. She does no nudity here, keeping her towel wrapped around her as she sits by the lockers. Next Teal is completely nude (nice set of boobs & lovely legs) in a sauna with another athlete (Angela Bennett). When Teal gets up to leave (and would have shown full-frontal nudity) the scene appears to be cropped so that we only see Teal from the waist up. The other athlete repositions herself on the sauna bench and she shows full-frontal nudity. Not sure why we were deprived of a full-frontal shot of Teal.

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