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Temptations' Sexy Actresses

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Thomas-Miller, Allison 2 Reviews
Parent, Monique 3 Reviews
Hays, Lauren 2 Reviews
Crawford, Keri 2 Reviews

Temptations' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Huguely, Jay 1 Review
Brown, Julian T. 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 1 Review
Anthony, Scott 1 Review

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Allison Thomas-Miller
dougal was written on February 6, 2000

three scenes

Alison playes the wife who owns the farm. She has three scenes, all love scenes with her husband. This slim, natural actress has the lowest kink factor in the film, though one scene is in an outdoor shower, and in the last, she is blindfolded and they play with orange slices.

BushLeague was written on September 18, 2002

Sprinkled throughout

Car Washing: Guy takes off her blouse and pours soapy water on her rip pears. She strips to just a thong; off comes the thong and shows her highly trimmed brillo pad. She gets humped on the car showing occasional bush, partial ass, and long legs. Shower scene: no strip, is already completley naked showing tits and pussy arrow. She rubs her tits and pussy. Hubby joins her and he blocks bush. She simu-orals him showing butt crack and legs while squatting. Tits under shower while he simu-orals her. Side view of tits during love scene. Bedroom: stripped from dress---full frontal, tits, legs, bush. Simu-sex shows only tits.

Monique Parent
dougal was written on February 6, 2000

Several scenes

Monique has three good scenes in this movie. I rate it a three as a compromise. If you are into this prolific actress, then you might rate it a four, but it really is a pretty average role for her.Her first scene is a reluctant naked sunbathing/lesbian sex scene with Lauren Hayes on a pier. This scene is long and provides ample exposure of both women. Her next actual nudity takes place when she seduces the farm hand out in the barn. First she strips for him, then trades oral favors before screwing him intensely while hanging from a set of chains on an engine hoist!Fianlly, she has sex with Lauren Hays' boyfriend, a long but fairly conventional love scene.All well lit, all intricate, all long scenes.

BushLeague was written on September 18, 2002

Two in movie

Pier at pond: Takes off bra, then panties and shows both firm round tits and exceedingly blond bush while getting oil rubbed on her. Does lesbo oil rub and kissing (including nipples). Shows partial butt crack and muscular back during some not pussy lip to pussy lip friction. Tool Shed: Spreads legs to show purple lace panties under a flower print mini-dress. Bends over to show her ass. Removes top to show perfectly focused head lamps and ripped abs then turns to show tight buns. Then drops panties to show yellow triangular shrubbery in a long strip tease.

BushLeague was written on September 18, 2002

Bedroom scene

Takes off top to show tits. Then she is naked with that vanilla milk shake complexion and is on top of a guy showing tits and bush and grinding away with trim hips.

Then she is on bottom and lifts hips during simu-sex to show tits and ass from side--crotch, but not genital contact shown. Scene is way too short.

Lauren Hays
dougal was written on February 6, 2000

Numerous scenes

This perfect specimen of womanhood has five very hot sex scenes in this movie:In the opening scene, she has sex with her boyfriend in a barn after masturbating by herself a little first. The scene is long and shows everything.Then she has an equally explicit lesbian love scene with Monique Parent on a pier on a pond.Then she wakes her boyfriend up in the middle of the night to have sex involving ice cubes and a very appealing 69, among other activities.Next she is back to fantasizing about the farm hand, sitting on a saddle in the barn, while we see what she is imagining. This scene might have been the best of all (though short), except that it is heavily overexposed, I guess to reinforce that it is not real.Finally, she actually screws the farm hand, in his house. Another long, excellent scene.All in all, this is unquestionably the best sex work I have seen yet by this excellent actress.

BushLeague was written on September 18, 2002

White woman with red hair is on fire

Hay barn: Removes bra and reveals the tits that silicone built. With one trim thighed leg with foot on bucket, shows legs and tits in cut-off jeans. Fantasizes touching a guys crotch. Then the "real thing" and shows whole shebang (breast, buns, and triangle flash).

Pier at pond: Takes off lime colored panties and walks bare-assed towards water. Takes off bra at end of pier to show tits in sunlight. Rubs oil on Monique's nude body and scratches her pussy itch with Monique's fur pie.

Lies in bead all sweaty: Is kinda dark--mostly tits visible. She simu-orals and then gets porked from behind, tits and bush visible from afar.

Sees guy hosing himself down: Fantasizes about having sex with him; mostly tits and red bush in another barn scene.

Bedroom: Is topless in purple panties. Then gone and shows tits, ass, and bush. Real slow foreplay. She then gets on top and shows tits, left side and bent leg uncovered. Yee-hah, ride 'em cow girl!

Keri Crawford
dougal was written on February 6, 2000

two nearly identical lovescenes

This young lady plays a neighbor's daughter who likes to have sex with her boyfriend on the farm. She has two nearly identical sex scenes outside by the pond. In the first, she strips for him, then they have sex, in the second, he strips for her, then they have sex.Nice, if artificial, body on this young actress, who has virtually no lines, and who is in the film solely to increase the beast with two backs content.... although Missionary seems to be the one position missing from this movie.....

BushLeague was written on September 17, 2002

Two sex scenes by pond

She hikes up skirt to finger herself through her panties. Nice tan line under lacie panties. One tit pops out of halter. She removes halter and both 38c's are visible in sun light. She is topless in thong panties. Boyfriend removes panties and we can see slighty pubed pussy crack very briefly(lips), She is cunt-lapped by boy friend and we get to see side of long, leggy, slender body. She squats and returns favor. Again very tall, lean legs, and tits all naked.

Dock by pond again: Boy friend lifts her up to throw her into pond. Get to see thonged firm ass up mini-skirt. While guy strips for her, she hikes up skirt and fingers pussy thru panties while tits are naked. Panties come off and another bare pussy lipped beaver. Then more simu-sex.

Again, long, tall, lean, big busted, gorgeous natural blonde.

Jay Huguely
Ozzie700 was written on December 29, 2002

With Monique Parent

Jay looks great, is charismastic, we get satisfying shots of his rear end in blue jeans, but most of the 3 or 4 sex scenes he has cover up any of his private areas, back and front. BIG disappointment. From 1:02-1:04 comes the only shot of his tan-lined, ample cheeks, while he is screwing Monique Parent in a barn.

Julian T. Brown
Ozzie700 was written on December 29, 2002

City Boy

Slightly Hispanic-looking Julian is the city boy who's working only on the farm as a favor (he's apparently so in protest that he is white as a sheet even after months of being under the hot sun). An average body, but a tight, firm backside. From :4-:6 there are a few shots while he is standing up and plowing into Lauren Hays in the barn. At :36.50 or so he walks away from the bed, w/a brief full rear. At 1:34 he's on top of Monique with a great pan of his entire body.

Brad Bartram
Ozzie700 was written on December 29, 2002

Some of his best

Brad plays the struggling, hunky farmer, and actually has a monogamous relationship with his wife. And in a soft porn movie! He's in good shape here, wears tight jeans throughout, and his muscular mounds are shown in good lighting and close-up for 3 different sex scenes. From :10-:14 washing his car turns into sudsy seduction with his wife (wonderful shots of his buttocks glistening from soap and water). At :50-:51 he joins her in an outdoor shower, giving more broad daylight, full rear glimpses. At 1:10-1:11 he blindfolds her and feeds her orange slices, with a few rear peeks. This is the best Brad Bartram film I've ever seen.

Scott Anthony
Ozzie700 was written on December 29, 2002

Strapping, Stripping Stud

Scott plays the young studly boyfriend of the neighbor's daughter. Although he has a slightly goofy face, his body is nothing to laugh at. From :42-:43 there are a few frustrating half-rear shots (him sitting with her on his lap, etc.) but from 1:27-1:30 there is a very exciting sequence where his girlfriend tells him to strip for her. He teases her, taking off his shirt, then his belt, next lowering his jeans, and finally we see his beautiful bubble butt in closeup in tightie whities and after he lowers the tightie whities (the first sex scene has a brief-but-hot scene of his bulge in the underwear as she licks near his crotch). There are then a few good shots of his ass while he plows into her.

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