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Claire Oberman
Striker was written on October 9, 1999

In bed with a guy in a hotel room.

She's in bed with her boyfriend and there is very brief nipple exposure as she adjusts her position. As far as I can recall this scene occurs towards the end of the first episode.

sparrowhawk67 was written on November 22, 2014

Getting in bath

In season 3 Episode 3 while another girl is in the bath Claire comes in with a towel wrapped round her she drops the towel and we see everything she climbs into the bath and we just see her breasts.

Jeananne Crowley
Striker was written on September 19, 1999

P.O.W. Camp

Jeanann is one of a number of women prisoners topless in the washroom of the P.O.W. camp. Good shot of her tits.

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