Teresa Langley's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Night Calls 411 Live 1 Review
1999 Playboy's Girls of Mardi Gras 0 Reviews
1998 Sweetheart Murders 1 Review
1998 Playboy's Girlfriends 1 Review
1998 Illicit Dreams 2 1 Review
1996 Night Shade 2 Reviews
1996 Maui Heat 1 Review
1996 Dreammaster: The Erotic Invader 1 Review
1996 Damien's Seed 3 Reviews
1995 Body Strokes 1 Review

Teresa Langley's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1994 Erotic Confessions 2 Reviews

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Erotic Confessions (1994)
Chicago was written on January 7, 2003

1 video scene in “The Address”

At :04:10-:04:50 in this episode, busty blonde Playboy playmate Teresa plays the ‘Girl on the Video” who is seen taking off her clothes on a video as the guy tapes her…breasts and hip seen as she removes her clothes and poses coyly for him.

Chicago was written on January 7, 2003

1 scene in “The Workout”

Busty blonde Playmate Teresa plays one of the workout girls who gets naked at :05:00-:06:20 in this episode…her breasts are seen as she’s flexing/posing, however, she’s not the primary nude girl in the video montage.

Night Calls 411 Live (2002)
Kyle8 was written on March 19, 2004

Red Hot Valentine's Day!

Oh my god. Some of you may know Teresa Langley as a fitness model. She's made two appearances on Playboy TV's Night Calls 411 Live, one as "Nicole" as a guest on the episode "Red Hot Valentine's Day", and another as "Sherry", a guest on another episode.

You'll see Teresa get spread out (and I mean spread out). Lots of cavorting with some naked guy on the couch (he gets 4 stars for nudity, too), with lots of grinding... the talk on this show is hot and nasty. Go subscribe to Playboy TV; this episode will be in rotation sometime soon. Or check out PlayboyTV.com for complete episode listings.

Playboy's Girls of Mardi Gras (1999)
Sweetheart Murders (1998)
zax1 was written on June 22, 2001

Repeating videotape

A videotape with the beautiful Teresa having sex! There are many shots of her nice breasts, and also some of her pubic hair. She's lying under, sitting in the guy's lap and getting taken from behind. The scene gets repeated all the time and it's a strange motion-qualité and sometimes black & white. Teresa looks great and is really hot, but the editing of the scene is bad.

Playboy's Girlfriends (1998)
BuffaloBoy was written on August 18, 2002

In "Olivia's Closet"

Chapter 4 of the DVD, "Olivia's Closet", beginning at 0:17:56 and lasting 8:17. Kelly Monaco and Jacqueline Northeimer go shopping, and Teresa Langley (credited here as Teresa Politi) plays the Dominatrix store owner. Teresa strips, then orders Jacqueline to strip, followed by Kelly, and they dance around a little. Full nudity.

Illicit Dreams 2 (1998)
Pickard was written on August 26, 1999

Normal Sex Scene

Nothing more can really be said about this. Nothing other than the normal sex scene seen in every erotic thiller. Theresa does look lovely.

Night Shade (1996)
Serna was written on January 12, 2003


You get to see all and she's got good tits, but there's no passion or heat. The first two scenes, one right at the beginning and the other outside are so boringly slow they have to fastforwarded. What was the point of giving a pretty naked girl this crap unerotic attention!? As another reviewer says the pool scene is better but her sex scenes are generally disappointing. Good body though and you do get to see it all.

zax1 was written on May 26, 2001

Three scenes

I don't remember much from the first scene, but I remember it was lame! The second one is a memory by the guy. They're out in the nature and he takes her from behind. Breasts, butt and pubic hair, but also a very slow scene. The third one is a real good one. When she enters the pool you get full frontal. Then they get close with their wet bodies. She gets taken from behind in this one too. Teresa is beautiful, but her scenes are poorly handled and it's a shame. The pool scene saves her rating!

Maui Heat (1996)
Chicago was written on August 17, 2001

2 scenes w/in first 18 min.

At :11.5-:12, Teresa has her longest nude scene where she is changing clothes when Kim Yates walks in. She walks around the room and eventually puts on a bra and then a top but you see good shots of her largish (fake) breasts. Nice though. At :17.25, there's a 5 sec. shot of her breasts again as she sexes the rival cameraman on the couch.

Dreammaster: The Erotic Invader (1996)
Cyclone was written on December 12, 2000

Two scenes on a bed

The two scenes with Teresa were the best in the movie, in my opinion. In her first scene, we get several great looks at her awesome tits and ass, but the guy that she's with cannot get onto the bed with her. In her second scene, he is able to join her, and we get several more looks at her beautiful breasts during a good sex scene. And unlike most of the scenes in this film, both of her scenes have great lighting, which makes them stand out even more. Simply two great scenes, and Teresa looks gorgeous.

Damien's Seed (1996)
axl was written on March 9, 2000

Not in the movie for long but..

She isn't in this for long as she appears at the fire tied up and topless (whatta know!!)

Chicago was written on March 12, 2001

Tied up and down by fire

Terese has no lines and limited scenes but she is very attractive and has a great body and chest. Each of her scenes has her tied and topless around the fire: :24.75-:28.5 (several short views), :32.75 (brief), 1:23.75 (two breast views).

wondagirl was written on June 7, 2003

teresar langely having a sex scene

it was a gud movie with explaintary scenes

Body Strokes (1995)
Immy was written on February 16, 2009

Full frontal

Teresa has a lone scene that's shown a couple of times late into this erotic drama. She's posing nude with Dixie Beck as Bobby Johnston joins them (1:14, she's on the right) but we only see her topless. When the shot is repeated a few minutes later we get a full frontal look (1:20) but it's brief.

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