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1984 Bounty, The 3 Reviews

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Bounty, The (1984)
diamonddog was written on August 29, 2001

A lot of scenes

She plays the native girlfriend of Mel Gibson in this movie and she is always topless. Sometimes her hair is covering her chest but mostly we can we see her beautiful breasts along with those of the many other native girls.

schlitz40 was written on September 26, 2003

I Can't Believe This Movie Was Rated PG

Tevaite is a gorgeous island girl who is constantly topless in this movie and she is gorgeous. On top of that, there are many other island women topless throughout this film. I guess people rating this movie viewed it as National Geographic type of nudity but this girl is very hot and some of the other topless girls in this flick are quite hot as well.

tabasco was written on January 26, 2007

More tits than you can shake a stick at.

Only two stars because just tits but wow - so many of them. They are not fooling me! These are not native women, they are dozens of hot actresses in a mass topless scene. Check it out just for the variety. I think I'd stay on that island! They should have named it the Island of Nice Tits. Way to go Mr. Director Man for showing us so many nubile bodies!

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