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Jon Lajoie
mcjw2011 was written on December 14, 2011

S1's "Mr. McGibblets"; sleeping nude

Lajoie plays the funniest character in this FX original series. (And not surprisingly the best-looking actor of the five leads.) His stoner character dresses up as a character to scare off his friend's daughter from her new toy. His character ends up on the run and ends up sleeping next to Ruxin. In the morning, it's revealed his character wasn't wearing anything under the suit and gets out, to the disgust of his friends. The scene is played for comedy, but Lajoie has a nice butt. He should show it more often.

Mark Duplass
mcjw2011 was written on December 14, 2011

S3's "The Au Pair"; bottomless

Duplass isn't a bad looking guy in this show (but he's a stud compared to Paul Scheer or Stephen Rannazzisi), just decidedly average. His scene occurs at the very end of the episode, where his character is talking to Nick Kroll's Ruxin. It looks like everything's normal, but he turns to go back to the room, revealing he's wearing nothing but a blue shirt. Not a bad butt on that guy.

632waldo was written on March 27, 2012


he has got a really cute butt, its nicely shaped and its firm :) but he looks too old and unattractive. Its like the ass doesn't even match with the rest of him

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