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Theresa Russell's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Public Enemies 2 Reviews
2008 Impulse 2 Reviews
1998 Wild Things 8 Reviews
1998 Grave Indiscretion 3 Reviews
1996 The Proposition 1 Review
1996 Flight of the Dove, The 2 Reviews
1995 Trade Off 1 Review
1995 Hotel Paradise 3 Reviews
1991 Whore 2 Reviews
1991 Cold Heaven 2 Reviews
1987 Black Widow 9 Reviews
1983 Eureka 4 Reviews
1980 Bad Timing 5 Reviews
1978 Straight Time 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Theresa Russell member submitted

Public Enemies (2009)
tazzie was written on December 29, 1999

topless in a couple of scenes

I remember seeing Theresa being topless at leasta couple of times (can't recall if she showedmore), and one scene in particular of her sittingup in bed giving us a good look at her breasts.

swpc10 was written on May 19, 2012

Wrong Movie

Theresa Russelle did appear and a movie called Public Enemies, but not the 2009 version listed, but a movie made in 1996. It has been a while since I have seen this movie, but in one seen, she is sitting in bed topless after having sex. A fairly long scene of her breasts.

Impulse (2008)
boba was written on May 4, 2001

Quality passion

Nudity wise, not much here. Just a splash of tit from the side, nothing big. However, Theresa gives one of her most sexual performances in this sex scene. She and him are wrapped in each others arms as she sits on him. Their sweaty bodies constantly gyrating with each other. She tries to convince him to kill someone, as she tongues him, using her incredible LONG tongue. She wields it like a rattlesnake. Very sexy.

Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

Too much brief

Nothing but only a sex scene between Theresa Russell an Jeff Fahey; She is completely naked in bed and Mr. Fahey is over her, but you only can see her breasts. The secuence is short and poor... I've seen better.

Wild Things (1998)
Gilaguy was written on May 22, 1999

Nothing major

A couple of tit shots as shes being banged by that Eduardo guy.Only two shots of nipples, and you might want to have the slow mo ready.Not much

Serna was written on May 8, 2003

Brief banging scene

It’s only a brief scene but this is a very special actress who always deserves a mention. She’s about 40 here and it’s great to see her still doing sex scenes.
Near the beginning there’s a cut to the posh house. You can hear Theresa moaning loudly as she gets screwed. Then cut to close up of her arse as she rides a guy. She’s wearing stilettos. Then there’s a brief view of her perky tits but the phone rings and interrupts the scene. An extra star for exuding a dirty, rich mum kind of sexuality.

Gilaguy was written on May 31, 1999

Correction of the Correction

ILMAGIC-See the full movie.Theresa Russell does show off her tits to us.If you have seenthe movie, you will know her as Sandra Van Ryan, Denise Richards' character's MOM.And we do get to see her nipples for a smidgin.

[email protected] was written on June 1, 1999

Balcony scene

Good review, ILMAGIC. Kerry Russell? Jesus. Oh yeah,the review. Just let me mentionthat she appears on a balcony wearing an open robe and totally opaque, unfortunately,bra and panties. Not a nude scene, but sexy nonetheless.

AdNoctum was written on March 18, 2004

Too short a scene

She is screwing some guy, you see a brief butt shot and a couple of nipples.

oldbabe was written on November 29, 2001

Another good mama

Mature siren, Theresa who plays Denise Richards' mom has a brief scene as she's on top of her lover. A brief side view of her breast with nipple showing as she rides away and then was interrupted by a phone. Nothing major in exposure but the sight of her bare body is extremely stimulating. Still looking good.

soulman was written on November 19, 2001

Brief Tit Shot.

When I read the opening credits and saw Russell's name, I was hoping to see her do a nude scene. Well, I partially got my wish. She was around 39 or 40 when she made this film, and she still looks great. I was hoping for more than the brief tit shot I saw. As someone over 40, it's great to see someone her age hasn't lost her any of her sex appeal.

kyslayer was written on September 27, 2002

three-some shot

Denise, Neve, and Matt were definately interesting viewing. You'll want to rewind more than once!

Grave Indiscretion (1998)
Gordon was written on November 18, 1999

Sex in the kitchen

This is the same movie as The Grotesque, but Grave Indiscretion was the title used in the US. She and Sting romp around the kitchen. He takes her blouse off and fondles and kisses her breasts before he begins hitting her between the legs, first in a chair and then up against a wall.

fargalaxy was written on April 26, 1999

her ass

while she is having sex with sting

ausalf was written on February 23, 1999

Full Frontal Nudity

Full frontal and topless scenes as she has sex with Sting.

The Proposition (1996)
bri78 was written on September 8, 2014

The Proposition

at about 65minutes in their is a sex/lust scene. (cut in TV/PG-13 versions)
This is a lusty love making scene that really doesn't belong in the movie.
Theresa is a beautiful woman but this movie doesn't show her off that way.
You do see her breasts and the scene is great in terms of lust but just doesn't fit.
Wish I could give 1.5 stars; better than a 1 but not a 2 star nudity scene.

Flight of the Dove, The (1996)
fargalaxy was written on April 26, 1999

you can see her breasts while she is having sex

it is a good scene

Cyclone was written on December 4, 1999

See breasts early on

She has a sex scene very early in the movie, and we see a lot of her breasts. She's not bad, but the scene is nothing memorable. This movie is also known as The Spy Within, for those of you who might care.

Trade Off (1995)
taurus was written on April 4, 2008

Sex romp

Quick peeks at her little titties at :18 where she's on top, the bottom, and top again; and at :41 in the bath.

Hotel Paradise (1995)
eaglespyharry was written on February 24, 2005

Pretty much everything on display...

The previous reviewers got it right. Theresa shows us everything from all sides. A couple of things that I found sexy: Theresa slowly dresses throughout the episode. At one point she sits down wearing only a corsett (no underwear). She slowly puts on both stockings while we get a side view of her pussy. She then puts on her little see-through panties and proceeds to sit on the floor and open her legs. Seeing her bush through the very thin fabric was great.

duckem was written on September 1, 2000

topless and bottomless

Not only do you get to see her breasts but she spends quite some time wearing no panties.
This short film is usually shown on some sort
of "Erotic Short" series.

Cyclone was written on February 9, 2001

All kinds of nudity

Throughout this half-hour short, we get all kinds of looks at Theresa's body, and she looks quite good. We get many views of her breasts, butt, and bush, although some of these shots are SLIGHTLY obscured by a wedding veil. Still, there's plenty of quality exposure, and it's worth checking out, if you can manage to find it.

Whore (1991)
nmd was written on July 1, 1999

hardely any nudity

surprising for a character who is a sleazy prostitute

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Gyno (well the backside)

I could be wrong but that was a butthole that I was seeing.

00:20:00 A nice shot of Theresa's tits and thonged-up toosh in a rather kinky outfit when Frank Smith takes off her coat and leads her upstairs...

00:32:00 She shows up in some sexy lingerie for a workout, then flashes her rack for a real workout with Benjamin Mouton in a hot tub...

01:21:00 An encore baring of the booty when she unzips her skirt and rides some old feller in the back of a car...

Cold Heaven (1991)
cecil was written on January 23, 2004

bathroom; sex scene

About 15 minutes into the movie she is washing up in a bathroom and we see a brief side view of her left breast. At about 1 hour 15 minutes she has a sex scene with James Russo, but she remains clothed. At one point, while she is on top, he raises her skirt. Her small panties hide very little of her bare rear. Then with a pause button you can find a few frames where a breast pops out of her top.

lattara was written on July 18, 2004

Two flashes

The previous reviewer describes Theresa's nudity very well. One for completists only.

Black Widow (1987)
Serna was written on November 3, 2000


Good old Theresa goes swimming nude in the pool. Flashes of tit and a nice arse breaking through the water. Not her best nude scene but nice all the same.

Tonppa was written on September 22, 1999

Nude swimming

Theresa is swimming totally nude and you see glimpses of her body. Then she starts to kiss and make love with a guy in the pool and you see her breasts quite well.

sirspread was written on March 16, 2003


about 15 mins from the end of the film she is seen naked in a pool.the nudity is worth barely 1 star as there is very little to see as her body is near enough always under water.....disapointing

dvddish was written on March 16, 2003

niple swimming

baraly worth a star

Pompey was written on September 23, 1999

Topless night swimming scene

Make liberal use of the pause button during the swimming pool scene and check out the length of those nipples. It was either extrememly cold, or she had recently been breast-feeding; these teats are around an inch long. God job the movie isn't in 3-D or you could lose an eye !

nudity_elitist was written on June 9, 2002

double erections

Wow. Theresa gets bigger hard-ons than Richard Gere (see American Gigolo). While she is certainly nothing special as far as overall looks go, this one gets 2 stars for circus-freak-quality alone.

swpc10 was written on May 19, 2012


I distinctly remember seeing this movie when it came out on cable, in a swimming scene (I thought early in the moving) that she does a surface dive, and a shot of her from behind, with a flash of her slit. May have been cut from later versions.

Tatoo was written on May 7, 2005

Pool Sex Scene near End

Theresa is naked in this scene and you can see her breasts and nipples. The scene is quite dark and it is in a pool, does not last too long. Theresa has really huge erect nipples and it looks like the pool water was cold and she must have been turned on. For a movie this old, this was quite a good scene. If you are a fan of Theresa you need to see this to see her huge erect nipples.

soulman was written on November 28, 2001

A Nipple Lover's Delight.

In response to a previous reviewer's comment as to whether or not it was cold outside when Theresa did the nude swimming pool scene, judging the state of her erect nipples it must have been cold outside. Although you get a decent view of the rest of her body while she's swimming, when she lies back, man oh man! Her nipples alone rates ***.

Eureka (1983)
Xeyes was written on August 16, 2009

All kinds of nudity

Bush, Butt, Breast....Five stars..thanks Nicolas!!!

Chicago was written on August 28, 2001

3 scenes

I completely disagree with the last reviewer...not even remotely close to 4 stars and not her best nudity recorded. In fact, it's barely 2 *'s. At :40.25-:40.5, Theresa is lying on her back during and after (mostly) sex, where you see her right breast...there's a slow pan in from a medium distance but it's not a great shot and is only 15 sec.--1*. At 1:05-1:05.75, she is lying on her side next to her lover (med. distance) as you see the side of her ass. Startled as Hackman bursts in, she covers herself but gives a brief 2 sec. medium distance view of her breasts. Then you briefly see her ass (med. distance) getting dressed. A little later, there's a hint of a shot of her breast (mostly outline) through an open robe. The whole scene lasts 45 sec. and you're straining to get any kind of view. At 1:09.5-1:10.25 is the better view of her, but the shot is entirely medium range. You see her breasts in a metal bikini while naked with a guy on a view is when she's on her knees and drops her head back. 2* but barely.

BusterHymen was written on January 22, 2007

A must see for Russell fans

0:42 Right breast while in bed with Hauer
1:05 Left breast, lower frontal then brief buns after Hackman busts in
1:10 Breast when on boat with Hauer
1:42 Left breast from under raised top in bed
2:00 Breast to full frontal in bed kicking off the sheets, then close up of breast

Tiger Flux was written on January 10, 1999

Theresa's best movie for nudity.

In this movie Theresa is in her prime- and looks ravishing. Plenty of full frontal shots and a kinky druggy scene with Rutger Hauer on a yacht. Directed by Nic Roeg (Walkabout). Not tobe missed.

Bad Timing (1980)
Cazzo was written on June 13, 2002

Lying on bed, being stripped

I've always liked Theresa - she can be both very slutty and classy at the same time - and I like this scene. As has been said below, she is lying on the bed, drifting in and out of conciousness, and ultimately dying. Art cuts off her bra and her breasts are exposed. Art feels her up and strokes down her body to her groin. Her nipples do become noticably erect. He then lifts the waistband of her panties and you see her bush. He then cuts her panties and rips them off, although you don't get to see her bush after he has ripped them off.

Serna was written on November 3, 2000

Many but not all pleasant

There's a lot nudity in this film from Theresa and you get to see it all. She pulls off her knickers on the stairs to flash her fuzzbox at Art Garfunkel to get him to shag her and at the end he gets on top of her when she is a coma after an overdose. He really gives it to her although she, obviously enough, doesn't respond. The sound of silence, I suppose, Art.

Chicago was written on November 21, 2001

8 scenes, most brief and quick

While Theresa has a number of nude scenes, I was disappointed in the total viewable nudity. Still, at ~12, Theresa gets up from the bed wearing a slip and walks toward the bathroom where you see part of her ass under the fringe of the slip (shortly after, she walks out of the bathroom and the light shines so you can make out the outline of her breasts briefly through her underwear)--10 sec. At ~:20, brief breasts. At ~:34, she's sexing a guy...breasts and some bush, but there are cutaways to a tracheotomy--15 sec. At ~:35, you see her right breast briefly as her robe opens as she's reclining with the guy on the bed. At ~:45, you can still see her breasts at the bottom of the screen as the doctors are trying to revive her with electric paddles. At ~1:00, she angrily flashes her pubes twice briefly by pulling her panties to the side, trying to get the guy to screw her. They then have sex on the stairway, then she gets up and goes into her apartment and trashes it...breasts here. While the scene lasts nearly 2 min., the viewable nudity is about 10-15 sec. At 1:52, Theresa is passed out on the bed and the guy cuts off her bra, revealing her breasts and starts feeling her up...her nipples become erect pyramids. Then he moves down to cut off her panties, and as he pulls up on her underwear, you can see her pubes for a few seconds (shot from above her head down her limp body). The scene lasts for a solid minute and gives the best views of her of the movie, but zero movement, as she's about to die. The scene then resumes at ~1:55, as he's sexing her...some more breast shots and the scene lasts for about a minute.

Tiger Flux was written on January 10, 1999


Harrowing film. Theresa is nude several times including a scene where Art Garfunkel screws when she is lying fully naked on a bed- dead....necrophilia ..good film with Harvey Keitel, dircted by Nic Roeg.

nudity_elitist was written on April 25, 2002


This was one of those nudity performances that simply does not add to an actress' beauty. I always thought Theresa was really cute and to now match that cute face to such an average body takes some of the life out of my attraction to her.

Straight Time (1978)

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