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Ramon Tikaram
tim_uk was written on January 9, 2009

Penis, ass, great nudity

Amazing nudity from hunky Ramon. In the episode "Who's That Girl?", his character bounces down on his bed completely naked, and reclines nude exposing his thick, uncut penis and nice ball sack. In the same episode, he is pleasured from behind by his boyfriend in the shower, baring his ass in the process. In the episode "Room with a Queue", he bares his penis as he towels off after a shower. Finally, in the episode "Just Sex", his boyfriend gropes his bare butt after sex. Ramon is gorgeous, and obviously loves showing off his great body and penis.

Reno was written on February 14, 2001

In the bathroom after a shower

In the episode "Room with a Queue", Tikaram steps out of the shower and begins drying off. Viewers see his bare bum from the side and his slim, muscular waist. In the version I saw, however, his naughty bits had been blurred. He holds a towel in front of his privates, but moves it about while talking to the man who has walked in on him. This would have been our chance to see the winkie we can only imagine, because as I said, the airing I saw featured blurring.

ilikedirt was written on August 6, 2001

penis and ass

in room with a queue you see his waist, and short penis while he is dryin off, another bloke walks in on him and he dosen't mind, he carries on rubbing his genitals with a towel, then you see his penis again, in another episode hes lyin naked on his bed and his penis is floppin' about. wonderful stuff

Andrew Lincoln
5th_element was written on May 27, 1999

Frontal nudity while in the shower

This is not to be missed by Lincoln's fans. It's a really nice shot of his penis while in the shower with the character Milly in the first episode.A really interesting British series as well where male frontal nudity is not such a big deal.

tim_uk was written on January 9, 2009

Penis and butt in various episodes

In the first episode "Come Together", Andrew walks out of the shower, baring his smallish uncut penis and then his great ass as he dries himself with a towel. He has a great body, but sadly the shot is from a distance and slightly blurry. Still, great body. Also, in "Diet Hard", Andrew bares his butt as he climbs into a bath and then again when wearing just an apron while admiring himself in a mirror. In "Last Tango in Southwark", his butt is glimpsed as he climbs into bed.

MarcioGore was written on March 27, 2012

Butt and penis!!!!!!

On season 1 we can see he goin out from bath completely nude.We can see his little and fat penis and his cute and normal ass too!It's a great scene,he still young and so handsome!
On season 2 we can see again his cute ass on cook gown,he's so cute!We can see in this season his ass again when he goes to bed naked!If you think he handsome,you mustn't lose this scene,search on net!

JayP was written on August 22, 2002


it is andrews so i was very impressed. Not the biggest penis but very nice looking with a great looking butt when he turns around to dry himself

GDH was written on December 1, 1999

Backside and bare hips

Of all the men who got their kit off in this drama, I think Lincoln looked the best. In the second series, we see his bum as he sheds his dressing gown and clambers into bed; a nice length of bare leg and hip as he lies behind his girlfriend; his bum as he undresses for a bath; and those lovely tanned buttocks once again as he tries on a new apron (does this bloke know how to live, or what?!). None of these are particularly lengthy scenes; but that's why the freeze frame is such a wonderful invention...

ilikedirt was written on August 6, 2001


When talking to his girlfriend in the shower, you see his short fat penis as he drys off. In another episode he is hungover, gets out of bed and pisses in a bottle. You don't see it but you can see his fine arse when he gets back into bed.

Jason Hughes
5th_element was written on May 27, 1999

A gay butt scene in bed with a guy.

This scene is not as spectacular as Lincoln's scene but Jason's butt is nicely revealed while having hot sex with another male.Like Lincoln, Hughes is an attractive actor. I wish there are more opportunities like this for him in the future.

Jack Davenport
tim_uk was written on January 9, 2009

Butt shots in various episodes

Great nudity in the episode "Room with a Queue" as he towels off after a shower, baring his flat butt. Then in "The Secret of My Excess", his butt is shown again as he thrusts into Anna on the sofa during sex.

GDH was written on November 30, 1999


Pale, slim and handsome, Davenport got his bum out twice in the second series of this cult BBC drama, although the 'rock video' camera work means you'll need the freeze frame to properly view it: in one scene, he's in the bathroom (with a towel wrapped around his hair - not very sexy!) standing up; in another, he's having sex on a sofa. His lumbar region is unattractively hairy; however his bum is nicely curvaceous!

Paul Copley
tim_uk was written on January 9, 2009

Brief frontal shot

In the episode "Let's Get It On", Copley walks into Anna's bedroom out of the shower, soaking wet, and tears off his towel, revealing briefly his cut penis as he leaps on a bed. Nice penis.

mcgeezer was written on August 26, 2004

Early morning exhibitionism

Copley is the middle-aged actor who plays Eg's dad in this fine British TV series.He goes full frontal here as Anna looks on.He gets out from under a duvet on a sofa and walks stark naked across the room. Later on,in a sex scene with Anna,we see his wrinkly bum as he grinds away on a balcony.

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