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Zottoli, Mia 2 Reviews
West, Angela 1 Review
Wall, Susan Anne 1 Review
Valdez, Mariana 1 Review
Turner, Madeira 1 Review
Swinney, Susan Lynn 0 Reviews
Swinney, Stephanie 1 Review
Stemer, Irina 1 Review
Smith, Jennifer 1 Review
Sampson, Holly 1 Review
Reed, Kira 1 Review
Rea, Renee 1 Review
Peralto, Sasha 2 Reviews
Parent, Monique 1 Review
O'Brien, Nancy 2 Reviews
Meadows, Julie 0 Reviews
Lynn, Kimber 1 Review
Leigh, Jessa 2 Reviews
Lee, Jessica 2 Reviews
Larranaga, Catalina 1 Review
Lane, Devinn 2 Reviews
Klass, Alisha 1 Review
Kai, Teanara 1 Review
Hays, Lauren 4 Reviews
Hasperger, Iva 2 Reviews
Featherly, Susan 2 Reviews
Ehrenreich, Rachel 1 Review
Edwards, Flower 1 Review
Davies, Angela 1 Review
Cooper, Fleur 2 Reviews
Bullock, Ruby 3 Reviews
Baker, Niece 1 Review
Ashlyn, Sara 1 Review
Abbott, Antoinette 3 Reviews

Thrills' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Vega, Rico 1 Review
Schnuit, Jason 1 Review
Russell Hughes II, Justin 2 Reviews
Russell, Howard 1 Review
Prince, Chris 1 Review
Moseley, Lance 2 Reviews
Jamieson, Joe 3 Reviews
Guy, Sebastien 1 Review
Cherrier, Charles D. 1 Review
Carlos, Juan 2 Reviews
Bartram, Brad 1 Review
Banks, David 4 Reviews

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Mia Zottoli
Chazz was written on June 10, 2003

Episode: "Dr. Janet"

Mamma Mia! This girl shows in this episode why men cheat with their secrataries. Throughout the entire episode, Mia wears skin-tight clothes that hardly disguise her rock-hard bod and massive DD-cup mammaries.

We first get a peak at 12:35 when she's making out with her female boss. The boss opens Mia's blouse so that her giant jugs can come out for air. It turns out to just be a fantasy.

She gets rid of every stitch later (15:23) during a fantasy menage a trois sequence with her boss and another man.


Chicago was written on October 24, 2002

2 scenes in "Dr. Janet"

At :12.25-:13 in this episode, Mia starts a f/f with Monique where only Mia gets naked. While seamingly neither want to start, Mia's sweet breasts (even sweeter next to Monique) are seen as her top is taken off; Monique caresses her breasts (which are larger than her small hands) from behind, before laying her down on the table and licking Mia's erect nips, missing altogether with the 2nd lick. At :14.25-:20 in a long fantasy scene with Mia and a guy, 4 breasts are unleashed as Mia then kisses Mo's twins. As Mia lays back and Monique kisses down her torso, there's little doubt that Mia's bod is the one to focus on...lower abdomen and ass as her panties are taken off. Mia then takes off Monique's panties giving some shots of her pubes and ass before their attention turns to the guy. As can often the case with Monique, she and her partner have little mutual steam together. Monique goes reverse-seated as Mia takes a back seat before hotter Mia gets it doggie-style.

Angela West
Chicago was written on June 18, 2001

1 f/f scene in "Sex & Sweat"

In “Sex & Sweat,” Angela West has a f/f with Lauren Hays in the sauna. At :00.5-:02.75, Angela detowels in the sauna, and then Lauren cups and licks her large breasts. Angela simu-orals Lauren (nice moans!!), and Angela gets her ass licked. There’s a brief full frontal of her (pubes in shadows) as she and Lauren leave the sauna. Nice scene, pretty hot, but unfortunately it’s way too short!

Susan Anne Wall
Chicago was written on October 28, 2002

4 scenes in "A Ghostly Affair"

At :09 in this episode, Susan Anne appears and is seen topless in a 2nd story window by Ruby Bullock while outdoors on ground level. At :12-:12.5, Susan Anne is again topless, sucking a lollipop and sitting on a couch next to a guy...her enhanced breasts with light/pale skin are seen better as she starts to go down on him but then quickly disappears. At :18.75-:20, Susan appears topless in front of a Oija board, and quietly answers some questions via the board; she then crawls on the table and does a sexy dance before again quickly disappearing. At :24-:25, there's a 3-some montage between Susan, Ruby and Stephanie Swinney that is freakish...breasts seen on all three.

Mariana Valdez
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

5 scenes

It's hard to get naked 5 times in 27 min. but Mariana does it in "Thrills: Beauty & The Beach". At :06-:07.25 after Madeira brushes her hair, the two initiate a f/f as the guy looks on from outside. The two get completely naked, and you see Mariana's nice body with slightly smaller breasts and ass as they kiss and fondle each other. At :09-:10.5, Mariana disrobes for a photo shoot--full nudity as she twirls on the beach in front of the rocks and waves. At :11.5, the photo shoot resumes with a 10 sec. breast shot as she unzips her bikini top. At :18.5-:19.5, she does a nighttime shoot; Mariana again gets completely naked as you get the best views of every angle of her (breasts, ass, faint pube hair just enough to hide lips). While Mariana is an awkward model and talks with a foreign accent like she's got marbles in her mouth, her face is reminiscent of Bo Derek (slightly longer face and heavier eye-liner). And there is NO shyness about her whatsoever!

Madeira Turner
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 f/f scene

At :05-:07.25 in "Thrills: Beauty & The Beach", the guy walks up on Madiera who is topless and sunbathing (amidst the cloudy beach). She then stands up and walks into the tent with Mariana, brushes her hair and the two start a f/f as the guy looks on from outside. The two undress each other and get completely naked; you see Madiera's larger breasts and pubes as they kiss and fondle each other.

Susan Lynn Swinney
Stephanie Swinney
Chicago was written on October 28, 2002

3 scenes in "A Ghostly Affair"

At :13-:13.25 in this episode, there's a brief shot of Stephanie's breasts as Ruby Bullock walks in on herself (yes, herself) topless, kissing Stephanie. At :15-:17.5, she and Ruby have a f/f where Ruby's top is taken down after naked Stephanie (large fake breasts and a number of large tattoos on her legs/arms) rubs her shoulders; Stephanie tries too hard to prove she's tonguing Ruby as her mouth is held open before she aggressively rides her and licks her breasts...breasts and top ass seen of Stephanie. At :24-:25, there's a 3-some montage between Stephanie, Ruby, Susan Wall that is freakish...breasts seen on all three.

Irina Stemer
Chicago was written on September 8, 2002

1 scene in "The Taming of Felicia"

Blonde Irina opens this episode at :01.25-:02.5 in the jungle in a tent with a guy; she takes off her jungle fatigue shirt revealing her hand-cup sized breasts and ass in a thong, then out of it as she then goes reverse seated on him. 2 1/2 *'s.

Jennifer Smith
Chicago was written on June 11, 2001

2 scenes - "Public Liaisons"

In "Thrills: Public Liaisons," Jennifer has 2 nude scenes separated by 2 min. At :10.25-:11, she masturbates after talking on the phone which is more writing around than anything; breasts. At :13-:15.5, a guy does her after ripping off her sexy fishnet body outfit; breasts and ass/pubes from the side. She's a decent looking blonde with little tanned, fairly large breasts.

Holly Sampson
Chicago was written on October 3, 2002

2 scenes in "Rock n' Roll Groupie"

At :17.75-:19.25, Holly (with way too much mascara) has a dream of having sex with a rocker...wierd dim blue shifting light minimizes decent views of her breasts as her top comes down, he simus her and then she's on top of him...breasts and some pubes. At :25.25-:27.25, she has sex with the rock star in better but still strange lighting...breasts and ass as they have sex facing each other, then she gets it doggie-style from behind. Decent, but not great views of Holly here.

Kira Reed
Chicago was written on September 9, 2002

3 uninhibited scenes in "I, Spy"

Kira steams up this episode as the sexual aggressor. At :07-:08, Kira pulls up her top for a guy while he goes for her nether regions. Very nice and hot move!! as she tosses him to the floor, steps over him with her heels, straddles him on her knees, then hikes up her skirt grinding just above him in a circle...pubes, top ass, and breasts as she grinds him during sex then jiggles her breasts side to side--fairly hot but short. At :10.25-:11.25, Kira goes to the guy in the office to celebrate; she takes off her dress (breasts) and sits in his chair but he rejects her...full frontal as she stands and redresses. At :17-:18, Kira drops her top for the security guard...breasts as she dances seductively until he passes out then she redresses.

Renee Rea
Chicago was written on October 6, 2002

4 scenes in "Easy Writer"

In this episode at :11.25-:12.5 while watching Niece Baker and a guy go at it, Renee pulls her breasts out of her tight dress and slides her hand down her pants to stimulate herself while standing in the doorway; she continues to masturbate on the floor in the doorway...side ass and lower abdomen. At :14.5 while talking to her girlfriend on the couch, Renee slips her silk robe off her shoulders...breasts from a medium distance for 35 sec. At :17.5-:20 while wearing a red mask, Renee handcuffs a guy's hands to the bed, lowers her top (nice erect nips on her breasts and ass in thong), and rakes her breasts over his chests while gyrating her ass above him...nice ass on her! Her hand goes down her panties while reverse-seated and feelsg her exposed right breast before abruptly ending and leaving him there. At :23.75-:26.25, Renee is outdoors by a motorcycle when her top comes off with the guy, she removes her pleather skirt and he kisses down her body as she's lying back on the motorcycle...breasts, ass and lower abdomen; she does a quick simu-oral before going reverse-seated on him...again, nice ass and likely clean-shaven pubes.

Sasha Peralto
Chicago was written on September 9, 2002

Opening scene in "I, Spy"

Sasha opens this episode with 20 sec. of breast viewing as she and a guy are in a tent, supposedly trapped in a wintry location. After the guy delivers "It's not about sex, it's about survival," he jumps her and takes off her top at :01 before another guy discovers them. Too bad it was so short and so little shown...she's an attractive dark brunette with a nice chest.

Jqric was written on October 24, 2008


Sasha shows off her beautiful breasts in this very brief scene. The scene is too short, but her breasts are among the very best I've seen.

Monique Parent
Chicago was written on October 24, 2002

4 scenes in "Dr. Janet"

At :01.25-:03.5 in this episode after boxing in the gym, the guy backs her into the bag, opens her top to reveal her hard, fake breasts, and kisses down her twins...breasts and some ass as her boxing shorts are eventually removed before she grinding him from on top of him (some pubes too in the shadows). While Monique is excited, the sex is not very believable. At :07.25-:09.5, Mo takes off her dress in the kitchen in front of the guy...breasts as he squirts some whipped cream on her and eats it off. The two go at it with cuts of them in two different positions on the metal table (with bad voice-overs) before having to quickly run out as the waitress enters--breasts, ass and some pubes. At :14.25-:20 in a long fantasy scene with Mia and a guy, 4 breasts are unleashed as Mia then kisses Mo's twins. As Mia lays back and Monique kisses down her torso, there's little doubt that Mia's bod is the one to focus on. Mia then takes off Monique's panties giving some shots of her pubes and ass before their attention turns to the guy. As can often the case with Monique, she and her partner have little mutual steam together. Monique goes reverse-seated as Mia takes a back seat before hotter Mia gets it doggie-style. At :25-:28 after a striptease for a guy at a radio station, Monique's breasts are revealed from her see-through violet lingerie...her panties are doffed while on a desk (ass, pubes from a distance), as she then hops on, straddles and wraps the guy. Monique rides him before being bent over a desk and done from behind with some decent tight breast jiggles and pubes.

Nancy O'Brien
BrianSLA was written on June 1, 2001

Full nude love scenes

Nancy O'Brien is also known as Nancy O'Neil is also known as Brenda o"Neil and another name. Which is her real name or close to it ? I dunno. Check my reviews for her fourth pseudonym.

Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

3 scenes (2 w/ great full nudity)

In "Thrills: Beauty & The Beach," Nancy is a photographer who's on assignment with her fmr. boyfriend who she had previously left for her career. At :00.75-:01.25, her boyfriend fantasizes about Nancy envisioning her emerging from steamy pool waters at night...he takes her top off to reveal her sweet, gorgeous breasts; she then returns to the pool and he awakens. At :12.5-:14.25, Nancy slowly disrobes in a beach tent...nice loooong full frontal and mohawk pubes shots. The scene then flashes back to when she and her boyfriend were together--talking in a cabana; she's on the bed topless (med. distance shot). At :22-:27.25, the two girls remove Nancy's top and start giving her a massage on a beach blanket at night. When the guy takes over and you get much better and closer views of her whole body as they start making love. He slowly kisses down her body, simu-orals her and then she sits on top and sexes him. Several nice full frontal shots, particularly as she straddles him! Nice nudity of one of the most attractive, girl-next-door types in soft-core; typical for her, however, is her mediocre erotic sex acting scenes.

Julie Meadows
Kimber Lynn
Chicago was written on August 24, 2002

7 scenes in "The Ultimate Companion"

In this episode, blonde Timber plays an android programmed for pleasure. At :07.5-:08.5, Timber states, "Allow me to demonstrate my features," and unties her top revealing her large fake breasts, sitting on Jason's lap. At :10-:10.75 after changing into a nurse's outfit, she doffs her top and takes Jason's hand to her breasts, but she has to stop to plug her back into an electrical outlet to recharge...not a very smart android knowing she's programmed for pleasure and needs 'energy!' At :11-:14.25, Timber moves on Jason while he's sleeping; she doffs her dress (breasts flop tight, obviously fake), and she begins rubbing her breasts on his crotch, slipping her nip between his lips, takes his hand and rubs it on her breasts...all while he's still asleep. After grinding on him (ass in thong undies), she finally slips her own hand down her panties...excellent job with good close-ups as she's very likely doing it! At :15.5, Timber walks into the living room topless...breasts for 8 sec. before turning and leaving when Jason tells her to put on clothes. At :18-:20.5, Timber joins Teanna in the bathtub, pleasuring her...breasts, ass and pubes as she simu-orals her. At :21.5-:21.75, Timber comes to the door topless and then pulls her towel over her breasts when she overhears Jason talking about her. At :24 to the end, she and Jason go at it on the bed...ass, pubis, and breasts with close-ups (finally) of her larger nipples...she rubs her breasts on his crotch, then in his face...very nice.

Jessa Leigh
Know-it-all was written on August 26, 2001

"The Muse"

Jessa plays "Samantha", who poses for Flower Edward's painter character and eventaully becomes her lover. At the :12 minute mark, she doffs her robe to pose for Flower, and we get a nice full-frontal look at her nude body. She's tall, blonde and athletic looking, with nice breasts (both shape and size). She reclines on the couch as Flower begins painiting by covering her own body and rubbing on the canvas. Samantha is blindfolded, because the painter doesn't like to be watched. Eventually, her curiosity gets the best of her, and after she peeps and sees Flower writhing around on the canvas, she gets really turned on and starts to play with herself. This scene lasts about 5 minutes total. She puts the blindfold back into place when she sees that the painting is almost finished, and pretends to be asleep. When she "wakes up", we get a wonderful, close, lingering look at her breasts as she talks to Flower, and then a brief, but wonderful, flash of her pubic bush when she gets up to leave. She heads straight home and has energetic sex, in quite a few positions, with her husband. At the :20 minute mark, she poses again, this time starting off in a sheer blue teddy, but soon joins Flower on the floor, and they make love on the cnavas, then in the shower (as I said in Flower's review, just fabulous, wonderful soft-core sex, with two beautiful women, wet and soapy and gettin' down.) This ends up in bed for some more. The scene lasts a total of about three minutes. Finally, at the :25 minute mark, Jessa, Flower and Jessa's Husband have an energetic and erotic three way encounter. Jessa shows her excellent breasts in all of these scenes, and we get a couple of nice glimpses of her bush. She's quite sexy and has a good future in this kind of film, if she's interested. I'll be looking for more of her, both literally and figuratively.

Hamilton was written on February 1, 2003

Explicit view

Jessa is cute little blonde. In one scene she straddles this guy who looks like Jean Claude VanDamme reverse cowgirl style. As the camera pans down from her perky chest you can clearly see the guys penis right between her legs, and it's definitly rubbing up against her vagina, though you can't see if she's being penetrated (not likely). The camera pans down two more times and the guy definitely has a sizeable erection, it looks like his penis is covered by a condom or even a sock (I've heard that's what they use in many softcore films)... but she's moving herself back and forth on his shaft, so even though it's not in, it's getting quite a bit of friction. It's pretty much the real thing.

Jessica Lee
Chicago was written on October 28, 2002

3 scenes in "Eye of the Beholder"

At :14-:15 in this episode, Jessica is seen coming out of a sexy Red Riding Hood outfit for Duggan Hayes who is wearing a baby bonnet and outfit...full frontal and side ass of Jessica for 35 sec. At :16.25, Jessica finishes up in a bathtub, stands, and gives a good full frontal view of herself before slowly wrapping in a towel--35 sec. At :21-:24.75, drop-dead gorgeous Playmate Jessica is seen sexing Duggan in the he wakes her and she sits up her breasts with slightly puffy areola are seen above the covers. She mounts him and her sweet ass and pubes are viewable with good close-ups as they go at it. No voice-overs here as she does a good job grinding him before he simu-orals her and then does her doggie-style. A very hot girl...very nicely done!

xxzz was written on May 7, 2007

Playboy Playmate Gets Munched

Jessica Lee, as all Playboy Playmates, has the looks and a body to die for. In two of her episodes, not only do her costars get to fondle her large, natural rack, but they also perform full-out oral sex with her.

Catalina Larranaga
Chicago was written on September 20, 2001

7 scenes - "Occupations That Bite"

I'm not sure of the exact title but it starts off as "Occupations That Bite" and is about vampires. At :09-:09.75, Catalina's left breast is viewable over the top of her outfit as she undresses a girl victim's top and gives the neck-bite. At :10.25-:10.75, she turns around as the guy enters, revealing her nice natural breasts...puts on a sheer robe and bites the guy. At :11.5, there's a brief partial breast view of her. At :14.5-:15.5, Catalina has sex with the muscular guy...breasts, mohawk bush partially viewable as she's grinding when she's not covering...then there's a very nice view of her jiggling chest as she's taking it doggie style. At :22.25-:23.5, Cat has sex on the bed...good breast views with erect nipples, ass, some pubes as she takes it lying down on her side. At :24.75-:25.5 she again has sex with the musclehead...breasts seen as she turns around and her ass through her sheer robe as he eats her. At :25.75-:26.25, her breasts are seen (flattening) as she's reclining. A ton of scenes with good views, but most were short.

Devinn Lane
Chicago was written on June 11, 2001

5 scenes - "Public Liaisons"

This girl is SMOKING hot!, and having starred in "Izzy Sleeze's Casting Couch Cuties," who wouldn't have expected it (ha!). Seriously, this girl is very attractive with huge breasts (large brown areola) that are enhanced but move fairly naturally. At :00.75-:02 in "Thrills: Public Liaisons," Devinn has a fantasy of having sex with a guy outside between 2 buildings. She takes her bra off revealing the twins and the guy helps her with her panties, showing her V-bush, and he moves to eat and sex her standing. There are nice views of her breasts, and as she simu-orals him, there's a nice rear side hanging view of her breasts which is sweet. The tongue pierced is a nice touch too! At :07-:08.75, Devinn has a fantasy where she's asked by the girl to take off her clothes and the other girl starts kissing/feeling down her body; breasts, pubes and side ass...but the scene's not that erotic. At :16.25-:18.25, Devinn has a fantasy of stripping for a guy where she rubs ice on her breasts and to the top of her pubes; several long views of her breasts. At :22.25-:23, there's another view of her breasts as the top of her bra is pulled down. At :24.25, she has a 3 min. sex scene with the cop. Her black see-thru body outfit is ripped off giving good views of her breasts and pubes. They simu-oral each other, she rides him and then gets it from the rear. NICE bouncing breasts as the guy bangs her doggie style! Hopefully, we'll see more of this gorgeous gal, but there's plenty of her to see here!

Chicago was written on August 10, 2002

5 scenes in “A Most Dangerous Desire”…she steals it!

Devinn is ABSOLUTELY one of the hottest gals going on-screen…she’s naturally stacked/huge, great large areola, well proportioned, and absolutely steams up this episode! For total package and steam, only Jacqueline Lovell (consistently), Kira Reed (used to) and Kim Dawson (sometimes) can hold a candle to Devinn! At :00.75-:02, Devinn fantasizes about her being on a walkway outside an abandoned building taking off her bra and going at it with a guy. She takes off her blouse and bra, he pulls up her skirt revealing her V pubes clearly, simu-orals her while she’s standing with her arms up against the top of the door frame. She simu-orals him and gets it from behind with great breast jiggles before the scene cuts to reality with her being alone licking her finger, slipping it down her bra top to rub her areola. At :07-:08.5 during another of her fantasies, she imagines being told to strip to be searched by a female FBI agent…which begins to turn into a f/f…good shots of her breasts, pubes and side ass as the agent touches, kisses and simu-orals her. At :16-:18.25 during another fantasy, she slides her bra off for the FBI agent and rubs an ice cube down her breasts, on her nipples, between her twins, and down her pants…extremely sensual…and VERY HOT! At :22.5-:23.25 after almost being caught stealing the guy’s briefcase of money, she strips with and for a guy in the bedroom; he takes down her bra but the scene too quickly ends as Susan Featherly barges in the room. At :24.5-:27.5, she’s with the FBI guy in a see-through body outfit, he rips it open and they sex it up in various positions with good view s of her breasts, ass, and pubes with some nice bouncing breasts as they bang while they do it doggie-style.

Alisha Klass
Chicago was written on October 28, 2002

3 scenes in "Eye of the Beholder"

It's hard to upstage her adult film career or her lollipop labia-insertion in The Center of the World, but Alisha re-appears in this episode of Thrills. At :05.5, Alisha steps out of a fur coat and her breasts are seen for 2 sec. At :08-:10.5, Alisha is naked as a guy massages her chest...full frontal shot of her erect nips with light areola and pubes. He simu-orals her before she mounts him, giving great shots of her ass and mohawk pubes, and then gets done from behind while on their knees. At :11.5, Alisha is seen changing in the dressing room into a hot dress...ass and side breasts for 35 sec.

Teanara Kai
Chicago was written on August 24, 2002

1 f/f scene in "The Ultimate Companion"

At :18.25-:20.5 in this episode while taking a bath, Asian Teanna stands and soaps Timber's breasts...ass and breasts seen on Teanna. Timber then kisses Teanna's breasts and simu-orals her on the edge of the tub...pubes from a medium distance and breasts closer. Teanna humps Timber's leg in the water to end the scene. Teanna's breasts are a nice size...fake, however, not as glaring as Timber's.

Lauren Hays
Chicago was written on June 15, 2001

1 f/f scene in "Sex & Sweat"

In “Sex & Sweat,” Lauren has a f/f with Angela West in the sauna. At :01.25-:02.75, Lauren, detoweled, cups and licks Angela’s large breasts, gets simu-oraled by her (nice moans!!), and licks her ass while fondling herself. There’s a brief full frontal of her (pubes in shadows) as she and Angela leave the sauna. Nice scene, pretty hot, but unfortunately it’s way too short!

Chicago was written on October 3, 2002

2 scenes in "Rock n' Roll Groupie"

Lauren kicks off this episode with a pair of good nude scenes. At :00.75-:04.25, naked Lauren slips into an indoor jacuzzi and drizzles water on herself...breasts, ass and mohawk pubes. After moving to the edge of the tub, a guy enters the bathroom with a camera filming her; the scene cuts to him simu-oraling her (nice wide leg spread but camera is pulled back), she sexes him reverse-seated with water splashing, and they go at it facing each other. At :07.25-:11.5 at a rocker's party, she then gets it on with the rock star who quickly opens her top once they're both on the bed and her pants come off (nice chain around her waist). While he has 2 videocameras taping them and the camera pans back and forth between the two tripods, she does him from atop before he simu-orals her...breasts and some pubes from a medium distance. Finally at :10.5, the camera cuts in closer as she gets it doggie-style. The scene ends with her exiting from under the bed covers...breasts briefly.

dpph was written on September 7, 2002

"Taming of Felicia;" 2 scenes

A bit before the halfway mark of the episode, Lauren is eating Chinese food with one of her employees. Soon her top is off and they begin to have sex. Her breasts, though very very fake, are also very very attractive fakes. Sure, it'd be better if they were real, but this is still one very hot woman.

First she puts some sauce on her chest and has him lick her lovely breasts. Then he's standing behind her. She's only wearing her flimbsy top and it's away to the side. Her breasts are clearly visible for a long time and her lover has his hand on her naked crotch. We can just barely make out some pubic hair, but you really can't see anything. Still, it's a very hot scene. Finally the scene ends with her lying on a desk while she's simu-screwed by the guy.

The next scene is just before the end of the episode. She has fake sex with the same guy but in a jacuzzi. Only breast shots. No fur.

I gave this a three because she's very hot and there's decent exposure. Had she shown us more south of the border, it would've easily been a 4-star.

Chicago was written on September 8, 2002

2 scenes in "The Taming of Felicia"

dpph does a good job of reviewing Lauren's scenes in this episode. Her first scene comes at :10.5-:12.75; her second comes at :23.75-:25.25.

Iva Hasperger
RealRedDevil was written on November 19, 2004

Boring full nudity

Extremely badly acted sex scene. Iva shows many breast views and brief butt and bush shots in a long sex scene.

Chicago was written on September 8, 2002

1 scene in "The Taming of Felicia"

At :17.25-:20.75 in this episode, blonde Iva has (poorly-acted) sex with a guy in a copier room. Her bra comes off revealing her hand-cup sized breasts, the two have sex standing her pressed against the copier (side ass), then he does her standing from behind (breasts and dark pubes)...clear, well-lit but weak acting.

Susan Featherly
Chicago was written on August 10, 2002

2 scenes in “A Most Dangerous Desire”

In this episode credited as “Jennifer Smith,” Susan slips off her robe and begins touching herself while alone on a bed; while there are plenty of breast shots and some decent shots of her ass in a thong, she rubs her hands too quickly over herself, flops back and forth on the bed and sticks her hand down her panties to masturbate in a way that is not believable…it makes the whole scene weak. At :13.25-:16, a guy comes to her in the bedroom, she slips on a wide mesh body outfit, and they start getting it on. He ties her to the bed and her erect nipples are poking through the holes in her outfit (nice!) She rips the outfit away while sitting on top of him…then he does the same (not sure what’s up with that camerawork)…he licks her breast and there are good views of her breasts, side ass, and pubes (medium distance) while she’s on top with good thrusting. Not Susan’s best outing but decent nonetheless.

moviestuff was written on July 24, 2003

alot of scenes

nice boobs

Rachel Ehrenreich
Chicago was written on October 29, 2002

1 scene in "The Muse"

At :01.5-:02.5 in this episode, blonde pig-tailed Rachel has her light blue bra removed while on top of a frat guy--breasts and ass in thong. He kisses her all-natural C-cups before she goes reverse-seated on him. While she's dramatically (overly) bouncing and head-tossing, there are good views of her bouncing twins and thin mohawk.

Flower Edwards
Know-it-all was written on August 26, 2001

Best episode of "Thrills", ever!!

Flower is the regular co-host of "Night Calls 411" on Playboy TV. Anyone who's seen her there knows she's gorgeous and phenominally sexy. In the "Thrills" episode "The Muse", she plays a painter who applies paint to her body and then her body to the canvas. She spens most of this episode totally nude. At the 6 minute mark, she walks arounf fully nude (full-frontal), and then gets down on her knees to apply the paint to herself, which she does in an extremely sensuous way. Her rolling around on the canvas lasts for a couple of minutes, climaxing as she masturbates while lying on her back. Then she gets into a (very roomy and well-lit) shower, and after cleaning herself off, starts playing with herself again, eventually sitting on the tile floor and gripping one of the spiggots. The whole scene lasts @ 3minutes. Just an AMAZING scene. At the :12 minute mark, she has a blonde from the office named Samantha pose for her, and we get essentially a repeat performance, with the added bonus that the paint she uses this time is clearer. At the :20 minute mark, we repeat the scene, but this time Samantha joins her after she gets covered in paint, then they make love on the canvas, in the shower (just unbelievably erotic footage, with two gorgeous, nude, soapy women looking like they're having the time of their lives), and finally after they dry off, in bed, where they have more passionate sex. 3 minutes total for this scene, as it just flows from canvas to shower to bed. Finally, Samantha brings her husband along for some three-way action, and this starts at the :25 minute mark. It's just as erotic and energetic as all that's gone before. In all of these scenes, Flower is totally nude. She has small, natural breasts, a tight little butt, and is not afraid to show her pubes. Absolutely as good as it gets in soft-core.

Angela Davies
Chicago was written on June 18, 2001

5 scenes in "Sex & Sweat"

Angela is an attractive, fit/muscular blonde with b-cups and perky nipples. In "Sex & Sweat," at :05.5-:06.5, she strips in front of a mirror after her workout and dives into the pool; breasts, asss and pubes seen in front of the mirror. At :12-:14.5, she has a flashback of stripping and having sex where her panties are taken off (pubes, ass). She starts having sex in the pool when the guy removes her wet top...she lies back in the water being held on the surface with the guy as her nips point erectly to the sky. They do it then on the lounge chair, giving good shots of her breasts and then a full frontal as he gives it to her from the rear. At :18, Angela comes up out of the pool giving a 10 sec. full frontal shot. At :18.5, her hard, trim body is seen sleeping naked (restless) on the sheets--full nudity as she tosses, including her pubes path...25 sec. But at :19.25-:27, she has a loooong scene which includes 2 sex scenes with a including oiling herself and going at it on the bench press...the other including smearing chocolate and whipped cream on her and getting funky. (I could have done without the last one, but I'm sure someone will gladly disagree! :-) )

Fleur Cooper
Chicago was written on September 8, 2002

1 scene in "I, Spy"

At :21.5-:24 in this episode, the guy's true love interest Fleur (aka Nicole) follows a path of flower petals down the office hall one night to him. This apparently does it as he takes off her dress on the white fuzzy '70's rug laid out on the table, revealing her all-tanned body. He then simu-orals her before the two have sex seated facing each other. As she slowly grinds him, her breasts, side ass and her thick dark pubes are displayed. Nice, but dwarfs in comparison to hot Kira's scenes.

GlennWalker was written on March 3, 2004

Fleur blossoms in sex scene

Throughout this episode I kept waiting for some nudity from this Aussie beauty, and in the end I got more than I could have hoped for. Fleur bares all as she making love to her man, then sits naked and has a picnic. Fantastic body, and amazing face! I hope to see more of her in the future.

Ruby Bullock
Chicago was written on October 28, 2002

5 scenes in "A Ghostly Affair"

At :00.75-:04, light-skinned Ruby starts off this episode in a dream sequence wearing a harem costume...handcup-sized breasts, ass, and some dark pubes as the guy doffs her garb, taking off her panties with his teeth after removing her top. He simu-orals her and they take turns being on top. At :13-:13.25, there's a brief shot of Ruby's breasts as she walks in on herself (yes, herself) topless, kissing Susan Wall, a ghost. At :15.25-:17.5, she and Susan have a f/f where Ruby's top is taken down after Susan rubs her shoulders; Susan tries too hard to prove she's tonguing Ruby as her mouth is held open before she aggressively rides her and licks Ruby's breasts...breasts and ass seen of Ruby. At :23.75, there's a 2 sec. full frontal shot of Ruby grinding a guy while on top of him. At :24-:25, there's a 3-some montage between Ruby, Susan and Stephanie Swinney that is freakish...breasts seen on all three. 3 1/2 *'s.

Chicago was written on October 28, 2002


In the 2nd scene, Ruby walks in on herself with Stephanie Swinney.

Chicago was written on October 28, 2002

another correction

The 3rd scene at :15 is with Stephanie Swinney as well, not Susan Wall...geesh!

Niece Baker
Chicago was written on October 5, 2002

1 scene in "Easy Writer"

At :11-:12.5 in this episode, Niece tosses a muscle guy down on the bed before her top comes off revealing her breasts. As Renee Rea looks on and masturbates in the doorway, Niece's ass is seen in a thong before getting it doggie-style (pubes covered) and from behind on her side. Nice natural breast movements from an attractive gal.

Sara Ashlyn
Chicago was written on October 3, 2002

1 scene in "Rock n' Roll Groupie"

At :12-:12.75, darker-haired Sara is topless in the shower with a guy and another couple...breasts and ass in thong in and out of the shower.

Antoinette Abbott
Chicago was written on September 20, 2001

3 scenes in "Occupations That Bite"

I'm not sure of the exact title but it starts off as "Occupations That Bite" and is about vampires. This little nymph apparently has only appeared in Playboy's Girlfriends as the last credited gal and then, BAM!, she's nearly full out here. Forget her verbal acting abilities and check out this gal's body...looks like a gymnast but with a fantastic chest, larger than her frame. At :01-:02.5, the guy unzips her thin black jumpsuit and gets busy with her natural looking (close enough if not) breasts and erect nipples...ass and top pubes also as they have standing sex and then with her on top. At :06.25-:07.5, she sexes the same dude--breasts and good thrusting. At :17.75-:20, a masked guy (turns out to be the same guy) drags her into the wall and starts sexing her...great breast views as he does a lot of squeezing (this scene made me question if they were real), then she jumps up on him, wraps and thrusts...side ass too. I don't look to listen to her talk, but she's a looker during sex scenes.

xxzz was written on May 7, 2007

Playboy Model

Drop-dead goregous petite blonde Antoinette Abbott has a sculptured body with big tits. Although never a Playmate, she performs in numerous Playboy videos. In the cable TV program Thrills (a softcore bordering on explicit erotic grope fest), Ms. Abbott has three titlilating. In each one she is stripped from her clothing and sexed beyond delight. Her costar finds her tight body so irrsistible that his hands are constantly all over her boobs. Mr.Skin states that her tits are natural, and there is not shortage in seeing her tits bounce and protrude from her lover's hands as he forcably squeezes those large-sized tits.

moviestuff was written on July 24, 2003


that's all i can say

Rico Vega
GDH was written on October 26, 2002

Side nudity and more?

Episode: 'The Muse'. I'm not sure I like this bloke's face, but he's got a pleasingly-muscled body. We get side nudity from him in two or three sex scenes; in a couple of them, when his lover is sitting on top of him, we get fleeting glimpses of what could be his balls - if only my freeze-frame were working!

Jason Schnuit
Ozzie700 was written on June 22, 2001

6/23 Thrills: The Ultimate Companion

A lady scientist takes her own concoction, which turns out to be an aphrodisiac. Jason, a writer doing an article for Thrills magazine, drinks from the vial she then gives him, and sex ensues. Jason has a small, curved butt you could squeeze in your palm, like Charmin. Not bad to look at, but it's nothing new, so *.

Justin Russell Hughes II
GDH was written on December 8, 2002

Side nudity too

Episode: 'Easy Writer'. As well as the sex scene featuring the gym-fit Hughes' backside as described by Ozzie700, a second sex scene shows side nudity as Hughes is straddling a motorbike.

Ozzie700 was written on August 19, 2001

Buns - Episode 'Easy Writer' 8/18/01

Justin (with the longest name ever seen in adult entertainment), unkempt brown hair on his head and brown fur dusting his chest and hot six-pack, has rear nudity in the pre-credits sequence. As he's being given head by some sort of Middle Eastern princess, she pulls down his boxers. A several second view of his bubble butt.

Howard Russell
Ozzie700 was written on August 4, 2001

Buns 8/3 'A Ghostly Affair'

Nearly 13 minutes in, Ruby wanders into a room to find 2 female spirits fooling around on the bed. A naked, masked man, holding a fan (not the mechanical kind) is seen from the back. Very tight, slightly larger than palm-sized cheeks; blink twice and you'll miss the shot.

Chris Prince
Ozzie700 was written on June 15, 2001

Sex & Sweat

Chris Prince, the male star of Thrills: Sex & Sweat, is Will, a reporter who trains with an old female friend to convince her to do an article. She, naturally, has sex with him by the end.

Toward the beginning she makes Will strip to assess his goods, and since this is CMax porn, you won't find a dick in sight. You'd be lucky to find an actor named Richard. But Chris has a very beefy chest and butt, and just seeing him in (and out of) those grey jockeys is worth the 30 minutes.

He has a chocolate and ice cream session with her at the end, with a brief tease of a possible dick shot, no followthrough though. The final scene is of him using her as a pillow, his USDA Prime buns seen in a side view. Not a bad actor either, I hope to see more of him.

Lance Moseley
GDH was written on October 5, 2002

Backside from the side

Episode: 'A Ghostly Affair'. As well as the erotic dream, Moseley is seen nude during another sex scene - only from the side while 'spooning' his lover, but the shot lasts a decent amount of time.

Ozzie700 was written on August 4, 2001

Buttocks - Episode, 'A Ghostly Affair' 8/4/2001

Lance is the male lead here, but only shows real skin once. 3 minutes in, he and the leading lady (Ruby Bullock) have a shared erotic dream. His full, large backside is seen in a sweeping overhead camera angle, and very briefly a second before this. If you want to see a butt shot worthy of Lance, look for 'Pleasureville'.

Joe Jamieson
Ozzie700 was written on July 20, 2001

Rear/Frontal in Kitchen - Episode Dr. Janet, 7/21/01

Amazing for a show which never even hinted at male frontal nudity before. Joe is Kal, a Thrills magazine employee Scarlet Johansing (Monique Parent under a new name) fantasizes about. Views of his ample, perfect buns starting at about 7 and a half minutes in, as she has a fantasy of them in a kitchen while attending a party. At 9 minutes in, he breaks away because he realizes where they are. Now hit slo-mo as he pulls away, and continue as he pulls his boxers and pants on. Not only can you see his pubes, you can see half of what looks to be a thick shaft. Length is impossible to tell because he may have had an erection, but he had nothing to be ashamed of. At 19 minutes in, he begins a fantasy 3-way with her and Mia Zottoli, but that's side rear with a short glimpse at his backside as he does her doggy style. You do get a prolonged view of his broad, muscled chest and large beige nips. At about 25 minutes in, he and Monique sex in her studio, and she pulls his boxers down to give us the best view of that stunning ass. As he pulls her up to straddle him, I think his big balls can be seen as well. Incredible sights from an incredible man.

Derek was written on July 20, 2001

Trio of love scenes

As usual Ozzie does a great job describing the scenes. I just want to reiterate what he has stated. These are GREAT shots of a beautiful man! Jamieson is one hunk of actor we need to see a lot of in the future. The frontal is done is bright light, and the kitchen scene is MAGNIFICENT. This is easily one of the best four star nude scenes ever done by an American actor. Let's hope it's the beginning of a new trend!

celebman02 was written on March 29, 2002

Joe Jamieson/George Thomas' Scenes in Thrills

The one think I really enjoyed about this guys nude/love scenes is he seems to really get into it. He doesn't make it just another love scene. The way he moves while simulating sex is very sensual. Alot of actors just do the normal "back and forth" movement and make the scene very boring. This guy is just hot all around.

Sebastien Guy
Ozzie700 was written on August 12, 2001

Side Buttocks

Episode: 'I Was a Rock'N'Roll Groupie'. Sebastien plays a rock star, and in a sex scene with a female co-star, shows a glimpse of his buttocks as he sits on the comforter, and possibly his balls as she rides him. Nothing special.

Charles D. Cherrier
Ozzie700 was written on July 8, 2001

Club Plasma 7/7/01

Charles plays Vince, seen at the beginning and about 15 or 16 minutes in for nude scenes. He has an average build, and a full butt, unfortunately, one cheek looks much bigger than the other in the second nudity portion because of bad camera angles.

Juan Carlos
Ozzie700 was written on August 2, 2002

Butt; Episode: Beauty and the Beach

Juan shows his nice cheeks for a few seconds, at side angles, near the end of the episode.

GDH was written on September 21, 2002


Episode: 'Beauty and the Beach'. Carlos (who is better known as C Johnston from the 'Sex Files' series) reveals his gorgeous backside twice during a sex scene on the beach - once taking his underwear off and once while going down on his fortunate lady friend.

Brad Bartram
Ozzie700 was written on June 30, 2001


Brad is Jamie, a workman or contractor who has a fling with the editor while doing a building job for the office. A dirty blonde with a nice, if not perfect, physique, he spends most of the episode in jeans which show off his best asset. A sexual encounter in a jacuzzi shows only side, but a desk rut about 12 or 13 minutes in has a few good views of his round, large buttocks.

David Banks
Ozzie700 was written on June 30, 2001

Nice Nips

David is Alistair. Very toned body and a full, dimpled ass, seen when he and a girl fool around in the copier room. His most memorable features are a pair of triangular nipples, very pointed, with nubs you want to pinch and pinch.

Ozzie700 was written on June 30, 2001

6/30/01 episode: The Taming of Felicia

I forgot to mention the episode information for Brad and David.

GDH was written on October 26, 2002

Bum and more?

Episode: 'The Taming of Felicia'. This chap isn't much to look at facially, but he has one of the sexiest male backsides in soft porn today. We see it several times in a sex scene and the bottom of his penis between his legs as he stands up (or was it a sock?).

celebman02 was written on March 29, 2002

David Banks nude/love scene in Thrills

David is another actor similar to Joe Jamieson. Instead of just doing the regular back and forth movements, he really moves his body and makes the scene very sensual and erotic.

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