Vanessa Lynch ; Tiffany J. Shepis
New York City, New York, USA

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Tiffany Shepis' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2008 Dark Reel 1 Review
2006 Nightmare Man 2 Reviews
2006 Abominable 1 Review
2004 Deviants, The 1 Review
2004 Dead Scared 3 Reviews
2003 Delta Delta Die! 2 Reviews
2003 Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp 1 Review
2002 Vinyl Dolls 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Tiffany Shepis member submitted

Dark Reel (2008)
cecil was written on January 18, 2015

Sex scene and a shower

She starts coming on to Edward Furlong and kisses him. She removes her top, but by now the camera is focused on shoulders and above, so no nudity. We then see her laying back on a bed with him on top. Her breasts are in clear view for about 15 seconds, but the lighting is poor. Later in the movie she takes a shower. Several one or two second glimpses of breasts. She covers up with a towel to get out of the shower. She drops the towel, exposing her breasts again, as she puts on a top. Good lighting in this scene, but doesn't last long.

Nightmare Man (2006)
GailHarrisFan was written on March 21, 2008

Mooning her boyfriend and later breasts

Tiffany Shepis shows her fantastic ass when she moons her boyfriend towards the end of the movie. Additionally Shepis has her shirt ripped off by the Nightmare Man and shows off her perky C cups. Not her best nudity by far, but well worth a look for die hard Tiffany fans...

dilzar3 was written on December 13, 2009

Somebody Add Nympha

The only nude scene in this movie is the one in which the Nightmareman rips her bra off to expose her little perfect dark nippled boobies. I thinck she has done much better nude scenes in Nympha specially the trailer of this movie contain more nuidity then the movie itself. Perhaps those scenes were deleted.

Abominable (2006)
AceOfClubs was written on November 24, 2008

boobs & butt in the shower

Tiffany is in the bathroom taking off her clothers to take a shower. First you see her from a peepers point of view through binoculars as she removes her boots and top. Then the view switched to the monsters point of view from another window. Now we can see Tiffany's beautiful medium sized breasts and finally the most gorgeous firm little bubble butt as she peels off her black thong and enters the shower. The view goes back to the peepers point of view as she soaps up in the shower, some additional close ups of her breasts and butt, unfortunately lower frontal is always concealed. Tiffany gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around her lower region leaving breasts exposed as she wipes the steamed up window to get a look outside. Just then the glass shatters as two huge hairy arms reach in and grab her and pull her out the small window bending her in half as a result. I'm assuming she gets gobbled up, as I don't see any other conceivable use Sasquatch would have for a dead, naked, bifurcated woman. Tiffany is beautiful and always fun to watch.

Deviants, The (2004)
derek22 was written on July 6, 2007

Date with a nudist

Tiffany plays a nudist who surprises a blind date by answering her door nude. He strps too, which pleases her at first. But he isn't a nudist. He just wants sex, so she sends him away.

Only 3 stars sted 4 for this scene because she doesn't show much below the waist. But her good looking breasts get plenty of exposure.

Dead Scared (2004)
BlackSox was written on September 23, 2004

Long Awaited, and Nice

After teasing us for most of the movie with her form-fitting jumpsuit, we finally get to see the goods in a brief scene about 2/3's through this decent (but not great) horror film. Very nice tits, smooth brown nipples, and an amazing ass. I was a little disappointed we didn't get to see the whole package, but there is some nice camel-toe going on with the jumpsuit.

MVIEGUY was written on July 28, 2004

Unzips her silver Jumpsuit revealing her nice tits and ass

Tiffany plays Marsha, Most of the film she plays it off as a brunette who is very shy. at the end of this Horror-Hazing movie, she unzips her Silver Jump suit, which she looks hot in the whole movie, Revealing her small C cup breasts. The next Shot is her standing in front of a guy, showing the side of her breasts and her beautiful ass. very nicely well lit scene.

Sexdemonno1 was written on August 9, 2007


I'm surprised Shepis hasn't made it yet in a big movie because she's cute and deserves more success. However, she stars in this surprisngly good horror movie and gives a good performance playing against type.
She takes off her tight jumpsuit towards the end and shows us her terrific ass in all its superbly-rounded glory! I advise you to buy this really good but little-known movie for shepis and the witty script/impressive effects.

Delta Delta Die! (2003)
atom was written on August 22, 2003

2 1/2 minute striptease

Tiffany Shepis is clearly the most dynamic and high-spirited of the nude actresses on view in this cheesy thriller. After defeating two hunky guys at strip poker, she brings them, still naked, to a basement where she treats them (and us) to a two-and-a-half minute striptease sequence. Although Shepis doesn't reveal her crotch, she does dance lasciviously, pull off her top, and run her hands over her nice, firm breasts. Throughout the film, she looks like she's having fun--and she gets extra points for including, on her imdb resume, a film with the title "Smoke Pot Till You Fucking Die."

Sexdemonno1 was written on August 9, 2007

Clearly the prettiest of the actresses here!

Tiffany Shepis is not only a cute little thing with a great body but also a pretty good underrated actress who deserves better then dross like this film!
She treats 2 lucky guys to a two minute striptease and whilst her tits are not quite as big as you would think she has one of the best round asses you will ever see! And I bet she's damn good in the sack too! ;-)

Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp (2003)
Evoken was written on November 20, 2004

Four nude scenes

There are only four chicks in the entire movie, and Tiffany is by far the least attractive. Unfortunately she's the only one that gets naked ...

Tiffany is topless about 24 minutes into the movie. She's in the shower getting felt up by her boyfriend, and we get some nice closeups of her tits. We then see her boobs again as she gets out of the shower with a towel covering her lower half. A couple of minutes later, she drops the towel to go fully nude, and she shows a bit of pussy, though not much.

About 36 minutes in, Tiffany starts to fool around with a guy in a truck, and we see her tits from the side. About 1 to 2 minutes later she is topless again in front of a tree and then has sex with the guy on the ground. This is about a two minute scene with some nice looks at her boobs and almost but not quite shots of her beaver. Though she's the least attractive and oldest of the chicks in the movie, she does have really nice small B-Cup tits. Definitely wortth fast forwarding to her scenes. -Evoken

Vinyl Dolls (2002)

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