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year title
1998 Illicit Dreams 2 2 Reviews
1996 Sexual Roulette 2 Reviews
1996 Over the Wire 2 Reviews
1996 Night Shade 2 Reviews
1996 Masseuse 0 Reviews
1996 Fugitive Rage 0 Reviews

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Illicit Dreams 2 (1998)
donby was written on March 27, 2003

I saw no frontals whatsoever.

I saw this film on Showtime and witnessed no frontal shots of Abell whatsoever. Which leads me to believe that there are two versions of this movie, one soft-core and another softER-core.-------But the movie, with its unexpected murders, is such a bunch of tripe that it's not worth bothering with.-------And even Abell, who has the only male role, is not that special; and, in my opinion, a person would not want to see more of him !

GDH was written on October 24, 1999

Total nudity

This film features two scenes of note for Abell fans: in the first, Tim does full-frontal nudity as the woman he's bedding lowers his trousers; a few seconds later we are treated to another brief flash as he lifts her onto the bed (and as he clambers over her his so-sexy-it-can't-possibly-be-legal backside is pointing straight at the camera). In his second nude scene Tim is lying on the bed as Tane McClure removes his trousers (spot a theme developing?); we see his penis again (this time from the side) and his backside, twice, later in the scene. He also features in other sex scenes (some of them used also in Sexual Roulette!) where he's obviously naked but the viewer can't see anything beyond a glimpse of bare hip.

Sexual Roulette (1996)
thedoc was written on April 4, 2002

third bedroom scene I think

this scene ends a lot like the "lady in red" with gene wilder and kelly lebrock. where she briefly showed her lower half. he briefly before getting up shows his lower half and to really see it you need to pause and do a slo-mo.

GDH was written on February 8, 2000


Abell doesn't do a clear full-frontal in this but we get such good shots of his delightfully-dimpled buttocks it's worth four stars. In the first scene of note, he is having sex with Gabriella Hall in the shower and we get three shots of his bum, including a close-up, through the shower door. Later, Ms Hall again enjoys his attentions in a bath'n'bed scene in which we see his bum reflected in a mirror, as well as twice while the pair are rolling around on the bed. In this sequence you can also see, dimly, his penis hanging down as he's kneeling with Hall on the bed.

Over the Wire (1996)
Bubblez was written on February 5, 2001

Two frontals and many rears!

Perfect penis! In the first scene a girl drops his pants as he lies on the bed. Than we see his thick long cock lying on his stomach. The second scene is better: He stands in front of a women and we get a nice CLOSEUP of his huge penis! Nice rear shots too! He's great. You have to watch this movie! Two frontals! But I don't know how the other actor is called.

FRuSTRaTeD was written on July 8, 2003

Everything-- clear and close

I've been looking for this one for ages and finally found a copy tonight. I was not let down.

The opening scene of the movie has a good male full frontal scene to start things off.

Tim Abell's character comes in early and is in the next sex scene of the film. In this, he is lying on a bed with the woman. She is of course naked first as goes the law of softcore movies. Then as the camera tilts down to Tim, he is seen to have his penis already half way out the top of his pants, resting across his stomach. The woman then removes his pants fully, slowly, and the whole time we see his dick (which already looks quite excited) lying there. The scene is quite a few seconds long, well-lit, clear, and close up. Tim's penis is very thick and long. No wonder he is not shy. He is circumcised, and looks to be on the verge of an erection.

Tim's next sex scene is also graphic and full frontal. Here he stands beside a bed and the woman unzips his pants and pulls them down nice and slowly. As his penis is revealed, it bounces a little out of his pants. You also get a descent look at his balls in this shot as well. As he steps out of his pants, his dick gives a little sway as well. He then grabs the woman and lifts her onto the bed, then straddles her to roll over the top onto the other side. As he does this, we see his balls hanging through his legs. A little later in the scene with the woman on top of him, you also see his soft penis and balls underneath her.

This has an incredible amount of clear male frontal nudity, and is worth searching for.

Night Shade (1996)
viewer was written on June 27, 1999

Dream and in the pool

Two very clear frontal shots of Abell. One at beginning of movie when he dreams about havingsex. Second is half way through movie. He gets into pool naked.

Electrix was written on April 7, 2007

4 sex scenes

The first is in the beggining of the movie with his wife. Has great shots of his penis, ass and the boby, showing everything.
The second scene is a memory. He remember a day he had sex with his wife when she was still alive. The make stand up sex. Showing his ass, body and penis again.
The third scene is with his neighbor, Actually is a dream. But he shows everything again.
The fourth scene is in a pool with his vampire wife. With many positions, showing his penis, a little of his ass, and the body.
I put one star 'cause his is so old, his body is not muscular and the penis is small. The isn't a good film, But have a lot of nudity.

Masseuse (1996)
Fugitive Rage (1996)

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