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Timecop's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sara, Mia 9 Reviews
Reuben, Gloria 1 Review
Murdoch, Laura 9 Reviews

Timecop's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Van Damme, Jean-Claude 2 Reviews

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Mia Sara
Omni was written on August 8, 2000

One nipple in the dark

As far as nudity goes, this is pretty lame. Mia is hot but shows far more in other films. Also, her nudity here is just one breast in the dark while she does some Van Dammage.

freezeframe was written on September 22, 1999


While make love with Van Damme. A pause at a right frame will show both breasts. They are georgous.

liechti was written on April 16, 2001

Bed scene with Jean-Claude

I don't see why others complain about the darkness... in my copy it was in a good light. Too short, that's true, but Mia's breasts are georgeous!

soulman was written on December 4, 2001

Tit Shot.

While I will agree the Mia is pretty hot and that she has a nice pair of tits, I don't think the scene is THAT dark. You guys should try turning up the brightness control on your TV sets.

liechti was written on December 26, 2006

Topless in bed

topless in bed making love with J.-C. - very nice shots of her breasts, lovely breasts and a very cute actress

Gordon was written on January 12, 2000

dark bedroom scene

Mia and Jean Claude VanDamme go at it in the bedroom. Mia is very attractive with a curvy body and nice breasts. Unfortunately the scene is pretty dark, so you have to look hard to see any clear nudity.

FilmCritic was written on February 28, 2004

Not the best but goooood

The views of her breasts are good but sometimes in shadow or not in great focus. At 11:21, as the camera pans up the left side of her naked body just before it crosses a flame on a candle, you see her left breast as Jean-Claude moves his thumb from her nipple down her breast (8 frames). On the other side of the flame, 11:24 (5 frames), 11:26 (10 frames), and 11:31 (11 frames) the views are unfocus or obstructed by the shadow, so a poor view of her nipple can be seen. The best view of any of her breasts, in this case both breasts up close, is at 11:33-11:35, as the camera pans up to face (her face and breasts are not on-screen at the same time). At 11:38, there are 2 poorly visible frames of her left breast, and at 12:28, her right breast is poorly visible for 2 frames. All, except the 11:33-35, shots are either in shadow or somewhat out of focus and not worth the time. From my understanding, there are movies of better shots of Mia out there.

Ace was written on February 20, 2000

Sex scene

short but well done.Mia Sara is so attractive, beautiful body.

LivingVamp was written on January 8, 1999


Sex scene with Jean Claude Van Damme. Deep in shadows but often shown in the light. Her breasts are small but VERY nice. Scene takes about 2 minutes total.

Gloria Reuben
liechti was written on December 26, 2006

in wet shirt after falling into lake

ok, she's not nude - but after falling into the lake as a result of the time travel her shirt is wet and a pair of really nice nipples are visible under the wet shirt

Laura Murdoch
BG was written on July 25, 1999

virtual reality women

Very sexy, but also short. Worth a rewind.

liechti was written on April 16, 2001

Women on bed (VR)

Full frontal... but not my type of girl... for that reason only 2 stars

Popmuse was written on September 8, 2001

lying on a bed

Ok this is quite short but we get to see her bush as Laura is lying on a bed ! It's probably lightly trimmed but not as much as I had expected it to be. Yet it is still quite a pleasant sight !

liechti was written on December 26, 2006

Girl in VR

Full frontal in a short scene. Though full frontal, it's not much too talk about, Mia's scence and assets are far better :-)

voyeur was written on February 17, 2002

Woman as seen through virtual reality goggles

A very brief scene. She is seen from the foot of the bed, but her knee is angled to reduce the amount of bush visible, and she sits up quickly which conceals the view further. The rest seems standard issue, and may be artificial to boot.

FilmCritic was written on February 28, 2004

Virtual Reality Woman

Laura Murdoch, playing a virtual reality woman, is completely nude in a bed, sitting up at 39:11-39:20, so you can see everything.

HornyBritishGuy was written on January 25, 2005

Virtual Reality Scene

For what it is, tastefully done and very sexy. The scene essentially is a fantasy sequence in which we see a completely nude woman (slender, gorgeous IMO) writhing around briefly on a bed before getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed. The camera then zooms in on her face as she gropes and fondles the viewer--her hands are off-camera but it's obvious what she's doing. She alternates between looking down at what she's doing and your (virtual) face. I thought this was quite a turn-on and was the reason I purchased the DVD. I think the studio should release another version with an extended version of this scene if they have it. My only complaint is that it is way too brief.

Semievolved-Simian was written on July 22, 2001

Not bad for the brief time we see her

Not really 3 star material for the plastic tits and the sjort period she is on screen. But I wouldn't kick her out of my bed.

fargalaxy was written on November 30, 2000

good and clear shot

Full Frontal Nudity

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Megan was written on October 5, 1998

in his bedroom

Well....what can I say!!!!When only the best will do...he sure does deliver!!!

Bubble_Butt was written on July 25, 1999

While making love to his girlfriend/wife

Van Damme gives us a quick butt shot, and side views while humping his girl. We also get to see him do fully extended splits in tight grey undies. His body is tight and his ass, well, its his ass. Great scene!

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