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year title
1976 Salon Kitty 1 Review
1975 Lifespan 1 Review
1970 L'urlo 1 Review

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Salon Kitty (1976)
BushLeague was written on June 22, 2007

Flops her top

She pulls the top of her teddy down while Teresa Ann Savoy and a Nazi type gawk.

Lifespan (1975)
fly_me_the_french_way was written on July 21, 2006

Great breasts tied up.

Tina shows off her very sexy B cups quite often, in some still photos, getting the lusciously large and round areola and nipples licked and fondled, getting tied up, and in a full frontal shot. In this fully nude scene, the triangular, thick bush is seen but not clearly, as she turns and walks toward the camera. The scene is pretty dark. The shots of her breasts tied up in the still photos during the film are very clear and are shown for a decent amount of time. They are followed by her really getting tied up in full motion during the film, and the ropes tied under her breasts perk them up to an even more delicious looking pose. This chick is HOT!

L'urlo (1970)
fly_me_the_french_way was written on November 16, 2009

Sexy gal

Starting off the film, she's toweling off her soapy wet tits, but we only mostly see one. Then she's in shadows and we see a silhouette from the side of her breast and nipple. Further into the film she is wearing a shelf bra with her tits sticking out of the top. Nice perky nipples. She also has on a black sheer panty, and her gigantic bush is nearly busting out and is pretty visible. Her pubes are later poking out of the top and sides while she has another sexy scene where she is washing her breasts, still with the shelf bra on, so her tits are visible.

At the end of the film, we get a nice look at her buns and topless through her sheer wedding dress. There is an alternate topless shot in the still gallery.

Also in the stills gallery we get a fully nude shot not seen in the film, but the lighting is pretty dark and her bush is not well lit. She is one of the most stunning and erotic girls I've seen in cult films.

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