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1984 Stocks and Blondes 1 Review
1982 Preppies 1 Review

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Stocks and Blondes (1984)
Immy was written on April 4, 2008

Nude (old footage), topless (new footage)

This "sequel" to the classic 1982 porn flick "Wanda Whips Wall Street" is really a repackaging of the original film plus some new filler story around it. Characters from WWWS tell their stories via flashback so all the nudity from Veronica Hart, Tish Ambrose, Sharon Mitchell, Sandra Hillman, and others is from the original. The only new nudity from the previous stars is from Tish who shows up as a topless dancer in a sleazy bar (0:07). There's more skin shown by the actresses in the new footage, particularly by some young coeds in a great sauna scene, but no one's named in the end credits.

Preppies (1982)
Immy was written on August 18, 2005

Topless (0:23)

80s porn babe Tish has a non-speaking, all-gyrating bit part as a topless dancer in a disco. She's first glimpsed in the background above the crowd but there are three or four closer shots over the next few minutes. She's wearing only semi-see-thru white lace panties and shades. Easily identified by the large mole above her left boob.

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