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Weber, Catherine 1 Review
Smith, Anna Nicole 6 Reviews
Shower, Kathy 1 Review
Gines, Coralisa 1 Review

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Catherine Weber
cecil was written on March 18, 2002

seated in chair

She is seated in a chair as Jack Bannon stands behind her. He reaches down and caresses her breasts, which lowers the top she is wearing. We get a close up, but his hands cover her breasts most of the time, maybe a one second exposure. Then he strangles her. As she slumps over dead, we briefly see her right breast.

Anna Nicole Smith
scanman was written on March 10, 2002

Four scenes... one full frontal!

Anna Nicole Smith has four nude scenes in this movie. The scenes are all over one minute. The first two - a masturbation bathtubscene and a sexscene - are in the first 20 minutes. The last two scenes - a masturbation shower scene and a sex scene with an older guy - are in the last 20 minutes. The shower scene is the best because of some full frontal shots.

Cyclone was written on December 2, 1999

Constant views of her staggering breasts

Normally, I don't find Anna Nicole all that appealing. However, she looks sensational in this movie, and she gives us many outstanding shots of her huge tits. You can see even more of her in a shower scene, but clearly the focus is on her massive mammaries. If you're into big breasts, there is NO WAY that you will be disappointed with this movie.

cecil was written on March 18, 2002

four scenes

Pretty well described by the other reviewers, breast exposure in bath scene, breasts during sex scene with Michael Nouri, full frontal during shower scene, and breasts during sex scene with Joey Travolta

Dakota was written on January 9, 1999

The movie

ANS has a HUGE role in the movie. She has both a HUGE bath and a HUGE shower scene. Spaced between are two HUGE bedroom scenes with a different man each time. One looks old enough to be her ex husband. Very bad movie but ANS is very nude and very HUGE.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


Large breasts and lots of pure energy put into this scene and she makes your screen steam up watching her pleasure herself.

Gordon was written on January 5, 2000

Shower, bath, sex scenes

Despite the fact that Anna can't act, I have to admit that she looked pretty good in this movie. You get especially good looks at her massive breasts in the shower and tub scenes, and you can see those big titties get fondled and jiggled in the two sex scenes. Much better than Skyscraper.

Kathy Shower
crazy was written on February 24, 2000


breasts but the lighting is too dark to see much

Coralisa Gines
cecil was written on March 18, 2002

giving a massage

She is giving David Proval a massage as he lays face down and she sits atop him. She removes her top and we have a well lit, lingering view of her breasts. She rubs lotion on her upper chest, then smears it on his back with her breasts. A few minutes later we return to this scene. She is still topless and gets up off of Proval. A close up view of her breasts before she pours gasoline on him and lights it.

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